Friday, August 28, 2009

Kevin's HOH Room - Flashback - Part I

This Flashback begins at 10:00 PM BBT. Jordan, Jeff, and Natalie are in the Red Room talking about various topics. Michelle is moving around the house in that (tired) yellow asymetrical dress.

They rehash what Julie said last night--that lots of surprises are coming. They talk about Danielle and Amber (BB8) flying to NYC to be on a game show, and Dan (BB10) going to the deserted island for a beach dinner with Amber. Jordan wouldn't even want to have dinner with someone in the Jury House.

(Uh..Jordan...Hello...Dan wanted Amber's vote......)

Jordan makes fun of Jeff's use of the word Crunk and starts to tell a story about her friend Chris who dressed as L'il Jon for Halloween.

Jordan: I didn't mean to say his name...


And we return and they are talking about T.I. and how much they all like him.

Camera #3 shows a closeup of the DR door, and here comes Kevin, bouncing up and down and inviting everyone to go see it with him.

Michelle is taking a plate of something up there with a cup---no she leaves the plate on the kitchen counter first. (Ants? problem.)

Jeff is ready to see some tears. Kevin starts laughing immediately when they enter the room.

Michelle: Oh my god---he is so fucking fine! (Kevin's boyfriend)

Jeff: He looks like Enrique Iglesias (sp?).

Kevin: Oh...don't start that. Don't say that.

Natalie: He is hot!

There is a picture that Kevin says they took messing around with the exposure settings. Everyone is surprised that the BF is so hot. His friend KC and Cassandra are in the pictures too. There is a picture of Kevin and his brother when they were Jehovah's Witnesses--knocking on doors.

He got a new hoodie that is a wild print that Jeff likes too. Jordan thinks it looks like Kanye and Natalie says it is a sick hoodie. Kevin's basket has twinkies in it and now Kevin holds up his CD--it is Enrique!

Jeff: See, they know what's up.

Kevin indeed got the Hamburger Helper he's been dreaming of--and Starburst and Skittles. Kevin is sifting through all of it and is so happy. He got Hot Cheetos (Chima???) and now he has his letter.

Jeff: Let's see some tears!

Kevin: I'm not going to cry!

Letter Summary: It is from the BF and starts out: Hello Kevin My Love. Kevin starts to cry and you can see Jeff smiling at him and loving it. Kevin starts breaking up and can't get out the words. Jeff recommends that he reads it first to himself and then try reading it to them but Kevin soldiers on. The BF (don't know his name yet) hopes that Kevin is having fun and making friends in the house. He just finished a semester but is having a hard time being away from Kevin for the first time in 9 years. He misses holding Kevin's hand in the movies and has no one to turn and look at wen there is something to talk about in the movie. Kevin's friends and family all watch the show and come over sometimes to see it. There are only a few weeks left and his BF is waiting for him and the half million dollars--ha ha just kidding.

It is a nice letter and Kevin is surprised that his family is watching the show. We finally see a closeup of one of the pictures and the BF is indeed a hottie. There are pictures of them in the snow, and at the beach, and at some girls birthday party--they are both called K.C. since they have those initials.

They urge Kevin to try on the new hoodie but Kevin thinks it is small because it is from Japan. It fits great but it is a little short. Jordan says not to put it in the dryer. It matches his blue T-shirt perfectly and Kevin says BB bought it--not the BF. He also got a bright orange crown and puts it on for a minute and they all laugh.

His fridge has sushi and fried chicken which he goes crazy over.

Jeff: Eat up, dude.

Thre is also juice and Kevin tells everyone to help themselves anytime. Michelle wants to listen to the Enrique CD because her husband listens to it in their house, too. He got new sandals because he broke his a long time ago. There are granola bars and blueberry muffin mix, as well as the same Aveeno and Axe body wash that Jeff got.

Kevin says Jeff must be grossing out on the Hamburger Helper but Jeff says no, he likes Tuna Helper too. Kevin plans to wear a white shirt next Thursday when he talks to Julie--it is the shirt that his boyfriend used to wear when they first started dating---it is one of those button front guyaberra (sp?) shirts and Kevin tries it on.

Jeff asks if the BF has an accent and Kevin says yes. I don't think the BF's family knows he's gay and they talk about the BF's family for a second and we get FISH.

They can't get over how much the BF looks like Enrique. Natalie and Jordan want him to come out to the finale, even though he wasn't planning to come out to Cally--I think due to the TV exposure of the situation.

Kevin's Ben & Jerry's flavors are Creme Brulee and some chocolate flavor. Natalie wants to play cards later and bust out the wine and dim the lights...

Jeff: I could do that...a Final Five jam.

Kevin doesn't really like alcohol and doesn't remember what he wrote on his wish list to BB. Kevin wants to go downstairs now and says: I can leave my shit up here! It's my room!

Kevin: Thanks guys!

Jeff: I love it when people cry!

Natalie wants to melt chocolate---I guess to dip fruit in it or something.

This is the halfway point of the Flashback...posting.