Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's Still AWWNNN!

and I can't believe that AGP is letting us watch all this. I've seen them stop the feeds for a lot less than this ---Cappy and Michael, anyone?

They should have a guy with a tranquilizer dart gun on top of the roof because Russell is losing it and losing it on slop, to boot.

Kevin got dragged in again----apparently after Kevin won the POV where he wore the chicken costume Russell said that he "couldn't believe a homo beat him".

During the fight Jordan kept saying, "what did you say about Kevin after the competition? Jeff wouldn't say it, but I will---what did you say about Kevin".

Kevin looks straight ahead with no emotion.

Jeff tells Jordan to quiet down---it's not even her problem and the homo comment goes unsaid.

Jeff went inside and is washing his face and is either messing with his contacts or crying or something. Russell had been yelling that Jeff would put everybody else up and we hear Natalie mutter: "Jeff's not putting me up---he can't play next week."

(Jeff can't play for HOH next week.)

Now Natalie brings up what Russell must have said about Kevin and Kevin brings up Braden's name and FINALLY we get WBRB.

Damn. Another tough week with good ratings for Allison.