Friday, August 14, 2009

Bouncing Around

Lots of BB interruptions tonight.

The Manson Family is hell-bent on a wide-spreading revenge plan and their supposed targets (Jeff and Russell) are doing their best to ignore them and turn the other cheek. I can't ever remember a time when there was a prevailing fear by so many people that their property would be damaged. Sure, the house has been severely divided in the past, but this childish behavior is kind of unheard of.

Natalie keeps saying that she is going to pour buckets of water on them after the POV. She says that over and over...once again like a child seeking approval to do something bad.

Michelle fell off a bridge one time and the water was cold. Her most embarrassing moment was when she was doing a solo ballet dance at the age of 10 and the velcro closure at the neck of her tutu broke and she flashed her bare chest at the entire audience.

She wanted to quit ballet but her mom talked her out of it. At least there were no boys in her ballet class.

Jordan brings up when Michelles shorts and panties got caught in the swing at the end of the endurance competition. They thought the camera crew were laughing at her.
Now Michelle talks about when her bandeau bikini top broke and she was bare chested until she ran in the house to change.

(I saw this on the feeds and she has a great little rack.)

Now Michelle tells about her most embarrassing moment as an adult. Her husband Tim was performing in a comedy club and she went with a bunch of people. He asked her to stand up for their one year anniversary so she did and he started reading a poem. It started out really sweet and cute and then it got progressively dirtier and dirtier. It was a very long letter and there were professors from her school there and she was just dying. She wouldn't have minded if she knew ahead of time, but she ended up telling him Fuck You when he wanted to go out to dinner for the anniversary.

She worked in the campus Starbucks and for a long time people would come in and say, "Oh you're the dirty girl!"

Michelle: And I wasn't! It later became a self-fulfilling prophecy!