Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jeff's Acting Career

His favorite role was for a cellphone company in Indiana--a series of commercials. They were dramatic and funny and he got to overact for them.

He has lost a lot of roles due to his Chicago accent and Kevin says he should go to school to lose it. Or maybe he could get jobs because of it.

Jeff: I don't know...maybe....local stuff.

Kevin could never act. Jeff just did little things--nothing big. Kevin could never cry on cue and Jeff agrees it would be hard.

Jeff said acting class is hard and if the teachers are good they really get a lot out of you. If you have a cool teacher it is fun and the class goes for it and loses their inhibition. Kevin thinks that would be fun and he would take it just to lose the inhibitions.

Jordan just ran into Russell in the BR and he started humming in a way that annoyed her--sounds like it might be the I Dream of Jeannie theme song. Immediate WBRB on that one.

Jeff 'jokes' that maybe she could plug in the blowdryer and throw it in the shower. Ha ha ha.

They all have to wait now for Russell to get out of the shower so they will have enough hot water.

Jeff: What if that fucker is in there for 2 hours? He did that yesterday...

Kevin says he already shaved--this is his second shower so it might be almost over.

Jordan wants to take a bat and smash Russell, demonstrating Jeff's influence on her. Jeff thinks its funny when she gets mad, since that's kind of unusual for her. Jeff hopes they have cardboard cutouts of themselves from competitions and laughs about trying to take them home--shoving them in the overhead compartment or strapping them in the seat next to them.

Last night they compared notes on their DRs and it sounded like they weren't asked many questions about the fight---Jeff thinks it was too stupid to show on TV but personally I don't think Allison had time to incorporate another storyline tonight. If Russell's gone she needs to worry about setting up the next dramatic storyline.

Allison, presumably: Fuck Russell.

They can't wait to check out Russell's storys he's told about himself. Jeff made a badass quesodilla with turkey bacon, cheese, sour cream, olives, etc and offers it to Natalie if she wants it---he already ate one of them and left it in the fridge between two plates.

Natalie: You love that turkey bacon.

Jeff: I LOVE the turkey bacon---I want to have sex with it! There's like nothing in it and it tastes so good I put it in everything.