Monday, August 31, 2009

Natalie: The Coup D' Etat Didn't Save Your Ass

this week, did it? (said while smirking at the camera)

Natalie is whispering that Jordan needs the money most---why was she trying to give it all up to Jeff? She also said that Jessie and Russell are going to go nuts when they see the tape this week.

Kevin: Every time there is a showmance, the bitch always loses.

Then he says that maybe April (of Ollie And April) stayed longer....and Natalie mentions Natalie from BB9.

No one cares about Season 9. It doesn't even count.

Jeff goes in the Green Room with a deck of cards. Kevin wants to go over every Final Three scenario with Natalie, but she says to wait until next week, after HOH.

(She is already trying to throw Kevin under the bus, for good reason. He would give her a run for her money with the jury.)

So What Happened?

Jeff is eating a sandwich at the counter with Jordan sitting nearby.

Kevin, to Natalie: He gone, right?

Natalie: He gone!

Kevin whines that Jeff won't talk to him because he knows Kevin won't go for his shit. Natalie wants to have a celebration tonight.

Jeff and Jordan are silent. Jordan has changed out of her 'show top' and is now wearing her red Beer T-shirt.

Don't see Michelle---probably in the DR?

Jeff: That was a funbuster.

Jordan: Um hmmm.

Kevin and Natalie are whispering in the Red Room.

I am imagining that Allison is calling a meeting backstage to make up some new rules for Jeff, the Keyholder. Because I am foreseeing a very ugly Final Three finish. America wants to see pretty people.

It's Happening Right Now

The Veto meeting is in process.

Expectations were a swirl, right up until the last second. Jordan thinks that Michelle said she would use the Veto to save Jeff just to get a reaction.

Kevin thinks Michelle can't possibly be that stupid......

We shall see!

Jordan: What If They Have to Evacuate Us?

Jeff: That would be fucking awesome, 'cause we could get out of this place!

Jordan: But then we would probably have to go to a hotel and sit by ourself in a room!

Jeff explains how dry it gets out there, and how the fires "never really get out of control".

Right, Jeff.

Jordan has on a plaid strapless top and BB keeps telling her to reposition her microphone so that it is higher. Jeff tried to help and Jordan shooed him away.

Jeff: I'm trying to help production!

Jeff says he is homesick, and then says he is "society sick".

Jeff: I want to see the news! I want to go out!

Jordan is homesick and misses her family. She wishes she could take a break and go home for just a weekend. She would rather be by herself than to be stuck with Russell, Jessie and Lydia. She plans to just sit on the beach and isolate herself.

(I don't think the Jury House is at the beach this year.)

Last Minute Scrambling

before the Veto meeting is in full gear. Natalie and Jeff talked and made a Final Two deal, while Natlie called Michelle "the biggest fucking lying bitch" in the game.

Then Michelle joined them and Jeff left exasperated and told Jordan he is going home for sure.

And Michelle and Natalie talked and Michelle threw the possibility out there that she would use the Veto to save Jeff. (!)

Then Jordan approached Natalie and said the same old shit about how Jeff could take her farther than Jordan could...

Now Jeff is in bed covered up and Michelle is sitting in an adjacent bed, still talking. Michelle is all tarted up with a strapless black top and full makeup. Alas, her hair still looks greasy.

(What is up with that hair?)

Ha ha now Michelle fishes for compliments from Jeff. He tells her she looks good--don't change clothes.

Jordan is fanning her armpits in another room---she is an Extreme Sweater.

Now Natalie is rehashing everything with Kevin except saying that she tried to make a deal to get rid of him with Jeff.

Now Jordan is going to look for Michelle!

And all of this in the past 20 minutes!! The Veto meeting is coming up soon and they are all scrambling like crazy.

In Other News: While they were outside a few minutes ago, Jeff mentioned that he smelled smoke. (Big, big fires are burning up the LA area right now.)

Jeff: Is there a big fire?

Kevin, sarcastically: Maybe Russell is fighting it.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ha ha ha The Scheming Takes a Turn

In the wee hours Jordan, Natalie and Kevin tried to get Jeff to ask Michelle to use the Veto on him.

Jeff: Are you fucking crazy? To use the Veto on me?

Jordan tells him to start flirting with Michelle, tell her she looks pretty, etc.

Natalie: Take one for the team, Jeff! Do it!

Kevin: She's in love with you!

Jeff is getting pissed at the idea. Natalie says people have done stupid things like this before on the show (hello---Marcellas?).

Jeff thinks its a bad idea, but the three of them are really pushing it. He says that if he has her help them out, he doesn't want to "stick her in the ass" right afterwards.

Jeff, very angry: I'm not that kind of person! That's not the way I work. I don't need the money that bad.

Jordan: It's part of playing the game....

Jeff: No, it's part of being a huge asshole. I should have won--that's all. I didn't win. It hurts.

Jordan keeps trying.

Kevin: It's not going to happen Jordan.

Jordan says Michelle has been crying in the DR about all this.

Kevin: Remember when you told her she looks like a model, all skinny and everything? She was skipping through the house she was so happy.

Kevin thinks her reaction is guaranteed if Jeff goes through with it.

Jeff: I pursued other avenues to make Final Four and it didn't work out. I can't ask her to do a beautiful gesture to me--to save me--and then send her out the door.

Wow Jordan has an evil streak--she is pushing this big time.

But What about the Key?

I'm just catching up on some of last night's feeds and posting them this morning, while we wait for the HG to wake up.

Jeff finally started talking last night, and the meaning of the key is haunting him. Why would he have it if there was no point to it?

Michelle thinks that the key has no meaning for the HG--it is only some sort of TV show feature.

They were sitting alone on the BY couch, drinking Bud Light in the can and talking. Sounds like Michelle has told Jeff she is voting to keep him, and says it is obvious that Natalie wants to take Jordan along in the game.

(I think Michelle just wants Jeff's Jury vote and knows he is leaving .)

Jeff still needs to talk to Kevin, and is planning to do so on Sunday. Natalie's power trip is rubbing Michelle the wrong way. I think Jeff feels guilty about trying to stay since that probably means that Jordan is going home. Jeff thinks they have "a long time to work it out".

Michelle laughs about trying to work Kevin and then (giggling) "having some fun the last week!"

Michelle: It wouldn't be fun without the faux fight!

Jeff: Yeah, they don't want you to lay down, that's for sure (BB).

Sounds like Michelle saw right through the crap that Natalie laid on her after the Veto win. Jeff says that all he can offer Kevin is his loyalty--and with Jordan gone he "would be open for business".

Michelle wants to tell him that they need to keep Jeff to get Natalie out.

Jeff: What about, Natalie is his friend? What about that?

Michelle: And how much time did they spend together before all of this?

(True, Michelle, true.)

Michelle thinks that she and Jeff need to stage a fake fight so it all looks believable.

(I think Michelle did the math and figured out she has no way to win against Kevin or Natalie with the Jury.)

Michelle says she loves Jordan but she can't count on her to win HOH or Veto next week. If Michelle votes for Jeff Kevin would be the tie vote, so the choice is totally up to him. Michelle thinks that promising him a safe week--just one more-- should be incentive enough for him.

Michelle: Him putting all of his eggs in one basket of someone who has never won before is a huge risk. (Natalie)

Michelle mentions that Natalie might be bluffing on her skills, but Jeff scoffs at that: Not for this long, she isn't.

(I think she might be.)

Michelle notes that Natalie is trying to kiss her ass like crazy by giving her clothes, etc. Michelle plans to talk to Kevin, but says that maybe he has a lot of confidence right now with his recent success and might think he can beat them.

Michelle: There's no harm in my talking to him, since he can't send me home.

Jeff: Well, you talk to him, and I'll talk to him, and we'll see what he wants. It's a good thing for him.

Here comes Kevin to the jacuzzi, and Natalie follows close behind. They note that all of the wine is gone---Jordan drank it all and went to the DR with a wine glass. She is drunk.

Kevin: I'm sure she's having fun in there.

Natalie starts to play solitaire outside. Michelle's latest weight loss tally is 16 pounds, and she is starting to get that look where everything she wears is flattering.

Jeff watches Natalie and says he should have never taught her that game. Natalie says she is addicted--there is nothing else to do. Jeff calls her a yoyo and corrects the way she is dealing--she did it wrong and says she did it wrong because she and Kevin just played Spit and it messed her up.

Jeff has had 3 beers. He wishes he had another 12 pack. Jeff has on flip-flops and he has some nice feet--long even toes.

Jordan is out of the DR and is in the Green Room with a glass of red wine and her white blankie. Jeff comes in and Jordan starts talking about the alien pictures--she is wasted and starts crying about losing.

Jeff: You're drunk.

Jordan: No. I'm so mad and I don't do good under pressure and I'm so bad. When she sees the pictures now (in the DR?) she says she knows who they all are.

She said Jeff got out all the big players and she hasn't done anything. Jeff deserves to be there, not her, and Jeff needs to talk to Kevin. Jeff can do that, but he doesn't think they want to keep him.

Jordan: If you don't campaign for votes, I'm going to be mad at you. You'll always have that regret...

Jeff: I know.

Jordan has the "red wine mouth" that you get when you've had a few glasses---not a flattering look in case you don't know what I'm referring to.

She says she was spilling her whole heart out and didn't even get to answer the questions---how Jeff is her BFF and how it shouldn't be like this---she didn't know anybody when she came in and she never thought she would meet a guy and be the closest with them---and then have to go up against him---and now he deserves to be here and everybody left in the game hasn't done shit. And how Michelle is crazy.....

BB doesn't usually let them talk abut their DR sessions, but so far she hasn't disclosed anything that they said to her, just what she said to them.

Jordan says Jeff is dumb if he doesn't try to get the votes. She said everyone will tell her later--he was jsut a guy that she barely knows, he probably doesn't give a shit about you...(Jeff chuckles.) ...but you are my BFF.

