Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jordan Prepares

for the Live Show.
Russell is doing a little preparation of his own, and just grabbed Kevin and Natlie for a frantic whispering session about what he thinks is going to happen in the house.
As best I can tell, he wasn't trying to save himself, but was trying to give his Two Cents on future competitions. He repeated several times that Michelle told him how dumb Jordan and Jeff are and that the competitions won't be physical anymore and that Jeff is always the first one out when questions are involved.
I don't know if this is true, but Russell said it. Could it be that Michelle forgot that Jordan beat her in a head-to-head POV battle where numbers were involved in the tiebreak?
Natalie ran and told Jordan about it, who barely blinked an eyelash as she continued to put on her face.
Jordan: Where is he getting that I'm so dumb?
Natalie is trying to give Michelle another black eye in the house. Jeff is making tacos or some such tasty snack with Michelle and Kevin in the kitchen. I haven't seen Jordan eat since Russell repeatedly called her a Fattie yesterday, but I'm sure she has. I just haven't seen it.
Three hours to go in the BB house---they still need to clean the house and some of them need to get ready. Lydia always got ready very early and did her makeup with hours to spare.
Natalie plans to shower and thinks it will take her about 32 minutes from start to finish.