Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Cold Summer's Night

and the lockdown is official. They're trapped in there until the Live Show.

(How does Jeff smoke? They used to put up a partition around the back patio so Evel Dick could smoke 'em up during his season, but Jeff doesn't smoke at that professional level.)

Russell is sitting on the bed in the Red Room, fully dressed and wearing a hat, staring at anyone in the room. He announced he's going to be 'up all night'.

Oh shit. There goes my good night sleep.

Jeff is starting dinner and is chopping up some fresh garlic. It's hard to do with a plastic knife, but who's fault is that? Jeff has threatened to stab half of the State of California so far so I can't say I don't blame BB for not giving him a set of nice slicers.

I didn't think Jeff would just use that Classico sauce as is. Not Jeff. He's going to dress it up and accessorize it. (Where did Jeff learn to cook?)

Kevin sits at the counter and deals out a Solitaire game. There's an eerie silence. Jeff saws away at something with that plastic scraping sound. It's hard to listen to.

Kevin, to Jeff: Were your parents good cooks?

Jeff: Yeah, they both like to cook. My mom says my dad always makes pasta. My mom likes to make it fast, you know? My dad likes to experiment and cook weird stuff.

Kevin: Do you have a dish that everybody does well?

Jeff: Uh. Just pasta. I can usually take whatever's in the fridge and make a pasta out of it. Really good, too.

Kevin: I make a mean bowl of Ramen.

Jeff: It's weird to cook for other people. I like to know what's in my food and I know how I like it.

Jeff turns the pepper grinder a million times over the stove and pours some oil in there.

(I wonder if he will offer Russell some pasta?)

Michelle comes in to fix herself a churro snack while Jordan washes some dishes. Michelle has lost a few more pounds this week and it shows. She tells Jeff this is her last churro.