Jeff says he will try and talk to Kevin, but he will not throw her under the bus.

Jordan: I don't care if you throw me under the bus.

Finally BB tells her to zip it. Jeff says to talk softly so they don't hear. Jordan feels like she broke up with a boyfriend and she is depressed.

Jeff: Give me the rest of that wine!

Jordan: Why?

Jeff: Because you're hammered!

Jeff thinks they (BB) are dying in there.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Woe is Jeff.

The Day After

has been pretty quiet so far. Jeff is floating in the pool on his blue raft and Michelle went out there, too, flotating in the pink plastic innertube.

I didn't hear them talking very much, if at all. Everyone was up until almost 5:00 AM BBT so the mood is definitely subdued.

There is a lot of speculation out there about the Pandora's Box situation yesterday. The HG were told many times by BB that it was not a Luxury Challenge, and they shouldn't call it that. So what was it? And what was the outcome?

Natalie has been like a broken record wondering the amount of cash they all won--I guess they had to stuff wads of it in bags and BB took the bags away.

But more importantly...what about the key that Jeff found? The key was used to free Kevin from being chained to the box, but supposedly it was a big huge BB-type key and they kept thinking that there must be something else to it.

Kevin had to make a choice to have something good for himself and bad for the house, or to have something good for the house (and potentially bad for himself?). He chose the latter and said a hand reached up out of somewhere and chained him there. I guess the thought was that the greed that ensued throughout the house would prevent anyone from trying to find him or to use the key to help him. They were all too busy grabbing cash that was literally falling from the sky.

According to mythology, Pandora's Box contained all the evils in the world, and also hope. I'm guessing money is the evil part----is Jeff's key the hope?

What is up with that key? And will Julie be on the air on Sunday night to fill us in on it? Surely they won't make us wait until Thursday night to find out.......

If AGP pulls out another incredible save for Jeff out of their ass, I think it might be too much for everyone to swallow. On the other hand they don't want another Maggie-Ivette Final Two, when the world yawned and said "Who?"

I don't even know if the official name of the 'non-luxury competition' was indeed Pandora's Box. Maybe the HG have named it that, kind of like "The Wizard Power".

Victory for Michelle - Flashback - 8-29-09 - 3:00 AM BBT - Part II

This picks up at 3:30 AM BBT. I switched to a different link for the second half so I can actually see Camera #3. The screen is frozen, but I'm sure the system was inundated as it always is after a big competition.

Natalie is encouraging Jordan to play. Jordan said she might campaign for Jeff to stay but Natalie does her best to talk her out of it.

Natalie: This is a half million dollars! I wouldn't just give it to my boyfriend.

Jordan wants to know what Michelle is saying up there---is she saying Final Three? Or is she asking why Jeff is so mad?

Natalie says Michelle is bitching because she didn't win a TV. Jordan wishes she hadn't gotten stuck on the first Morph screen. Her eyelids are really swollen and Jeff is in the DR right now. Now Jordan wants to know who Michelle is going to nominate next week.

Natalie tells her HOH doesn't matter next week--the Veto holder is the one who decides to go home (except the HOH, dumbass).

Now I hear Jeff come in the room and Jordan says she's sorry. Jeff says it sucks. I hear them hugging and maybe a kiss but I can't see them. I think Natalie is still sitting there, across from them.

Jordan: I didn't think she got it!

Jeff: I did.

Jordan: Natalie almost had it!

Jeff says "final four!" to Jordan and offers her some wine. The two of them are in the Splash Room--I guess they went in there to be alone. (I think the Splash Room is really cool.)

Natalie wants to know when they are going to find out how much money they won.

Jordan, back with Natalie: I just feel so bad. He's going to go in the Jury House and Russell will be all over him. I just want to know, why didn't Kevin keep his word?

Natalie: blah blah blah blah blah


The Feed is very slow and the picture is at least 2 minutes behind the sound.

Natalie throws Kevin under the bus by telling Jordan that she would have stuck with her word. Jordan is saying that they planned to drop Michelle and pick up Natalie for the end game.

I don't see any way that Natalie won't make it to the Final Three.

Now Jordan is saying that they should keep Jeff because he's a stronger player and will get them farther in the game. Natalie thinks that is silly for her to say it, but she is only one vote and would have to ask the others about it.

Jordan thinks Jeff could win. She doesn't even want to try to win and sucks at every competition. (Is she trying to help Jeff? Or help kick his ass out?) stays.

(How long will it take Natalie to repeat that to Michelle?)

Now Jordan is trying to convince Natalie to take Jeff to the F2. (I think Natalie could beat either Michelle or Jordan at the end, but not Kevin.) Jordan is really off track right now and needs to shut her fucking mouth.

The Morphs were alien-shaped, which made it more difficult. Jordan had trouble with the Casey one. Jordan says she knows how Natalie felt when Jessie left--it's the worst feeling in the world.

Jordan, whispering: She's going to win this whole thing if we don't get her out.

Natalie, whispering back: She's got to get the votes first. If I'm in the Jury House, I won't vote for her.

Now Jordan goes back into Jeff and tells him she is going to tell everybody else to vote her out and keep Jeff because he's a better player.

Jeff: Don't be stupid. Go with Michelle and follow her to the end. That's not how the game works--go with Michelle and win. Kevin can't play next week, make a deal with Natalie. You got a strong player out and go from there.

Jeff tells her to study the numbers, Kevin will be gone next week, and that's the end game.

Jordan protests.

Jeff: It's over. I had my chance.

Jordan keeps on and Jeff tells her nobody is going to get her out. They won't care about her and she'll "sneak into the Final Three".

Stupid Jeff still thinks Natalie is an ally. Jeff is sitting on the pool steps in the Splash Room with a glass of red wine wearing his UCLA cap.

Jeff: I got all these fucking assholes out of the house so these fucking assholes can stay. Whatever. I lost. It's over.

Jeff says the picture that messed him up was "me and you". Jeff didn't have trouble with the first one--Casey and Kevin. It just wasn't his game. He wants Jordan to stay strong and win. He will kill her if she doesn't win. (!) Jeff tells Jordan to stab Michelle in the back and take Natalie to the finals. Jeff says this week wasn't fucking brain surgery--whoever lost tonight was going home and they all knew it.

Jordan: I feel bad. I feel like it's my fault.

Jeff: I never depended on you Jordan. It's not your fault.

Jeff: Lemme tell you something. Kevin's not sad this week that I'm gone. So...he gone next week. If you just think for two seconds and use your mind for two seconds you can win. Just do it. Nobody's gunning for you. You can do it.

Jordan could hear the sounds of people coming in an out during the competiton and she heard Michelle and then Jeff and thought that Jeff won.

Jeff: I knew I lost it. She stares at that fucking wall all the time--it's her thing.

Jeff recognized Jordan's smile, but guessed everybody else but him mixed with her.

Jeff: I'm no fucking good at it..

End of Flashback. Whew--the Agony of Defeat, huh?

Victory for Michelle - Flashback - 8-29-09 - 3:00 AM BBT - Part I

This Flashback opens with TRIVIA as the final moments of the Veto take place. At 3:05, the sound comes back but all feeds are still stuck on the words on the screen.

I can hear Michelle celebrating and being encouraged and cheered on by Natalie and Kevin. Supposedly it wasn't even close---she blew everybody away.

I wish I could see, but Michelle has apparently been angry at Jeff and is kind of "ha ha'ing" the situation. She said that Jeff kept asking her why she was staring at the Memory Wall.

Michelle: This is fucking why I stared at the wall.

She is spewing the Eff word and Mother Effer and is joyous. She did it for her husband and she was limping the whole time.

All of a sudden Natalie is Michelle's best friend and says she has been dreaming of this for weeks. She knows Russell will be so happy and Kevin says Jeff must have thought he was stupid to stick with The Deal.

Natalie is already pushing her program, saying that no one will win against Jordan in the Final, because everybody likes her (not in the Jury House, they don't) and she will win America's Vote for sure (maybe...but not for sure).

Natalie is crowing that she and Kevin had kept their mouths shut for weeks, but they had this big plan. (She'd better check that ego and start playing dumb again.)

Kevin is happy. Still can't see them on the screen--I just restarted it but no dice.

Natalie knows that Jeff blames himself for this---Michelle beat him fair and square and didn't have to betray him. Michelle mentions that Jeff laughed at her during the OTEV veto challenge for scrambling for that banana...I think she has been harboring a lot of anxiety for a long time.

Michelle is happy that the misfits who no one ever thought would stay very long are the ones that are "still fucking there".

Natalie keeps pushing the Jordan issue in the F2-Michelle points out that "Jordan hasn't done jack in the game" and that other people have done her dirty work. Natalie is all over it and keeps driving home that America will vote for Jordan.

Michelle, mock crying: Oh, I'm so sorry that your boyfriend is gone....That's America, because America is stupid!

Kevin: I have been so mad that he is getting such a good edit....

Now Natalie goes through all the ways that Jeff has been running the house for the last month. Kevin points out that Jeff tried to tell him who to nominate. Michelle just can't believe that!

(She's just so innocent!)

Natalie is crowing about her plan over and over. She'd better shut up and play dumb.

Kevin tells her to enjoy the win and celebrate. Michelle says she doesn't feel bad, he was going to gun for her anyway. Kevin tells her that Jeff was very "Anti-Michelle" in the last few days. They tell Michelle that they had to convince Jeff that their target was Michelle, so he would maybe relax and not play so hard.

(I heard Kevin and Natalie talking last night and their plan was to tell whoever the winner was this same story--either Jeff/Jordan or Michelle, whoever they needed to say it to.)

(Natalie for the Conniving Win.)

Jeff gets called to the DR in the background--still can't see the HG.

