Monday, August 24, 2009

Jordan Makes a List

of sketchy comments that Russell has made all along.

1. At one point he said that he isn't in touch with any of his friends from growing up, but recently talked about some of those friends and what they have done together.

2. He also said his brother never came to any of his MMA matches, but then he later talked about his attending some.

3. A few weeks ago I heard Jordan say that Russell told her that he grew up sleeping on the floor, but then later said his mother is Vice-President at a bank.

(Jordan's mother is a teller at a bank so that grabbed her attention.)

Chalk another win up for Natalie and Kevin. Those two have totally reinvented themselves. Jessie leaving, and the havoc that ensued was the best thing that ever happened to them.

Russell and Michelle are still on Slop, Churros, and Chitlin's, so this all can't be a good feeling for them.