Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kevin Still Leads

and the girls remind him that he will see a picture of his husband if he wins. I don't know if Kevin is legally married, but it sure seems like he is. You can see from the photo above how far ahead of Michelle Kevin's yellow bowl is. And Michelle is by far the 2nd here--the other two girls aren't anywhere near her hot chocolate level.

Natalie and Jordan think that if they finish last, they will get a 'special surprise' that is something like being a Have Not.

It occurs to me that Jeff and Kevin are the only guys left. Well, Jeff, and Kevin.

And the fact that Kevin has such a large lead probably doesn't motivate Natalie much. Why should it? He'll get rid of Jeff for her...

Every now and then there is a camera shot of Jeff, looking frustrated. If he looks that way, imagine how frustrated he feels?