Kevin says he thinks Jeff knew he was going when Kevin told him he was getting nominated. Michelle says she heard screaming, but Jeff didn't scream. Jeff was extremely concerned and agitated, but he didn't scream. (Michelle is nuts.)

Now Kevin tells Michelle that Jeff always said she was crazy. Michelle said that she asked Jordan over and over who she would vote out---would it be Natalie---if she won the Veto and took Jeff off the block. Jordan didn't answer and looked around for answers and Michelle knew it was over. (her alliance with them)

Natalie: Next week, balls out!

She points out that next week's Veto is more important than HOH, because you have the power to decide who goes with you, and against you.

Michelle congratulates both of them and says she thinks they have it locked. She said she started trashtalking Jeff in the SR (not sure if Jeff was in there with her or not) before her turn and it helped her. She mentions the beaded cross she made for Jeff and he made a sarcastic comment about it later.

They think Jeff's downfall was being cocky. Kevin thinks he used Michelle as a target. Michelle says that Jeff thought she "took the Jeff love pills", but she didn't. Now she says that everything he accused Jessie of applied to himself. Like the way he got women to work for him. Kevin says Jeff was more effective.

(That is bullshit---Jessie was fucking the House Skank and Natalie made sandwiches for him. Jeff didn't fuck anybody and cooked for the house.)

Don't be poor winners, children. One of you three won't be there in the end. Maybe two of you.

Now Michelle is saying that Jeff "tore Russell a new one" with his "homophobic comments" and then Kevin says he glossed over the comments with his charm.

Now I can hear Jordan in the background being encouraged by Natalie (!) who tells her not to give up---she can still win the POV next week. Jordan is saying that she wants to go home instead of Jeff.

Halfway point of Flashback. Posting..

Natalie: This is a half million dollars!

Jeff Got Got

Michelle won the veto, so it looks like Jordan will be nominated in her place. BB held the 'Morph' competition overnight. They usually do it at night--I guess they need darkness so the HG can see the outdoor screen well.

Jeff and Jordan both know he is going home. Jeff wouldn't have changed a thing. (Well, maybe he should have correctly guessed the Jeff-Jordan morph....)

He has started preparing Jordan for what she needs to do now......

Friday, August 28, 2009

Kevin Holds a Meeting

with Jeff and Jordan in the HOH.

They are basically trashtalking Michelle directly, and kissing ass indirectly.

Jeff: She got hustled, and Russelled.

ha ha ha

Jordan tells Kevin that Michelle is after him. (That is true.) Meanwhile Michelle is sitting at the kitchen counter with her chin in her hands while Natalie plays Solitiare next to her.

As far as I can tell, Jeff hasn't bothered to put on a shirt all day today. Kissing up to Kevin? Maybe.

Kevin talked to Michelle already and was very passive with her--asking her for information but never giving. Jeff says that is always what she does---she never answers questions directly about who she would put up, etc.

Jeff: I'm not going to bash her. She is what she is...

When Kevin was on the block he was super-paranoid and that's how it is.

Kevin, to Jordan: That's okay. You're Gucci!

Jeff: That's all you need to tell her.

Jordan goes downstairs and Jeff stays behind. Kevin tells him that he is basically safe because if it comes to a tie, Kevin will have the final say. Kevin knows, however, that whoever has the POV holds the ultimate power here. Kevin feels Jeff has the strongest chance of winning the POV and saving Jordan and himself. Then Natalie will go home. (?)

Kevin: I want you to know that the only way for you to go home is if Michelle wins the POV.

He then says that Jeff and Michelle are going up.

Jeff: What about Michelle and Jordan going up, and them me winning the POV for Jordan?

Kevin ain't buying it, Jeff.

Kevin: Jeff the deal was to keep you safe and not put you up. I'm going to tell you Jeff, I'm going to break part of that deal. Otherwise I would be the dumbest HOH in all of BB history....

Jeff summarizes that if Michelle wins POV, then Jordan goes up next to him and one of them goes home. Jeff brings up that he took Kevin off the block.


The Back Door Lifted

and they all freaked out.

Jeff: I see a leprechaun! (joking)

There is nothing out there. I guess they saw production on the roof last time throwing the money off but no one is up there now. Cameras were up there, too.

It's hot and humid out there.

Now Natalie is paranoid too.

Jordan: I wish there was something fun going on.

Jeff: What are you talking about? They just gave each of us a couple of G's!

Natalie went back inside to get more strawberries.

Jeff: Why? What's in the strawberries?

All joking now. They thought it was really fun. Maybe we'll find out more when Kevin comes back from the DR.

BB told Michelle not to say it was a luxury competition--they said it was money coming from the sky instead. Michelle didn't go up and see the clues, so she says she doesn't know anything.

Jeff knew that Natalie was lying because she told him a door was locked, and when he tried it, it was open.

Jordan: There has to be something else!

Jeff: It seems fishy....

Jordan: They wouldn't just hand us money for nothin'....

Aha....Kevin Got To Choose

between the money and Pandora's box. The money had to be shared among all of the HG, or he could choose something bad for the entire house.

I know that doesn't make sense, but right now it doesn't make sense. They are all very excited and are rehashing the entire thing.

Jeff and Natalie got mad at each other during the competition, and now Jeff says he was mad because Natalie was lying.

Kevin gets called to the DR and they all think that something new is coming. Natalie has been dipping strawberries in Cool Whip and is really putting a hurtin' on that snack.

They think Natalie knows more about what is happening, and she is denying it. Jeff says she is lying for sure because she is laughing and she isn't showing her poker face. She is eating strawberries faster and faster--maybe that's a tell.

Jeff: Why didn't you find that key?

Natalie: I couldn't find it! I tried!

Only Natalie and Kevin have been called to the DR since it was over, adding to the speculation that they know what is about to happen.

Natalie: You guys are like Russell now---paranoid!

The Secret Room

Kevin was in The Secret Room. He says it is all golden, and there are lots of mirrors. He thinks Production uses it for something else. (?)

Natalie wants to play poker with all the money they keep finding in the house. Now she is trying to backtrack and make it seem like she wasn't trying to screw Jeff over.

Natalie saw someone in production run by and she swears that part is true. I think she's trying to say that's why she tried to keep Jeff from going up there. They are arguing but in kind of a pleasant tone.

Natalie says maybe the Pandora's box is something good. Kevin thinks Pandora always means something bad. Jeff thinks maybe whoever got the least amount of money wins---that would be Kevin.

Jeff accuses Kevin of knowing more than he is letting on. Jeff said wink at me if you know something. They think that there is more stuff coming to clear everything up.

Jeff says he found the key in one minute, and Natalie was in the house for longer and didn't find it? He thinks she knows it was something bad and wanted him to find it.

I think each HG had a certain amount of time to run around and find stuff. Kevin was hidden in a box (or the Secret Room) and calling out to find the key....

Jeff had a written clue but he 'put it in the bag' and doesn't have it now. I think the bag contains each HG's booty and they might get it later. Jordan saw a $100 bill and thought it looked fake (the new ones do look fake).

This certainly sounds like a creative contest.

Prize Money?

They had some sort of prize bonanza outside where they won prizes, gifts, etc.

Kevin chose what was behind the 'mystery door' and it sounds like there was a lot of cash in there.

The feeds are really choppy--lots of traffic right now-- but it sounds like Jeff got a key of some sort and doesn't know what that means yet.

(I think he is leaving to go to the Emmy's tomorrow---just a guess.)

Natalie tried to fake Jeff out and now he's calling her a snake. She's trying to say the DR told her to hide stuff from Jeff but he is calling her a liar.

Sounds like Allison might have been talking to them?

I think they have to split the money, but they can only get it if they unlock something. Not sure if they were successful or not. Somebody won something because Jordan asked about taking taxes out.

Jordan: I hope I at least have a thousand! I just kept stuffing my shirt.

Jeff was kicking money around to corral it into one place. Kevin found a lot of money in the pool filter.

I think BB will announce later what the tally is for each of them when the money is counted. Kevin had to choose between the money and Pandora's Box.

Lots of excitement in there. Natalie might have screwed herself up in the long run if everybody saw how greedy and deceptive she really is.

Feeds keep cutting in and out---I'm sure somebody is recording a Flashback for us.

Jeff is worried that the key means he is up the shit creek.

(Only if Allison wants that to be the case Jeff...)

FISH for 30 Minutes Now

Is it the nominations? Does this have something to do with the star on the door?

Did Victoria's Secrets models come in and cavort, as Jeff fantasized about?

Is Brian Austin Green there, giving Natalie and Jordan (and probably Kevin) a thrill?

I guess we'll know all soon enough......
***UPDATE*** FISH for well over an hour now.

Jeff: Something's Up

the back door was unlocked, and now it is locked. They hear things going on out there and wonder what it is.

Jeff: Maybe they're fumigating. And that's our treat.

Jordan: A competition! With prizes, cash, a new car!!

They talk about what would happen if they all went to The Price is Right and competed. Michelle says most of those prizes would be useless. If Kevin won a motorhome he would have no place to park it.

Jeff: I would want to take a big road trip, and then sell it and fly home!

FISH while Jeff sings Milli Vanilli's 'Girl You Know It's True'.

Jeff gets what he said is a good seat to see the celebrity that is coming in. He jokes that it's a Victoria Secrets model and she likes him, too! Then he says maybe they're cleaning really well outside so the person coming in wearing high heels won't slip.

(Jeff is really funny when he wants to be and we will miss him when he's gone.)


There is speculation on the internet that someone in the house will go to the Daytime Emmy's tomorrow, since it is being held right there in LA. There is a star on the door upstairs, so that's a clue right there.

They talk about the songs BB played this morning and analyze them for clues. Jeff can't leave that Milli Vanilli song alone--more FISH.

What's Up in the House?

