Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jordan Wiped Out

and she rested on her stomach for a second before laughing and getting up to continue.

Jeff: You pop a boob?

No, she laughs. She got the 'gummy bear kind' that don't pop, I guess.

It feels like election night and no one wants to state the obvious.

I'll do it---Kevin wins. He is a good 15 minutes away from completion, but unless he has a hard attack or something Michelle can't beat him. He is jogging the course and never looks tentative or careful.

Michelle just fell again and is hurting. Jeff encouranges everyone to keep going because they don't know what last place holds in store for them. (I think he is reminding Jordan of that, although it looks like she is safely in third place.)

Natalie keeps losing her cup and Jeff asks her why she keeps launching it. Surely he sees that she is kind of throwing it at this point.

I don't see Kevin's marshmallow yet, but it can't be far away. Natalie estimates 10 minutes before he can win and see his boyfriend.

Maybe the loser has to drink that shit in the bowls. It looks nasty. To Big Brother's credit, the contest wasn't sponsored by the Swiss Miss or anything. How funny would that be, though, if that Heidi-looking whore was in there chilling with Jeff during the competition.

Jordan would lose for sure.