Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Day After

has been pretty quiet so far. Jeff is floating in the pool on his blue raft and Michelle went out there, too, flotating in the pink plastic innertube.

I didn't hear them talking very much, if at all. Everyone was up until almost 5:00 AM BBT so the mood is definitely subdued.

There is a lot of speculation out there about the Pandora's Box situation yesterday. The HG were told many times by BB that it was not a Luxury Challenge, and they shouldn't call it that. So what was it? And what was the outcome?

Natalie has been like a broken record wondering the amount of cash they all won--I guess they had to stuff wads of it in bags and BB took the bags away.

But more importantly...what about the key that Jeff found? The key was used to free Kevin from being chained to the box, but supposedly it was a big huge BB-type key and they kept thinking that there must be something else to it.

Kevin had to make a choice to have something good for himself and bad for the house, or to have something good for the house (and potentially bad for himself?). He chose the latter and said a hand reached up out of somewhere and chained him there. I guess the thought was that the greed that ensued throughout the house would prevent anyone from trying to find him or to use the key to help him. They were all too busy grabbing cash that was literally falling from the sky.

According to mythology, Pandora's Box contained all the evils in the world, and also hope. I'm guessing money is the evil part----is Jeff's key the hope?

What is up with that key? And will Julie be on the air on Sunday night to fill us in on it? Surely they won't make us wait until Thursday night to find out.......

If AGP pulls out another incredible save for Jeff out of their ass, I think it might be too much for everyone to swallow. On the other hand they don't want another Maggie-Ivette Final Two, when the world yawned and said "Who?"

I don't even know if the official name of the 'non-luxury competition' was indeed Pandora's Box. Maybe the HG have named it that, kind of like "The Wizard Power".