Thursday, August 27, 2009

New News

Contrary to what the HG were told yesterday after the big blowout fight, BB did not separate everybody during this morning's HOH lockdown. The HOH lockdown is a weekly event that signals the end of the outgoing HOH's time in the room, as well as Production's efforts to get ready for the live show and competitions.

I guess things calmed down past the point of crises, because all of the HG, including Russell, were in the HOH for about 2 hours. Jeff and Jordan were in bed the entire time, along with Natalie on their side. Kevin and Russell sat on the floor, and Michelle draped herself on the circular chair.

The HG also don't think that tonight will be an endurance contest, because BB had them draw numbers about 30 minutes ago for what everyone assumes is the HOH contest. They have been told to wear regular clothes, so they don't think it's endurance.

(I'm guessing it's something like the video smash-up contest, where they are shown pictures of the HG blended together and they have to guess who is who and what is what. And the numbers determine the order that they will compete. But who the hell knows---I'm nobody.)

Production had to fumigate parts of the house---the kitchen maybe? Jeff thinks it's "all the fucking candy". They still have to clean the house and are planning their showers to make sure everybody has hot water.

They all have to be ready by 5:00 BBT. Natalie is ironing something and Russell is scuffing around wearing his too-big black slippers. Natalie mentions her DR session and we get WBRB.

Kevin asked Jeff if he was nervous about tonight and Jeff said no. Kevin told him not to worry about the vote.

When we come back from break Jordan is telling Jeff that she was surprised that Natalie likes 90210 and Jeff teases her that Brian Austin Green is coming in the house for the HOH competition and will tempt her to go away with him for a month in Paris.

Natalie: I'm out! Nice knowing you!

Now she says she is just kidding and she has a boyfriend, yadda yadda yadda. Now they talk about Melrose Place and Jordan thought it was a real place to live.

Jeff: 90210 was the bomb!

He said that everybody made fun of him for watching it but then he found out they all watched it and they were "faking the funk". Now they talk about when new characters come on the show--Jeff loves it because they were always the troublemakers and "always banged everybody".

He brings up Tiffany Amber Theissen and how she looked chubby compared to Saved by the Bell and was probably 25 at the time.

Natalie: I could probably play a 16 year old, couldn't I?

Kevin: You could play a 25 year old!


Jeff: Sure she could---it's called acting!

He says that Jordan could play some role in Varsity Blues--he could totally see her doing that but she said she wold be uncomfortable with some shaving cream scene. She would definitely play the role in She's All That and Kevin brings up Bring it On.

Natalie tries to guess the questions for tonight--Julie's questions for them.

They think there is an elaborate set outside.

Michelle is making a bagel.