Jeff and Jordan are horsing around in the Green Room. They are both grossed out by all the ants and Jeff finds two ants crawling on her blanket. Jordan wants to take a shower and Jeff tells her she looks better with no makeup. She is not flattered by that comment, although Jeff assures her it is a big compliment.

She has her head on Jeff's stomach and says he is still so skinny she can feel bones.

Jeff: That's not a bone---it's a BONER.

Jeff laughs like crazy.
Jordan explains that BB wouldn't let them bring in pencil or crayon makeup because then they could write notes with it, so she had to go out and buy liquid eyeliner--she usually doesn't use it.

Kevin and Michelle discuss Russell. They remember at least 7 different jobs he said he had and they wonder what he really does for a living.

Kevin: In the beginning he said that one of his relatives ran for President, and that his last name meant 'butcher', so no one should mess with him.

Michelle: Well, I come from a long line of barbarians and you don't hear me mentioning that!

She explains that her last name was the name of a barbarian tribe--it's a long word and I wouldn't dare try to spell it.
Kevin thinks Russell might have been a lawyer--he said that at one point.

Michelle: Dude, when would he have the time to go to law school?

They discuss where they are and how sometimes they can't believe that they are on Big Brother. For Michelle, she realizes it whenever they go outside for a competition.

Michelle: I'm like, I'm on Big Brother! Fuck yeah!

Kevin can't believe it either. Jeff and Jordan bring Kevin and Natalie up to date on all the ants and how clean everything needs to be from now on.

FISH, while I'm guessing Production is chiming in about that.

I don't think all that hot chocolate outside last night helped anything. That all got dripped and dragged in the house after it was all over, I'm sure. It was all over their clothes. Jeff kept saying that the hot chocolate raining down smelled really good, so it must have had some authentic ingredients.

Jeff said there was a thick line of ants from the window to the cabinets.
Jeff: It was like Ant's Dave Matthews.

Jeff and Jordan Face the Facts

Jeff steps outside to enjoy a smoke in the midst of annihilating hundreds of ants. BB asked them to use the outdoor garbage can for all of the infested items in the house, rather than reintroducing them in the Storage Room.

Jeff and Jordan hope Kevin sticks with the plan, but Jeff knows he will probably get put up if someone uses the veto, if he's not an initial nominee. They think that if the remaining competitions involve questions, Michelle has them all beat. Sounds like they want to remind Kevin of this.

Jeff plans to bring up Kevin's BF's letter---where he said Kevin was the most honest and trusting person. He wants to guilt-trip him, I think.

Jordan couldn't sleep last night she was so worried about what is going to happen. But she just told Michelle that she was crying about something in her dream last night.

(I'll bet Michelle does plenty of crying in her dreams, too--have you heard her scream in her sleep?)
Jeff keeps talking about "his deal" with Kevin. I really don't think that will hold water since he had a Final Four deal with Russell and gave him the boot. Michelle is out of the DR and is back in the kitchen, moving stuff around.
Jeff: I would almost rather have Kevin in here at the end, rather than Michelle.
Jordan: Yeah, she's so icky.
Jeff: She's a basket case.
Now she goes outside to end the conversation. I guess the DR asked Jeff about "the toenails". Sounds like Russell did a lot of clipping and left pieces all over the house.
Jordan: I'm kind of grossed out to eat..(meaning the ants, not the toenails).
BB told them to change clothes this morning--probably for new footage but Jeff thought they were going to have the Luxury competition with all the clothes.
Jeff, to Michelle: You can go to Negative Town, but I'm staying in Positiveville.
(I'm not sure why he said that, but it was a good line and probably should be on the CBS show.)

Ants All Over

and Jeff, Jordan and Michelle are taking everything out of the kitchen cabinets and washing, wiping, and spritzing. Jeff is shirtless but is sporting a pair of yellow latex gloves.

Jordan even checks the box of teabags for the little critters.

Jeff is tossing a lot of things they never used---like rice wine vinegar, etc.
No one says what is really on their minds---Oh My God am I getting nominated today? Natalie and Kevin are sleeping soundly, I imagine..

Allison Grodner Speaks (Again)

and here is this week's interview, courtesy of The Wrap.

Sounds like Production wanted Natalie to leave......

Russell Does Ross

Or, at least his show. We're not privy to what happened behind the scenes here, but both them are awfully happy. I'm just sayin'.

Maybe Russell is saving himself for Jessie. We'll see.

As usual Ross Matthews does a great job on the interview. Russell seems quite jovial about it and is being a good sport. Russell blames Michelle for his demise, so he's delusional as well.

He still claims to have played characters--Evel Dick was the funnest character for him. We got to see some classic footage of Russell and Ronnie, and also Russell and Chima, too.

Ross is extra-cackley in this clip and is loving every minute. He loves saying "He Got Got" and is reveling in rubbing it in Russell's face. And once again the video questions are mainly from male viewers--for some reason I'm surprised by that. Not by the Big Mama's video appearance--that is to be expected....

Sponsored by Vlasic pickles this week---what happend to Bertolli?

Russell on the Media Circuit

And here he is with Julie on the Early Show. Yet another side of Russell---he is trying to me Mr. Nice Guy now and Julie calls him on his nasty comments to Jordan.

Russell: This is not reality---this is a game!

Julie must like Jordan because she brings up the chest bump....twice. Russell says the guy in the house wasn't really the real Russell. I can tell certain portions of this are edited due to the skipping of the camera views.

Prediction: Russell will be missed in the house now. He did bring The Drama, didn't he?

Also: As I predicted yesterday, Russell did flirt with Julie, and called it a Showmance. I didn't predict that part, but I did predict he would turn on the charm.

Kevin's HOH Room - Flashback - Part 2

This post picks up at app. 10:28 PM BBT where Part I leaves off.

Jordan and Natalie repeat again how 'foine' Kevin's BF is. Still no name---maybe that was an arrangement between them to keep his life semi-private.

Jeff speaks some rap but BB doesn't blank it out yet. They are all snacking and waiting to see if the backyard will be opened up tonight. If not, they think they are having a luxery competition tomorrow. They all hope that they get clothes like they did in previous seasons.

They want to go outside and drink wine tonight if possible. Jeff is snacking on dip and crackers and Michelle is grabbing some bags of chips. Jordan is grazing from everything but seems to use some restraint. No snacks for Natalie yet.

Jordan hopes that tomorrow will be a Luxery Challenge with a special mystery guest---Brian Austin Green. Natalie chimes in that she hopes so too---please please please please BB.

Jeff: What about a hot chick?

Natalie wants to win HOH now (whatever) so she can see her pictures and have the same experience--a letter, etc.

Jeff: Will you cry?

Natalie: Probably!

Jeff: Nice.

Whenever the DR asks about Jordan's family, she says she starts to cry. Lots of crunching in the mikes now as the conversation winds down. Jordan has never been to Vegas and talks about what goes on there. She asked Jeff about the craziest thing he ever did in Vegas and he deflects with "I got sunburnt".

One time I heard Jordan ask Jeff if he's had a one-night stand and he said "No", and then told her not to ask him questions like that.

Jeff and Jordan lay in the living room and Jeff says "We gone!" and she laughs and says Yes.

Jordan talks abut her boobs and how she never really grabs them from the side and when she does she is like "Wow! That's a whole lot of boobs!" Jeff laughs.

Michelle went in the storage room and Jeff gestures about her and Jordan laughs. I think he was making fun of the way Michelle eats and the sounds she makes. Ronnie used to do that too and Jeff talks like Ronnie for a minute and says some Ronnie-isms.

Now Michelle is back at the counter, eating with a camera devoted entirely to her. Yes, she does eat in a weird way.

Jeff's mom says "Jeffrey Edward!" when she's mad at him. Jordan starts talking stupid stuff about accents and not noticing them when you hear them every day. It is super stupid and Jeff tries to change the subject to the light fixtures because he is so annoyed.

Jordan hears her voice on an answering maching sometimes and is surprised to hear it. They talk about Jeff's friend "Vee Don Don" or something like that. Jeff says it is a long story and involves the way Vee Don Don's mother used to call him over--I think his name is Vito Don or something. Jordan says more stupid comments and Jeff teases that he doesnt' want to tell the story anymore.

Jeff commets that someone (he and Jordan?) are acting like spoiled little bitches. Michelle still snacks at the counter.

Jordan is sore from the competition and starts pointing out all the places that hurt. Looks like pretty much everywhere. Jeff starts rapping again and we get FISH.

Ten minutes to go on the Flashback but I will post now and update if anything good happens. I doubt it, but that's just me. Props to Jokers for the Flashback links. Thanks man.

Kevin's HOH Room - Flashback - Part I

This Flashback begins at 10:00 PM BBT. Jordan, Jeff, and Natalie are in the Red Room talking about various topics. Michelle is moving around the house in that (tired) yellow asymetrical dress.

They rehash what Julie said last night--that lots of surprises are coming. They talk about Danielle and Amber (BB8) flying to NYC to be on a game show, and Dan (BB10) going to the deserted island for a beach dinner with Amber. Jordan wouldn't even want to have dinner with someone in the Jury House.

(Uh..Jordan...Hello...Dan wanted Amber's vote......)

Jordan makes fun of Jeff's use of the word Crunk and starts to tell a story about her friend Chris who dressed as L'il Jon for Halloween.

Jordan: I didn't mean to say his name...


And we return and they are talking about T.I. and how much they all like him.

Camera #3 shows a closeup of the DR door, and here comes Kevin, bouncing up and down and inviting everyone to go see it with him.

Michelle is taking a plate of something up there with a cup---no she leaves the plate on the kitchen counter first. (Ants? problem.)

Jeff is ready to see some tears. Kevin starts laughing immediately when they enter the room.

Michelle: Oh my god---he is so fucking fine! (Kevin's boyfriend)

Jeff: He looks like Enrique Iglesias (sp?).

