Thursday, August 20, 2009

Michelle Wants to Make a Change

She brought red hair coloring in the house with her, but she is waiting for permission to dye her hair from BB Production.

For continuity purposes, they have timing issues with major changes in personal appearance. They all discuss her weight loss and agree that her picture on the wall is totally different from the way she looks now.

Michelle: It's not like I won HOH. It seems like I can color my hair now while I'm not that important.

Natalie: Maybe you should break a table or something!

(That's how Lydia got her pink hair dye.)

Natalie said she was nervous the whole night, especially when Jordan didn't use the veto. Kevin comments that he is going to miss Lydia and Natalie gets sarcastic about it.

You can tell Russell is starting to stew. He's playing Solitaire by himself and is probably shitting a brick.

Natalie reminds everyone AGAIN that she hasn't won anything yet, which she is probably going to lie about when the season is over by saying that was her strategy. Nataie is enjoying one of Chima's leftover cans of Dole Pineapple Juice.

Jeff is in the DR, probably with his shirt off. Jordan can't wait until she can go outside.

This is going to be a good end to the season---all of these people are ready to play HARD. It is going to be an ugly mess of paranoia this week. I think Kevin and probably Natalie will end up skating over the bloodbath that splashes between Russell and Michelle.

This shit is going to get uglier and uglier.