Saturday, August 15, 2009

Chima's Exit - Flashback #2 - A Few Hours Earlier - Part #1

This flashback starts at 10:00 pm last night, Big Brother time. We open with a camera shot of Chima on the Putt Putt stage, practicing and the air is light-hearted. Apparently BB asked Chima to put on her microphone.

Natalie ran off somewhere to get it and literally ran across the yard to hand it to Chima, upon the platform.

Chima took it from her and casually lobbed it right into the hot tub. You couldn't see that angle from Camera #2, but Natalie and Lydia both shreiked.

They ran over to the hot tub and worked to get it out with the pool skimmer. Chima calmly played through.


When we come back Natalie is holding the giant golf club, and Chima is sitting on the Putt Putt steps. I don't think she has a microphone on, but I don't hear her saying anything so who the hell knows.

Lydia and Natalie are really into this. They both want it bad. Natalie discusses a recent discussion with Jeff over their continued use of the washer and dryer. Her voice barks out the words.

Now I hear Chima and there is definitely no microphone on her. I think Natalie's is picking up her voice.

Here comes Russell. I hear him at the grill--sounds like he just opened the lid. The girls plan to barbeque tomorrow. The grill is just across the backyard's tiny pool, but it might as well be an ocean. Everyone ignores each other. Russell heads back in the house after starting the grill.

Natalie whispered to Chima a little earlier not to tell Kevin that she is learning how to use the golf club. She doesn't want him to know....

Now Kevin is putting and just sunk one. Still no microphone on Chima. (I can just see Alison Grodner speeding towards the studio now...her kinky hair flying in the night breeze.)

Chima will not be part of the LPGA--that is obvious. But I don't think she really cares to do well. It seems like kind of a joke. Kevin stands behind her and places her hands on the club to teach her, just like a golf pro down at the links. There is some improvement as she tries to hit all the angles. (BB told them to try it 'several different ways'.)

Natalie: This isn't even a fucking challenge! Like the pig thing, why can't I compete in that? You had to hustle in that thing!

Kevin calmly gives Chima pointers. Now it's Lydia's turn. I hear banging over at the grill again. Sounds like someone sawing--maybe Russell is cleaning or oiling the grill plate. Banging. Thumping.

Natalie continues to talk about White Noise. She always complained at night that the White Noise in the living room was too loud. I saw her screeching directly at a camera about this last week when she was playing chess with Jessie.

Lydia figured out that she could use the snail as an obstacle and bank off of it. Now they sit down and throw the ball and watch how it rolls without using the club. Kevin and Natalie couch from either end of the course.

(This is really boring but I think there will be some Production interaction with Chima at some point from what I've heard. We are almost at the halfway mark for this Flashback so I'll call it Part #1 and post more if and when some notable action happens on the Back Nine. Ha ha. All Flashback links courtesy of Jokers.)