Friday, August 28, 2009

Kevin Holds a Meeting

with Jeff and Jordan in the HOH.

They are basically trashtalking Michelle directly, and kissing ass indirectly.

Jeff: She got hustled, and Russelled.

ha ha ha

Jordan tells Kevin that Michelle is after him. (That is true.) Meanwhile Michelle is sitting at the kitchen counter with her chin in her hands while Natalie plays Solitiare next to her.

As far as I can tell, Jeff hasn't bothered to put on a shirt all day today. Kissing up to Kevin? Maybe.

Kevin talked to Michelle already and was very passive with her--asking her for information but never giving. Jeff says that is always what she does---she never answers questions directly about who she would put up, etc.

Jeff: I'm not going to bash her. She is what she is...

When Kevin was on the block he was super-paranoid and that's how it is.

Kevin, to Jordan: That's okay. You're Gucci!

Jeff: That's all you need to tell her.

Jordan goes downstairs and Jeff stays behind. Kevin tells him that he is basically safe because if it comes to a tie, Kevin will have the final say. Kevin knows, however, that whoever has the POV holds the ultimate power here. Kevin feels Jeff has the strongest chance of winning the POV and saving Jordan and himself. Then Natalie will go home. (?)

Kevin: I want you to know that the only way for you to go home is if Michelle wins the POV.

He then says that Jeff and Michelle are going up.

Jeff: What about Michelle and Jordan going up, and them me winning the POV for Jordan?

Kevin ain't buying it, Jeff.

Kevin: Jeff the deal was to keep you safe and not put you up. I'm going to tell you Jeff, I'm going to break part of that deal. Otherwise I would be the dumbest HOH in all of BB history....

Jeff summarizes that if Michelle wins POV, then Jordan goes up next to him and one of them goes home. Jeff brings up that he took Kevin off the block.