Kevin: Oh...don't start that. Don't say that.

Natalie: He is hot!

There is a picture that Kevin says they took messing around with the exposure settings. Everyone is surprised that the BF is so hot. His friend KC and Cassandra are in the pictures too. There is a picture of Kevin and his brother when they were Jehovah's Witnesses--knocking on doors.

He got a new hoodie that is a wild print that Jeff likes too. Jordan thinks it looks like Kanye and Natalie says it is a sick hoodie. Kevin's basket has twinkies in it and now Kevin holds up his CD--it is Enrique!

Jeff: See, they know what's up.

Kevin indeed got the Hamburger Helper he's been dreaming of--and Starburst and Skittles. Kevin is sifting through all of it and is so happy. He got Hot Cheetos (Chima???) and now he has his letter.

Jeff: Let's see some tears!

Kevin: I'm not going to cry!

Letter Summary: It is from the BF and starts out: Hello Kevin My Love. Kevin starts to cry and you can see Jeff smiling at him and loving it. Kevin starts breaking up and can't get out the words. Jeff recommends that he reads it first to himself and then try reading it to them but Kevin soldiers on. The BF (don't know his name yet) hopes that Kevin is having fun and making friends in the house. He just finished a semester but is having a hard time being away from Kevin for the first time in 9 years. He misses holding Kevin's hand in the movies and has no one to turn and look at wen there is something to talk about in the movie. Kevin's friends and family all watch the show and come over sometimes to see it. There are only a few weeks left and his BF is waiting for him and the half million dollars--ha ha just kidding.

It is a nice letter and Kevin is surprised that his family is watching the show. We finally see a closeup of one of the pictures and the BF is indeed a hottie. There are pictures of them in the snow, and at the beach, and at some girls birthday party--they are both called K.C. since they have those initials.

They urge Kevin to try on the new hoodie but Kevin thinks it is small because it is from Japan. It fits great but it is a little short. Jordan says not to put it in the dryer. It matches his blue T-shirt perfectly and Kevin says BB bought it--not the BF. He also got a bright orange crown and puts it on for a minute and they all laugh.

His fridge has sushi and fried chicken which he goes crazy over.

Jeff: Eat up, dude.

Thre is also juice and Kevin tells everyone to help themselves anytime. Michelle wants to listen to the Enrique CD because her husband listens to it in their house, too. He got new sandals because he broke his a long time ago. There are granola bars and blueberry muffin mix, as well as the same Aveeno and Axe body wash that Jeff got.

Kevin says Jeff must be grossing out on the Hamburger Helper but Jeff says no, he likes Tuna Helper too. Kevin plans to wear a white shirt next Thursday when he talks to Julie--it is the shirt that his boyfriend used to wear when they first started dating---it is one of those button front guyaberra (sp?) shirts and Kevin tries it on.

Jeff asks if the BF has an accent and Kevin says yes. I don't think the BF's family knows he's gay and they talk about the BF's family for a second and we get FISH.

They can't get over how much the BF looks like Enrique. Natalie and Jordan want him to come out to the finale, even though he wasn't planning to come out to Cally--I think due to the TV exposure of the situation.

Kevin's Ben & Jerry's flavors are Creme Brulee and some chocolate flavor. Natalie wants to play cards later and bust out the wine and dim the lights...

Jeff: I could do that...a Final Five jam.

Kevin doesn't really like alcohol and doesn't remember what he wrote on his wish list to BB. Kevin wants to go downstairs now and says: I can leave my shit up here! It's my room!

Kevin: Thanks guys!

Jeff: I love it when people cry!

Natalie wants to melt chocolate---I guess to dip fruit in it or something.

This is the halfway point of the Flashback...posting.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kevin Craves Hamburger Helper?

and we know this as Natalie tells him he's going to get it in his HOH room.

Jeff: Hamburger Helper??

Kevin doesn't answer. He's in the Zone and doesn't want to count his macaroni before it happens.

I think Jeff is kind of abandoning Jordan already. He knows one of them will at least be on the block next Thursday, but may think Michelle will be next to leave.

Kevin is inches away from being crowned HOH.

Jordan Wiped Out

and she rested on her stomach for a second before laughing and getting up to continue.

Jeff: You pop a boob?

No, she laughs. She got the 'gummy bear kind' that don't pop, I guess.

It feels like election night and no one wants to state the obvious.

I'll do it---Kevin wins. He is a good 15 minutes away from completion, but unless he has a hard attack or something Michelle can't beat him. He is jogging the course and never looks tentative or careful.

Michelle just fell again and is hurting. Jeff encouranges everyone to keep going because they don't know what last place holds in store for them. (I think he is reminding Jordan of that, although it looks like she is safely in third place.)

Natalie keeps losing her cup and Jeff asks her why she keeps launching it. Surely he sees that she is kind of throwing it at this point.

I don't see Kevin's marshmallow yet, but it can't be far away. Natalie estimates 10 minutes before he can win and see his boyfriend.

Maybe the loser has to drink that shit in the bowls. It looks nasty. To Big Brother's credit, the contest wasn't sponsored by the Swiss Miss or anything. How funny would that be, though, if that Heidi-looking whore was in there chilling with Jeff during the competition.

Jordan would lose for sure.

Jeff Smarts Off

and asks the crowd if they want to have some S'mores tonight.

Jeff has to pee, and has been complaining about it for awhile. He might be drinking alone tonight, as the other HG all look miserable and are going to be very sore from all the falling. Even without falling, it is still a hard challenge due to the slippery surfaces.

Lots of core work on this one. Jordan has been very absent on the feeds, with virtually no closeups. Natlie is moving like Fred Sanford.

She needs Elizabeth to come and get her.
PS: Natalie just dropped her silver cup in the big vat of hot chocolate. Kevin and Jeff both tell her to get it, but she says she can't and we get FISH.

It's Not Even Close

as you can see. There is Natalie in the top right corner, and Jordan who isn't pictured has more hot chocolate than she does, but less than Michelle.

A few minutes ago Natalie said Jordan was gaining on second place, and I thought Michelle was going to shit. She doesn't want another week of slop, but she needn't worry.

Michelle has fallen a few times and Jeff encourages her. Jordan tells her that her crack is showing and she needs to pull up her pants.
I know Jeff thinks he has a deal with Natalie and Kevin for safety this week, but even he can't be that stupid. His goose is cooked. And contrary to what he told Julie Chen, he can't get 'backdoored' this week. Unless Kevin wants to, that is. (ha ha) All HG will play for the Veto, eliminating the opportunity for Nakomis' old Six Finger Technique.
FISH now while hair and makeup visits the set.

Kevin Still Leads

and the girls remind him that he will see a picture of his husband if he wins. I don't know if Kevin is legally married, but it sure seems like he is. You can see from the photo above how far ahead of Michelle Kevin's yellow bowl is. And Michelle is by far the 2nd here--the other two girls aren't anywhere near her hot chocolate level.

Natalie and Jordan think that if they finish last, they will get a 'special surprise' that is something like being a Have Not.

It occurs to me that Jeff and Kevin are the only guys left. Well, Jeff, and Kevin.

And the fact that Kevin has such a large lead probably doesn't motivate Natalie much. Why should it? He'll get rid of Jeff for her...

Every now and then there is a camera shot of Jeff, looking frustrated. If he looks that way, imagine how frustrated he feels?

Natalie is Just Fucking Around Now

as she loses her cup and jokes around about finding it. She is barely walking and looks like she's making a mockery of the whole thing.

I really think that her strategy now is to be the Loser. She didn't come in the house thinking that, but in order to save face and play out her current fortunes she needs to be the Loser.

No one is nominated that many times without leaving is someone people feel threatened by. I predict when Natalie goes home and sees the tapes, she will get douchechills that last for years when seeing Jessie on camera. The Coup d'Etat was the best thing that ever happened for her--getting that fucktard out of there.

Kevin still has a great lead, and is running without fear of slipping, apparently. Jeff is encouraging everyone (he's vulnerable now) and Jordan promises she won't give up. She looks better than Natalie, however, who is moving like my 86 year old grandma.

And' We're Back

And you can see Kevin's bowl there on the bottom right---it is very full next to Michelle's.
Michelle looks pretty strong. She's been working out a lot every day and it's helping her now.
Jordan just fell or vomited--I can't tell but it sounded like either.
Jeff is encouraging everyone and tells Kevin he's tearing it up. Jordan congratulates him, too, but there's a long way to go.
Jordan asks Jeff if she can take off her shoes and Jeff says no. Nataie is moving really slow--almost walking, and seems unsteady. I think she may have hurt herself falling because she moves in a damaged type of way.
Here comes more falling chocolate.


Russell, We Never Know You

and I don't think we did. He is a hot mess, that Russell. From watching the feeds everybody expected the worst from him, right up until the final hour.

I'm impressed. And I guess he won't kill Jeff next weekend when Jeff sees him in the Jury House.

Because I think Natalie is due....did you see that competition in the back yard?

It's the one Zach won in BB8--endurance is the key and cardio strength and balance.

Natalie: Check, check, and check.

But we'll see. I'll try to stay up and watch.

Countdown to Broadcast

And we have TRIVIA now, indicating that we will have sporadic feeds at best until the show is over.

At 6:00 PM EST, A&E is rerunning the episode of Cold Case Files from 2005 that deals with Chima's horrid ordeal with The Bathtub Killer. Supposedly they show a picture of her face after the beating and she is interviewed as well.

The episode is called Deja Vu and airs in less than an hour. I'm taping it, because I'm curious. I've already read all about it but want to see it, anyway.

Chima gave a new interview for People where she still says that leaving the show was her idea. This version sounds a little more plausible, but if she wanted to go so badly why wasn't she packed? She was very anal about her belongings, so I can't see her relishing the idea of the other HG packing everything up.

