Saturday, August 15, 2009

Enquiring Minds...

Speculation is rampant all over the internet today. What will happen to the nominations in the Big Brother house today?

Will Michelle need to nominate another? Will a former houseguest return? The only one who can possibly do it would be Jessie, since he has not yet been exposed to the outside world.

Sure the fans would hate it, but the ratings would be sky high. They need to even things up a bit, after the earth-shattering tilt that the was the Coup.

Will they still have the Veto competition? Who will get Chima's lotion? Who took Jessie's two folded shirts that were stacked on top of Lydia's dresser?

****Only Time Will Tell, My Enquiring Friends****

Michelle has finished showering and tidying up her HOH Suite and has turned on her spy cam. She has a game or a craft set or something on the bed with her.

Kevin is applying lots of deoderant to keep him nice and dry today in what is sure to be a sweaty mess. He just got out of the shower and has a gray towel wrapped around his waist. Never one to promote nudity, Kevin puts on a tank top (the same tired green striped one ) and then removes the towel and quickly puts on jeans over his Tighty Blackies.

He is greasing up his do and patting it vigorously. Yes, he does have a haircare routine.

He wears those plastic bracelets at all times, even in the shower. And he always touches his wedding ring when he is live in the DR voting with Julie Chen. What a nice boy. Now he is brushing his chompers while Michelle strings beads with her craft kit.

I'm sure Kevin senses there is a lot at stake today. If he somehow manages to avoid being nominated, he is the only choice if one of the nominees wins the Veto and uses it.

If, that is, if things go the usual way. You know, after a crazy competitor DOR's.

Some of you may remember BB4's Scott disappearing after gathering all of the HG together to announce that he had anal warts. Soon after he became very violent and started throwing chairs. After a lengthy FOTH, he was gone. And BB had an outdoor lockdown to install a paper toilet cover dispenser in both the downstairs and HOH bathrooms. The girls in the house were crying because they didn't want to get the warts. It was classic, but Scott was a HG that no one really cared about. All he did was sleep all day after his depression set in so his leaving had no impact.

Chima, on the other hand, will be sorely missed. Good TV there. I suspect that the CBS site and the HG Picture Wall will be updated for her departure either later tonight or on Tuesday after one of the CBS shows. Sunday nights show usually covers the time from the HOH competition up until the time of the nominations. So Tuesday will be the logical time to tell the CBS viewers about Chima's Exit and show us how they chose to resolve it.

Of course, we'll all know the answers to those questions long before Tuesday night. I promise you.

Stay tuned.