Monday, August 31, 2009

Natalie: The Coup D' Etat Didn't Save Your Ass

this week, did it? (said while smirking at the camera)

Natalie is whispering that Jordan needs the money most---why was she trying to give it all up to Jeff? She also said that Jessie and Russell are going to go nuts when they see the tape this week.

Kevin: Every time there is a showmance, the bitch always loses.

Then he says that maybe April (of Ollie And April) stayed longer....and Natalie mentions Natalie from BB9.

No one cares about Season 9. It doesn't even count.

Jeff goes in the Green Room with a deck of cards. Kevin wants to go over every Final Three scenario with Natalie, but she says to wait until next week, after HOH.

(She is already trying to throw Kevin under the bus, for good reason. He would give her a run for her money with the jury.)