I remember when she verbally bitch slapped Natalie for borrowing one of her tops without asking--it was in her bag, which made her even angrier about it. And don't even bring up Natalie using her lotion......Chima opened up a can on Natalie about that.

You know, a can of WhoopAss. Can't you just see her picture on the label?


I just watched Cold Case Files--Chima's part consumes the first half hour and she appears on camera a number of times. We also see her post-rape pictures with the left side of her face demolished a number of times.

Wow. My heart really goes out to her. I felt like I was watching a friend she was so familiar. She looked beautiful and was extremely articulate.

I might have a nightmare about the case tonight.

Jordan Prepares

for the Live Show.
Russell is doing a little preparation of his own, and just grabbed Kevin and Natlie for a frantic whispering session about what he thinks is going to happen in the house.
As best I can tell, he wasn't trying to save himself, but was trying to give his Two Cents on future competitions. He repeated several times that Michelle told him how dumb Jordan and Jeff are and that the competitions won't be physical anymore and that Jeff is always the first one out when questions are involved.
I don't know if this is true, but Russell said it. Could it be that Michelle forgot that Jordan beat her in a head-to-head POV battle where numbers were involved in the tiebreak?
Natalie ran and told Jordan about it, who barely blinked an eyelash as she continued to put on her face.
Jordan: Where is he getting that I'm so dumb?
Natalie is trying to give Michelle another black eye in the house. Jeff is making tacos or some such tasty snack with Michelle and Kevin in the kitchen. I haven't seen Jordan eat since Russell repeatedly called her a Fattie yesterday, but I'm sure she has. I just haven't seen it.
Three hours to go in the BB house---they still need to clean the house and some of them need to get ready. Lydia always got ready very early and did her makeup with hours to spare.
Natalie plans to shower and thinks it will take her about 32 minutes from start to finish.

Weighty Topics

are being discussed by everybody but Russell, who is packing his stuff in the Splash Room.

Jordan loved the MTV show Newlyweds and wishes Nick and Jessica would get back together. Jeff thinks Jessica was so hot and Jordan recounts an entire scene from the show.

Natalie mentions the rumor of Jessica cheating with Johnny Knoxville to split them up and we get WBRB.

Now they discuss Laguna Beach and The Hills. Natalie wants to be on the Hills and said she would do anything to be on the cast. Kevin tells her she has to be rich first and Natalie doesn't seem to get it---she seems to have a warped self-image.

Natalie discusses Doug (Reinhardt?) and says he has his own plane and talks about all the trips that the cast takes to Vegas, Mexico, etc. (Uh...MTV pays Natalie...)

Natalie says that Doug dates Paris Hilton now.

Jeff: Why would anybody date Paris Hilton?


Jeff discusses the ant infestation and Russell calls out to Michelle from the Splash Room that she has candy in one of the drawers if she wants to come get it. I don't think she did.

Natalie wants to go backstage after the show to see the production side of things. Kevin remembers Dan saying that behind the door in the backyard there is a hallway or something.

Jeff: What's the big deal? Why wouldn't they let you run around back there?

Kevin wants to see other people like they saw him.

BB tells Russell to put on his microphone. No one wants to hear him talk in the house, though. Looks like he's getting the cold shoulder.

They are surprised that BB hasn't told them specifically to clear out of the Splash Room. They thought it would be locked down after tonight. Natalie noticed that there are two more Slop Buckets in the storage room--they all let that little factoid sink in.


Enjoy This Picture

of Russell popping a zit.

He has been obsessively shaving and cleaning himself in preparation for tonight. Yesterday he said his exit speech would rival Chima's--who knows what that means.
I'll bet he flirts his ass off with Julie Chen. He always talks about what a hot cougar she is.
Michelle was recounting some of Russell's storys about his girlfriends. He mentioned one of a blonde with Double D's who was on Dr. 90210, and also mentioned that he likes to fuck other guy's girlfriends.
Good luck with all that Russell.
Jeff used to watch The Sopranos at his buddies italian restaurant--they all eat pasta and drink red wine. He says the last episode freaked everybody out when the screen went black. All of the kitchen workers were watching it too and he discusses the controversy about the ending.
Jeff seems to think that Tony got killed, and he discusses the clues from the song (Don't Stop Believing). Paulie was Jeff's favorite character--he really was in jail for something. Jordan used to watch it with his dad. Jordan starts to sing the Sopranos theme song and we get WBRB.

Jeff Loves Johnny Depp

He's his favorite actor.

Jeff: He's so good.

Jordan: I'd bang him.

Jeff: What????

Russell is shaving his head (again?) and his hot water use is still a big concern for the HG. Jeff wonders what to make for lunch and talks about his sock obsession. If some chick was getting ready to go on a date with him and had her sock hanging half off and tried to put shoes on over it, he says it would all be over and she would have to fix it.

Jordan: Why would a chick wear tennis shoes on a date anyway?

Jeff: Maybe its a date to run on the beach!

Now they discuss how Kevin walks---Jordan loves it. Jeff thinks Natalie walks the same way, but Kevin denies it.

Kevin: Natalie walks from side to side.

Jeff: Your's is more Jazzy Feet but she's more Slipping Side to Side.

Natlie says Jeff stomps and you can hear him coming. Jeff hates those fucking slippers that are too big and the sound drives him crazy.

Jordan's best friend has a 'hammerhead thumb' and she describes it and how they make her do the 'thumbs up'. They have been best friends since 3rd grade and they always rip on each other's hands.

Jordan: She has the ugliest thumbs ever. But she knows it.

Jeff: You're bashing everyone!

Jordan: We're like Romy and Michelle--we always said we're the losers and won't ever do anything.

Jordan can't say her name but says she would be laughing so hard to hear this discussion. Natalie says her name slipped out the other day because they were talking about her ex-boyfriend and we get WBRB.

Jeff's Acting Career

His favorite role was for a cellphone company in Indiana--a series of commercials. They were dramatic and funny and he got to overact for them.

He has lost a lot of roles due to his Chicago accent and Kevin says he should go to school to lose it. Or maybe he could get jobs because of it.

Jeff: I don't know...maybe....local stuff.

Kevin could never act. Jeff just did little things--nothing big. Kevin could never cry on cue and Jeff agrees it would be hard.

Jeff said acting class is hard and if the teachers are good they really get a lot out of you. If you have a cool teacher it is fun and the class goes for it and loses their inhibition. Kevin thinks that would be fun and he would take it just to lose the inhibitions.

Jordan just ran into Russell in the BR and he started humming in a way that annoyed her--sounds like it might be the I Dream of Jeannie theme song. Immediate WBRB on that one.

Jeff 'jokes' that maybe she could plug in the blowdryer and throw it in the shower. Ha ha ha.

They all have to wait now for Russell to get out of the shower so they will have enough hot water.

Jeff: What if that fucker is in there for 2 hours? He did that yesterday...

Kevin says he already shaved--this is his second shower so it might be almost over.

Jordan wants to take a bat and smash Russell, demonstrating Jeff's influence on her. Jeff thinks its funny when she gets mad, since that's kind of unusual for her. Jeff hopes they have cardboard cutouts of themselves from competitions and laughs about trying to take them home--shoving them in the overhead compartment or strapping them in the seat next to them.

Last night they compared notes on their DRs and it sounded like they weren't asked many questions about the fight---Jeff thinks it was too stupid to show on TV but personally I don't think Allison had time to incorporate another storyline tonight. If Russell's gone she needs to worry about setting up the next dramatic storyline.

Allison, presumably: Fuck Russell.

They can't wait to check out Russell's storys he's told about himself. Jeff made a badass quesodilla with turkey bacon, cheese, sour cream, olives, etc and offers it to Natalie if she wants it---he already ate one of them and left it in the fridge between two plates.

Natalie: You love that turkey bacon.

Jeff: I LOVE the turkey bacon---I want to have sex with it! There's like nothing in it and it tastes so good I put it in everything.


New News

Contrary to what the HG were told yesterday after the big blowout fight, BB did not separate everybody during this morning's HOH lockdown. The HOH lockdown is a weekly event that signals the end of the outgoing HOH's time in the room, as well as Production's efforts to get ready for the live show and competitions.

I guess things calmed down past the point of crises, because all of the HG, including Russell, were in the HOH for about 2 hours. Jeff and Jordan were in bed the entire time, along with Natalie on their side. Kevin and Russell sat on the floor, and Michelle draped herself on the circular chair.

The HG also don't think that tonight will be an endurance contest, because BB had them draw numbers about 30 minutes ago for what everyone assumes is the HOH contest. They have been told to wear regular clothes, so they don't think it's endurance.

(I'm guessing it's something like the video smash-up contest, where they are shown pictures of the HG blended together and they have to guess who is who and what is what. And the numbers determine the order that they will compete. But who the hell knows---I'm nobody.)

Production had to fumigate parts of the house---the kitchen maybe? Jeff thinks it's "all the fucking candy". They still have to clean the house and are planning their showers to make sure everybody has hot water.

They all have to be ready by 5:00 BBT. Natalie is ironing something and Russell is scuffing around wearing his too-big black slippers. Natalie mentions her DR session and we get WBRB.

Kevin asked Jeff if he was nervous about tonight and Jeff said no. Kevin told him not to worry about the vote.

When we come back from break Jordan is telling Jeff that she was surprised that Natalie likes 90210 and Jeff teases her that Brian Austin Green is coming in the house for the HOH competition and will tempt her to go away with him for a month in Paris.

Natalie: I'm out! Nice knowing you!

Now she says she is just kidding and she has a boyfriend, yadda yadda yadda. Now they talk about Melrose Place and Jordan thought it was a real place to live.

Jeff: 90210 was the bomb!

He said that everybody made fun of him for watching it but then he found out they all watched it and they were "faking the funk". Now they talk about when new characters come on the show--Jeff loves it because they were always the troublemakers and "always banged everybody".

