Thursday, August 20, 2009

Chima Sees Dolla$$$$ Ya'll

Chima is actually tweeting without protection now. And she is indirectly saying that the whole Tuesday night 'Chima Show' was a lie, and that "The Revolution" wasn't televised.

I'm thinking she doesn't have an attorney yet, or maybe he can't control her, which may be the more likely case. Even if she does have a case, I doubt Chima could be humble and controlled enough to keep her yap shut until the coast is clear to speak.

Because by then, Chima's 20 minutes will be most definitely over. I gave her 33% more Fame Minutes than the average shmoe because she was so fun to watch. And she's lucky that the finalist on that MTV or VH1 dating show (some say he was the winner) killed someone, because that gave her another angle to her public storyline, i.e. Those Crazy Reality Contestants.

And she is also implying that her career is blowing up. Imploding, or expanding? We shall see. It does seem like Jamie Kennedy may be looking to escape the clutches of Jennifer Love Hewitt, since he seems to find so much time to follow Chima's tweets.

Check out the jugs in that picture, too. Wow.