Thursday, August 27, 2009

Enjoy This Picture

of Russell popping a zit.

He has been obsessively shaving and cleaning himself in preparation for tonight. Yesterday he said his exit speech would rival Chima's--who knows what that means.
I'll bet he flirts his ass off with Julie Chen. He always talks about what a hot cougar she is.
Michelle was recounting some of Russell's storys about his girlfriends. He mentioned one of a blonde with Double D's who was on Dr. 90210, and also mentioned that he likes to fuck other guy's girlfriends.
Good luck with all that Russell.
Jeff used to watch The Sopranos at his buddies italian restaurant--they all eat pasta and drink red wine. He says the last episode freaked everybody out when the screen went black. All of the kitchen workers were watching it too and he discusses the controversy about the ending.
Jeff seems to think that Tony got killed, and he discusses the clues from the song (Don't Stop Believing). Paulie was Jeff's favorite character--he really was in jail for something. Jordan used to watch it with his dad. Jordan starts to sing the Sopranos theme song and we get WBRB.