He brings up Tiffany Amber Theissen and how she looked chubby compared to Saved by the Bell and was probably 25 at the time.

Natalie: I could probably play a 16 year old, couldn't I?

Kevin: You could play a 25 year old!


Jeff: Sure she could---it's called acting!

He says that Jordan could play some role in Varsity Blues--he could totally see her doing that but she said she wold be uncomfortable with some shaving cream scene. She would definitely play the role in She's All That and Kevin brings up Bring it On.

Natalie tries to guess the questions for tonight--Julie's questions for them.

They think there is an elaborate set outside.

Michelle is making a bagel.


Tidbits from Last Night

Russell played cards with Natalie and Kevin and taught Kevin how to play Texas Hold 'em.

If Russell has to hear Jordan's Gucci store one more time he is going to lose it.

(The Cable Guy just called---be back later.)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Cold Summer's Night

and the lockdown is official. They're trapped in there until the Live Show.

(How does Jeff smoke? They used to put up a partition around the back patio so Evel Dick could smoke 'em up during his season, but Jeff doesn't smoke at that professional level.)

Russell is sitting on the bed in the Red Room, fully dressed and wearing a hat, staring at anyone in the room. He announced he's going to be 'up all night'.

Oh shit. There goes my good night sleep.

Jeff is starting dinner and is chopping up some fresh garlic. It's hard to do with a plastic knife, but who's fault is that? Jeff has threatened to stab half of the State of California so far so I can't say I don't blame BB for not giving him a set of nice slicers.

I didn't think Jeff would just use that Classico sauce as is. Not Jeff. He's going to dress it up and accessorize it. (Where did Jeff learn to cook?)

Kevin sits at the counter and deals out a Solitaire game. There's an eerie silence. Jeff saws away at something with that plastic scraping sound. It's hard to listen to.

Kevin, to Jeff: Were your parents good cooks?

Jeff: Yeah, they both like to cook. My mom says my dad always makes pasta. My mom likes to make it fast, you know? My dad likes to experiment and cook weird stuff.

Kevin: Do you have a dish that everybody does well?

Jeff: Uh. Just pasta. I can usually take whatever's in the fridge and make a pasta out of it. Really good, too.

Kevin: I make a mean bowl of Ramen.

Jeff: It's weird to cook for other people. I like to know what's in my food and I know how I like it.

Jeff turns the pepper grinder a million times over the stove and pours some oil in there.

(I wonder if he will offer Russell some pasta?)

Michelle comes in to fix herself a churro snack while Jordan washes some dishes. Michelle has lost a few more pounds this week and it shows. She tells Jeff this is her last churro.

Jeff as Jerk Off Material?

Jordan, Jeff and Michelle summarize the fight with Russell and what a dick he is. Jordan said a bunch of stuff in her goodbye message to him---how would he feel if someone talked like that to his mother or sisters, she hopes she is one of the people he has to vote for at the end, etc.

Jeff says that when he has passed Russell in the house today Russell stares, smiles and chuckles at him in a creepy way. Jeff said he slapped his abs and told him "jerk off material for you in the Jury House, buddy".

Ha ha ha.

Michelle is determined to win HOH--either she or Jordan has to win. If it's endurance Jeff is confident in the two of them.

Michelle hopes there isn't another rope involved in this one. The vodka sauce that BB bought Jeff is Classico brand--Jeff might cook with it tonight.

Natalie apperently told everyone that she dropped in the hanging competition because Russell said she was safe, but none of them heard that. Jeff says she was white as a sheet (after vomiting up there) and she was done---no one told her she was safe.

Jeff: We all have 500,000 reasons not to talk to Russell tonight.

They all think Russell will try to bait them tonight. Jordan hopes he says something bad to her on live TV so everyone in America will know what a jerk he is.

Jeff and Jordan Make Up

in the HOH room. They haven't really spent much time together today, and didn't sleep together last night after Jordan got pissed and slept in the Splash Room. She told everyone that she wanted to give Jeff some space.

He is upset about that because he felt that she aired all their dirty laundry. He would rather she told him she was mad and that she wanted him to sleep on the floor. At this point in the game they can't afford to give away information, and it felt like Jordan was mad at her high school boyfriend.

Jordan started to cry (it's been an emotional day) and Jeff makes her laugh by asking her to make out.

Jordan, sarcastically: We're just friends, right?

Jeff: No, let's make out.

They see Michelle coming upstairs and Jeff tries to go in for a quick kiss. Michelle is hungry and can't wait to eat tonight. Jeff used all of Michelle's raspberry syrup for his coffee and she kind of jokes about it. (She's not really happy, I don't think.)

Jordan compliments Michelle's straight hair and tells her she'll send her a Chi straightener at a big discount from her salon when the show is over.

WBRB on that product endorsement, I guess.

Jordan goes to take a shower, but Jeff wants to go first. Jordan really wants to take a bath instead of a shower. Michelle trys to get her fingernail polish off. Jeff wants to split that bottle of wine tonight--the DR apparently likes them to finish the HOH booze before the end of their reign.

Michelle reported that Natalie and Kevin were having a big laughfest with Russell downstairs, causing her to come upstairs.

The Big Picture for the Next 24 Hours

The HG are being locked in all night---they think it's for an endurance competition tomorrow.

Natalie comments on the fact that Russell was planning on grilling out steaks tonight to celebrate the end of his Slop Week. (He doesn't have much else to celebrate...)

Natalie, giggling: It's kind of funny.

Jeff: Nice...


Previously, in the aftermath of today's big fight between Jeff, Jordan and Russell, we came back from a break and they were discussing that they would all be locked in separate rooms tomorrow (instead of the usual HOH lockdown perhaps?). Kevin thinks that they (BB) are worried that they will all tear each other apart.

Personally, I think AGP has probably considered taping the live show again, in case there is a big brawl during the Live Show.

Do you think it could happen? I can't predict Russell's behavior.

I cant' wait to see the footage of Jessie and Lydia at the Jury House.

Creative Director

Jeff has Michelle, Jordan and Kevin all jump up at the same time in front of the picture wall. They had to do it three times to get the shot but it looks cute.

Then Jeff has the three of them point to Russell's picture and smile--they might have been giving it the finger but I couldn't tell.

Now they scout a location in the Green Room and Jeff and Michelle ride those bikes that supposedly light up something. (Boy, the whole green theme was a bust, huh?) Jeff thinks it is cheesy and now Natalie is involved.

Jordan is buried under pillows on the GR couch and Michelle and Natalie pile on top. ("Oh yeah", Jeff says.) Now Kevin piles on too and Natalie says "just us girls, Kevin".

Lots of smiling and hugging. They want to go outside but Natalie tells them to wait since Russell is out there. Kevin poses for a picture popping the bubbles on the wall.

Now Jordan has a funny idea to sit on the toilet holding toilet paper while Kevin leans in the door with an "ooo it stinks" expression.

Now Jordan, Kevin, Natalie and Michelle all get in the shower and Jeff takes one. Jeff takes an arty mirror shot of them all in the bathroom.

Now they head outside....... it is sunny and clear and they all disburse. Jordan wants a picture of Jeff with the hose since they obviously did a CBS segment of him being the gardener. Jeff is watering for real but turns and smiles anyway.

Ha ha Now Kevin comes over and "touches Jeff's hose" for a shot that is going to be hilarious.

Jeff wants one of Kevin bench pressing! Natalie is going to pretend to work out, too.

Natalie, at the bench: It's got Russell cooties on it!

ha ha ha

Jeff directs a shot of them holding the bar with really heavy weights just out of the shot with Natalie pretending to benchpress. Jordan shoots while Kevin and Jeff hold the weights. Jeff did a video shoot like this when he was a skinny kid. They all look at the shot and then do another one that shows more of Natalie's face. The funny part is that Kevin can barely hold his end of the bar up and it is slanted.

Now once again and they all like it. They move to the barbeque and take a fake Jeff barbeque picture. Jeff smiles and scrapes the grate and says it's dirty.

Still no sign of Russell.

Jeff poses with Natalie by the pool---all smiles on both. Jordan says it's a good one.

Now they shoot pics by the jacuzzi. (They don't really use it that much this year.)

Jordan gets called to the DR.


A New Look for Michelle

And not necessarily a good one, either.
Not a good angle, Michelle.

Kind of reminds me of the time I went to a pub with a co-worker who had crooked teeth. He bought a yard of beer and I had to watch him slurp that beer down from a really ugly angle.
Like this one.

Kevin wants to nap. Jeff is telling Jordan that he is so frustrated and he wants to bust Russell's face off.

Jeff goes in the Red Room: Kevin, want to pose for some pictures and act like we're happy?

Kevin, gamely getting out of bed: Oh, it's that time again.

Jeff makes Jordan get close to him while Kevin takes a couples pose.

Jordan: I'm not in the mood!

Jeff: I know! No one is!

Jeff makes Jordan sit on the Splash Room slide with Kevin behind her to act like they are sliding down.

I can't believe he doesn't take a picture with the tiled word "Shallow" behind him. They talk about how creative Lydia always got at picture time. Supposedly the Splash Room is getting shut down this week, so they should do it while they can.

Kevin poses for a shot where he is going into someone's BB bag and they laugh. (Russell's?) Now
Michelle comes over and Jeff notices how dressed up and made up she is.
Jeff: Take a picture of me and Michelle while she's hot!
Now Jeff poses Michelle and Jordan on the couch and then he shoots a snap of the big TV screen in the living room, which has a psychedelic pattern moving on it. Now they stage a pillow fight in slow motion.
In spite of not wanting to, Jordan starts getting into it and wants them to sit in a cross-legged yoga pose on some green stools. Now they pretend to be walking out the door and wave and smile. Michelle warns that her position is not ladylike but it looks cute with both Jordan and Michelle in the 'Om' position.

