Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Big Picture for the Next 24 Hours

The HG are being locked in all night---they think it's for an endurance competition tomorrow.

Natalie comments on the fact that Russell was planning on grilling out steaks tonight to celebrate the end of his Slop Week. (He doesn't have much else to celebrate...)

Natalie, giggling: It's kind of funny.

Jeff: Nice...


Previously, in the aftermath of today's big fight between Jeff, Jordan and Russell, we came back from a break and they were discussing that they would all be locked in separate rooms tomorrow (instead of the usual HOH lockdown perhaps?). Kevin thinks that they (BB) are worried that they will all tear each other apart.

Personally, I think AGP has probably considered taping the live show again, in case there is a big brawl during the Live Show.

Do you think it could happen? I can't predict Russell's behavior.

I cant' wait to see the footage of Jessie and Lydia at the Jury House.