Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A New Look for Michelle

And not necessarily a good one, either.
Not a good angle, Michelle.

Kind of reminds me of the time I went to a pub with a co-worker who had crooked teeth. He bought a yard of beer and I had to watch him slurp that beer down from a really ugly angle.
Like this one.

Kevin wants to nap. Jeff is telling Jordan that he is so frustrated and he wants to bust Russell's face off.

Jeff goes in the Red Room: Kevin, want to pose for some pictures and act like we're happy?

Kevin, gamely getting out of bed: Oh, it's that time again.

Jeff makes Jordan get close to him while Kevin takes a couples pose.

Jordan: I'm not in the mood!

Jeff: I know! No one is!

Jeff makes Jordan sit on the Splash Room slide with Kevin behind her to act like they are sliding down.

I can't believe he doesn't take a picture with the tiled word "Shallow" behind him. They talk about how creative Lydia always got at picture time. Supposedly the Splash Room is getting shut down this week, so they should do it while they can.

Kevin poses for a shot where he is going into someone's BB bag and they laugh. (Russell's?) Now
Michelle comes over and Jeff notices how dressed up and made up she is.
Jeff: Take a picture of me and Michelle while she's hot!
Now Jeff poses Michelle and Jordan on the couch and then he shoots a snap of the big TV screen in the living room, which has a psychedelic pattern moving on it. Now they stage a pillow fight in slow motion.
In spite of not wanting to, Jordan starts getting into it and wants them to sit in a cross-legged yoga pose on some green stools. Now they pretend to be walking out the door and wave and smile. Michelle warns that her position is not ladylike but it looks cute with both Jordan and Michelle in the 'Om' position.

Now Jeff takes pictures of the picture wall--Casey's picture, etc. Jeff just blogged his HOH blog.
Michelle takes the camera and tells Jordan to grab Kevin's butt and she does it.
Michelle: Oh my!
Jordan looks at the picture and says she should have stepped back more---it looks like she is right up on Kevin's ass. Russell and Natalie are not involved at this point.