Saturday, August 15, 2009

And We're Off.....

We have had trivia on the feeds for some time now--I think the competition has finally started.

Earlier today, Michelle and Russell made a Final Two agreement. In the interest of full disclosure, I didn't see it for myself, but read about it on Jokers. Is it a real alliance? Can they really trust each other?

I wouldn't trust Russell with a 10-foot pole, but I think he may have to trust somebody at some point. Natalie is really the one on her own right now. Lydia and Kevin, Jeff and Jordan, and potentially Russell and Michelle are all fighting for each other. I think. Who the hell knows, really?

Prediction: I have a feeling that Natalie or Kevin might win HOH. I feel there is 0% chance that Jordan will win, so maybe that is what will actually happen.

In case you're bored, here is Chima's bio on, written by somebody way back in early July, when we were all much more well-rested and less jaded. I have a feeling this bio might not be up on their site (like this, anyway) for too much longer. I have a feeling they are going to make her disappear. And that ain't good for a 'freelance journalist'.

So let's review, shall we?

1. On this seasons first live show, Chima mentions live that Braden called Julie Chen a whore. Les Moonves, CBS President, was reported to be in the audience as he was spending time with his pregnant wife, and probably working a little out there as well.

2. Julie Chen never called on Chima during the live broadcast ever again.

3. Chima causes production umpteen heartaches over her adamant and profane lack of cooperation.

4. On last Thursday's live show, CBS and AGP were so worried about Chima flapping her gums uncontrollably, they pre-taped the 'Live' show for the first time ever! They can blame it on the Coup d' Etat if they choose to, but we all know what time it was that night. Les Moonves told someone at AGP simply to 'not let that happen again'. And it didn't, and wasn't going to.

Chima was great TV and a great houseguest in my opinion. I really liked her spirit and admired that she survived a brutal attack on her life. But she deteriorated rapidly and become so sour and hateful that it was intolerable. You could see the sparks of tension jumping off her.

I picture her now as a Medusa, without the charm. And that hair isn't far off, either.