Now Jeff takes pictures of the picture wall--Casey's picture, etc. Jeff just blogged his HOH blog.
Michelle takes the camera and tells Jordan to grab Kevin's butt and she does it.
Michelle: Oh my!
Jordan looks at the picture and says she should have stepped back more---it looks like she is right up on Kevin's ass. Russell and Natalie are not involved at this point.

Don't Talk to Me, Bitch

Kevin, Natalie and Jordan sit at the kitchen counter. Russell comes in and washes his dishes, staring at the camera with his menacing look.

Russell asks Kevin where the steaks are. Kevin tells him.

Russell: You want one?

Kevin: mean later?

Russell: Yeah, tonight.

(Russell's Slop Time ends tonight.)

Russell: Jordan, you want one?

Jordan stares, and then gets up and leaves.

Russell talks to Natalie in the kitchen and tells her she and Kevin must win HOH.

Jordan sits outside and breathes. Looks like she might start crying again. Jeff is laying on a raft in the pool and is silent.

I know the fat comments are ringing in Jordan's ears.

Whoever wins the money this year has earned it.

Jordan Obsesses

about the fat comments that Russell yelled at her.

Jordan: I'm not fat, I'm thick.

Kevin: You're not even thick, girl. This is Big Brother, they don't cast people like that...

Natalie, with a mouthful of food: This is a number one prime time show on three days a week! They only cast stars on here--you even had a showmance with the hottest guy in the house!!

Jordan starts to protest that it isn't a showmance, but then stops to consider the compliment.

Russell walks through the kitchen and all goes quiet. Except for Natalie scraping the plate with her fork and slurping down her grub.

(Where does Natalie put it all?)

Everybody Needs a Friend Like Kevin

as he calmly talks to Jordan in the kitchen while he makes eggs and bacon and slices fruit.

He makes her promise that she won't interact with him at all, even if he starts it. She nods.

Kevin: What happens if you do?

Jordan: I lose my money. (the stipend and prize money)

Kevin: We should feel sorry for him---he has issues and tries to make himself feel good by walking into a bar and buying drinks and hitting on models.

(I don't understand the last part, Kevin.)

Jordan keeps rehashing her feelings about Russell and what happened, and Kevin calmly moves about the kitchen, preparing the meal.

Now Jordan talks about how she used to feel about Natalie, and how she always has liked Kevin.

Russell and Natalie are on the patio--Russell is eating and pointing to make his points about whatever crap he is saying about Jeff. He sounds just as calm as Kevin does, to tell the truth, although his language is a lot worse.

Jordan thinks she looked like a crazy person out there---Kevin missed the part where she ran up and chest-bumped him.

(She's lucky she didn't bust an implant...)

Jordan's mom will be mad at her--happy that she stuck up for herself but upset because she didn't act like a lady.

Jordan: I could have said something about his cauliflower ears, but I didn't.

Ha ha ha that makes me laugh everytime.


Tears Fall

as Jordan deals with the frustration that just happened.

We came back from a break and saw Russell say that "he just said he doesn't give a shit about the half million bucks!" and went right back to WBRB.

When we came back Jordan was crying and talking to Michelle and Kevin on the BY couch. She really wants to hit Russell 'so hard'. No sign of Jeff on the feeds.

Russell came outside and Kevin gently asked Jordan if she wanted to come inside with him and make pancakes. She nodded and got up. Natalie crossed their path and Kevin asked her if she wanted to make breakfast.

Natalie: Breakfast? Hell yeah. When have I ever not wanted to eat?

When they got inside Kevin told Jordan he just wanted to get her inside so Russell wouldn't see her cry.

Kevin: He knows your buttons--he wants to get to you!

Jordan recounts how Russell started it with Jeff and her. Jordan mentions that he called her a fat ass and she couldn't shut up after that. Kevin brings up Russell's trash talking him during the 'Chicken contest' and said that Russell was trying to get to him too because he knew he felt self-concious about not winning.

Jordan brings up the chest bump and says she wanted him to know she wasn't afraid of him. Now she summarizes everything Russell said and tries to remember all of the insults. She thinks he looks like the biggest asshold on TV and hopes no girl dates him!

Michelle and Natalie sit outside on the couch, recovering. Jordan mentions Chima and Kevin says that she got expelled. (!)

After something like this, the HG will talk about it over and over and over like an MTV rerun.

Kevin: The thing about Russell, he hasn't done anything positive in this game.


It's Still AWWNNN!

and I can't believe that AGP is letting us watch all this. I've seen them stop the feeds for a lot less than this ---Cappy and Michael, anyone?

They should have a guy with a tranquilizer dart gun on top of the roof because Russell is losing it and losing it on slop, to boot.

Kevin got dragged in again----apparently after Kevin won the POV where he wore the chicken costume Russell said that he "couldn't believe a homo beat him".

During the fight Jordan kept saying, "what did you say about Kevin after the competition? Jeff wouldn't say it, but I will---what did you say about Kevin".

Kevin looks straight ahead with no emotion.

Jeff tells Jordan to quiet down---it's not even her problem and the homo comment goes unsaid.

Jeff went inside and is washing his face and is either messing with his contacts or crying or something. Russell had been yelling that Jeff would put everybody else up and we hear Natalie mutter: "Jeff's not putting me up---he can't play next week."

(Jeff can't play for HOH next week.)

Now Natalie brings up what Russell must have said about Kevin and Kevin brings up Braden's name and FINALLY we get WBRB.

Damn. Another tough week with good ratings for Allison.

Round #2 for Russell and Jeff - IT'S AWWNNNN!

and it's going to be nasty, I guess.

Jeff goes outside to smoke but doens't sit in his usual place, which would be right next to where Russell is working out.

He lights up and sits with his hands on his knees.

Jeff: So how long have you been a fighter?

Russell: A fighter? All my life. How long have you been a _____(couldn't hear, but it was bad)?

Jeff: Ah, one more day....gonna go out classy, huh?

Russell then goes off, calling Jeff a broke loser and a 'fucking pussy'. He gets off the elliptical and is now stacking weights and benchpressing, trashtalking the whole time.

Oh he gets up and says that the phones were ringing in the back for extra security because BB knows he was about to fuck Jeff up.

Jeff is silent and listens to Russell tell him that America felt sorry for him that's why they gave him the power and he's a fucking loser.

Here comes Jordan and she is shreiking like a banshee. If Jordan wasn't in the house, she swears to god she would hit him.

Russell: Go back in and get your cookie dough....everybody in here swears to god they're going to do something...and Jeff just sits and smokes his cigarette.

Jordan is LOSING IT and runs over and chest bumps Russell and it looked pretty physical to me. She was screaming: I'm not scared of you! I will fight for him, I will!

Jeff tryies to calm Jordan and tells her to come sit down and not let Russell get to her. Natalie is now outside with a front row view of the action.

WBRB and I hope AGP is getting security. Russell is pissed and it looked to me that the chest bump with Jordan was a big fucking deal to me. The feeds slowed down and blipped a little as people all over the world are recording this.

Russell starts in about how:

1. Jeff is a loser and has a shitty job at 37 (Jeff laughs and corrects him---he's 31)
2. Jordan keeps eating cookie dough and wonders why she's fat.
3. Jeff needs to worry when he gets out of the house--Russell is going to get him.
4. Jeff thinks he's a fucking model and that's why he looks in the mirror all the time.
5. Jeff was too scared to do anything about Russell and might only pop Jordan in the mouth--not him.

etc etc etc

Jeff is trying to stay calm and is saying that he will be there past tomorrow and that's how he will deal with it. Russell is walking over now and says not to ever make a fucking threat against his family, then retreats back to the other side.

Jeff: Enjoy your last day, bro.

Russell: I am....

Jeff: I don't think you have, the whole time.

Now Russell is making fun of Jeff's speech patterns and Jeff brings up that he can talk about it back home with all the friends he doesn't have.

They both get loud again and Jeff points out that he threw a knockout punch when he nominated Russell for eviction.

Jeff: I don't know why everything turns into a boxing match for you--you're not even a fighter! If I come in the jury house and you do something you lose all your cash bro.

Russell: Is that why you say it---so they (BB) can hear you?

Jeff, gesturing: They hear everything anyway!

Now Jeff drags Kevin into it by saying Kevin is on his side and Russell is going home. It is going nowhere now and it sounds like Russell is seriously hurt that Jeff doesn't want to be friends with him, if you ask me.

Jeff: What the fuck are you talking about?

Russell says that Jeff and Jordan are two peas in a pod--dumbasses! One of them says everything is 'Gucci' and the other says 'Technotronics'.

Russell: Life can only go up from here.

Jeff: Apperantly.

Oh no.....

Jeff: Do you want to have sex with me? Is that your thing? Do you have a crush on me? Because I'll show you some ass on your way out the door?

Russell is backtalking and repeating the whole time.

Russell: Hope they got that on camera, buddy. You look real good now.

Jeff: Take a few minutes and think up a good one. I'll be right here waiting when you do.

And so on.

This is a good example of how nothing is happening in there, and then everything is happening.

Russell refers to Jordan as Little Fattie and Jordan starts up again. Jeff had to talk her down. Jordan said that he looks like an ass on TV because he yelled at Chima and everybody else.

Jeff: Russell you went about this the wrong way. It was a game and if I didn't do this now, you would do it to me next week. It was a good move.

Russell brings up AGAIN about Jeff's threats to his family. Jeff apologizes for saying it but Russell is still going to beat his ass. Russell is mocking Jeff while he benchpresses and we see Kevin giggling into his cup of water.

Now Russell is getting loud again while he adds more weight to the stack. Kevin is still laughing as Jeff gets funny about the argument and is talking in falsetto and then in a fake Russell gruff voice.