Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Everybody Needs a Friend Like Kevin

as he calmly talks to Jordan in the kitchen while he makes eggs and bacon and slices fruit.

He makes her promise that she won't interact with him at all, even if he starts it. She nods.

Kevin: What happens if you do?

Jordan: I lose my money. (the stipend and prize money)

Kevin: We should feel sorry for him---he has issues and tries to make himself feel good by walking into a bar and buying drinks and hitting on models.

(I don't understand the last part, Kevin.)

Jordan keeps rehashing her feelings about Russell and what happened, and Kevin calmly moves about the kitchen, preparing the meal.

Now Jordan talks about how she used to feel about Natalie, and how she always has liked Kevin.

Russell and Natalie are on the patio--Russell is eating and pointing to make his points about whatever crap he is saying about Jeff. He sounds just as calm as Kevin does, to tell the truth, although his language is a lot worse.

Jordan thinks she looked like a crazy person out there---Kevin missed the part where she ran up and chest-bumped him.

(She's lucky she didn't bust an implant...)

Jordan's mom will be mad at her--happy that she stuck up for herself but upset because she didn't act like a lady.

Jordan: I could have said something about his cauliflower ears, but I didn't.

Ha ha ha that makes me laugh everytime.