Friday, August 28, 2009

Kevin's HOH Room - Flashback - Part 2

This post picks up at app. 10:28 PM BBT where Part I leaves off.

Jordan and Natalie repeat again how 'foine' Kevin's BF is. Still no name---maybe that was an arrangement between them to keep his life semi-private.

Jeff speaks some rap but BB doesn't blank it out yet. They are all snacking and waiting to see if the backyard will be opened up tonight. If not, they think they are having a luxery competition tomorrow. They all hope that they get clothes like they did in previous seasons.

They want to go outside and drink wine tonight if possible. Jeff is snacking on dip and crackers and Michelle is grabbing some bags of chips. Jordan is grazing from everything but seems to use some restraint. No snacks for Natalie yet.

Jordan hopes that tomorrow will be a Luxery Challenge with a special mystery guest---Brian Austin Green. Natalie chimes in that she hopes so too---please please please please BB.

Jeff: What about a hot chick?

Natalie wants to win HOH now (whatever) so she can see her pictures and have the same experience--a letter, etc.

Jeff: Will you cry?

Natalie: Probably!

Jeff: Nice.

Whenever the DR asks about Jordan's family, she says she starts to cry. Lots of crunching in the mikes now as the conversation winds down. Jordan has never been to Vegas and talks about what goes on there. She asked Jeff about the craziest thing he ever did in Vegas and he deflects with "I got sunburnt".

One time I heard Jordan ask Jeff if he's had a one-night stand and he said "No", and then told her not to ask him questions like that.

Jeff and Jordan lay in the living room and Jeff says "We gone!" and she laughs and says Yes.

Jordan talks abut her boobs and how she never really grabs them from the side and when she does she is like "Wow! That's a whole lot of boobs!" Jeff laughs.

Michelle went in the storage room and Jeff gestures about her and Jordan laughs. I think he was making fun of the way Michelle eats and the sounds she makes. Ronnie used to do that too and Jeff talks like Ronnie for a minute and says some Ronnie-isms.

Now Michelle is back at the counter, eating with a camera devoted entirely to her. Yes, she does eat in a weird way.

Jeff's mom says "Jeffrey Edward!" when she's mad at him. Jordan starts talking stupid stuff about accents and not noticing them when you hear them every day. It is super stupid and Jeff tries to change the subject to the light fixtures because he is so annoyed.

Jordan hears her voice on an answering maching sometimes and is surprised to hear it. They talk about Jeff's friend "Vee Don Don" or something like that. Jeff says it is a long story and involves the way Vee Don Don's mother used to call him over--I think his name is Vito Don or something. Jordan says more stupid comments and Jeff teases that he doesnt' want to tell the story anymore.

Jeff commets that someone (he and Jordan?) are acting like spoiled little bitches. Michelle still snacks at the counter.

Jordan is sore from the competition and starts pointing out all the places that hurt. Looks like pretty much everywhere. Jeff starts rapping again and we get FISH.

Ten minutes to go on the Flashback but I will post now and update if anything good happens. I doubt it, but that's just me. Props to Jokers for the Flashback links. Thanks man.