Sunday, August 16, 2009

Jordan's Family Situation

This conversation occured back on August 3rd--I posted this recap on another website but am including it here because I think it is relevant to Jordan's HOH reign. She tells the story about what happened to her family. I remember that her voice was clear and steady, and she seemed kind of numb talking about it, like she had told the story quite a few times and could do it without emotion.


Her parents were married for 28 years and then her dad 'started acting really sketchy'. The family went on vacation and her dad got a lot of strange voicemails like 'hey hottie, what are you doing?'.

Her dad started traveling a lot for work, which was unusual, and didn't seem to go to the office when he was home. Then he got fired and they found out that he had taken out joint credit using her mom's name and maxed out a new credit card at $16K. Then they learned he took out a home equity loan that eventually made them lose their house because her Mom was on the hook for it, too.

Her mom saw that he was buying flowers on that credit card and a lot of other sketchy stuff. He also went on a lavish vacation and took someone with him.

So, her mom is left with a lot of debt and a badly-damaged credit history. Meanwhile her dad is hanging out with college-age kids doing god knows what.

Jordan has to live with her mom to help her pay bills. They live in a 2 BR townhouse that is owned by 'her friends sister's husband's friend'. Her mom is a bank teller.

It was a sad story but she told it very plainly, wearing a purple hoodie and answering Kevin's occasional questions. She has gradually started talking to her dad again but it is very strained. She misses him a lot but realizes that things have changed so much--neither of them are the same people and what he did impacted everyone in her family.