Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's Not Even Close

as you can see. There is Natalie in the top right corner, and Jordan who isn't pictured has more hot chocolate than she does, but less than Michelle.

A few minutes ago Natalie said Jordan was gaining on second place, and I thought Michelle was going to shit. She doesn't want another week of slop, but she needn't worry.

Michelle has fallen a few times and Jeff encourages her. Jordan tells her that her crack is showing and she needs to pull up her pants.
I know Jeff thinks he has a deal with Natalie and Kevin for safety this week, but even he can't be that stupid. His goose is cooked. And contrary to what he told Julie Chen, he can't get 'backdoored' this week. Unless Kevin wants to, that is. (ha ha) All HG will play for the Veto, eliminating the opportunity for Nakomis' old Six Finger Technique.
FISH now while hair and makeup visits the set.