Saturday, July 8, 2017

It Would be Wild if We Both Stayed Safe. #BB19

Current State of the Game

Paul nominated Alex and Josh for eviction on Friday night, with Ramses also nominating himself to get his Curse out of the way.  (He needed to nominate himself sometime in the next three evictions.)

Most of the house is united in the goal of evicting Cody this week, which would be bad news for Cameron, since the Battle Back will likely be held on a CBS episode that seems to be scheduled for 8:00 PM EST on Friday, July 21st.  So we will have two more evictions by then, bringing the total of Battle Back contestants to four, just like last summer.

So...if you are Cameron, the last person you'd like to see yourself up against is Cody, right?  He can surely beat Jillian, but competing against Cody is on another level, obviously.  And the challenges last summer to win Battle Back were HARD.

And don't be surprised to see Victor host the Battle Back in some fashion, or maybe some other competition, because he has been trying to give that impression in a not-so-subtle fashion.  Last year Victor told us on the live feeds that while he was sequestered after being evicted the first time, he stayed at a sweet house in the hills and actually competed every week against who was just evicted, using a competition set in the backyard.  So if that is the format this season, it is probable that Cameron has already faced off against Jillian.  Hopefully that makes the waiting a little easier for Cameron.

Late Friday afternoon, Christmas learned that she won the "Ring of Replacement" Temptation, but as far as I know, she has only told Paul that information.  She can use the Ring to pull a switch-a-roo on the players picked to play for PoV at any point in the game.

But note that after a certain number of evictions, this Ring is worthless, because everyone gets to play PoV at that point.  Also, Christmas is a cast-wearing semi-invalid right now, so I'm not sure which PoVs will suit her current capabilities.  She does think, however, that she can merely remove someone from playing for PoV without replacing them, so she did tell Paul that she will likely use the Ring on Cody if he is chosen to play for PoV today.

So they are very serious about booting Cody this week, and probably Ramses if they can't get Cody, or maybe Jessica.

And speaking of those two lovebirds, Christmas cursed them, along with Jason, by making them wear frog costumes for the week.  They have to hop around, too, adding insult to injury.  I also think they have to stand on "lily pads" that are installed in each room....not sure of all of the rules about that, though.

Will Cody hop on out to see Julie Chen on the live show on Thursday?  Will Cody be civil to The Chenbot and respond politely to her questions, or will he openly display hatred like he did with Big Jeff?

These are things I'd like to know, but Cody might not even be evicted this week.  I just know that Paul has been saying over and over that his plan for the week is foolproof, so I have to wonder if that will be the case.

Jessica and Cody are actually having a light chat here, getting to know each other, and seem to take the costumes in good spirits.  They have adopted the Have Not room as their official headquarters this week, although Have Nots had yet to be picked on Friday night.

Cody has never had a girl as a friend, ever, and says that no girl he has ever known would ever have wanted to be that close to him if they weren't dating.  (I think Alex may have been what brought on discussion of this topic.)

Cody:  And I've never seen a cute girl who seems fun and thought, I'd like to be just friends with her!

He assured her that he will never tell her that he's "going out tonight to have fun with Jill".

Jessica:  Good!  Fuck that shit.  People act differently when they are single than when they are part of a couple.

Jessica also said one of her sayings is "you keep me safe, and I'll keep you wild".

Cody:  I'm a lot wilder than you think I am.

Cody also asked her to write her number on his leg with nail polish before he left, so he could reach her.

Jessica: I'll probably change my number when I leave here, though.

I'm sure Jason isn't that worried about wearing the frog costume, due to his profession.  And the hopping isn't such a big deal, either.  I heard Paul say that "Gatlin was going to shit his pants" when he sees his Daddy dressed up like this on TV.

Paul:  You're gonna have'll love it.

To Jason's credit, he did not respond with a curse.  Note that the "V" on the front of his costume---they are "V Frogs", whatever that is.  And the costumes are DIRTY looking, with little flies and whatnot pasted all over.

***UPDATE***  The Cursed house guests are actually "V-Toads".  Get it?  Thanks to the commenter who straightened that out for me.

Big Mark towers over all, of course.

Kevin wanted Jason to greet his daughters, who are watching now.

Jason:  HI GIRLS!

Be sure you get a load of Raven's ensemble over there on the left.  She is also wearing black spike-heeled sandals.  However, this does not seem to be a required Curse Costume.  The group is joking a lot now about calling her a Gypsy, which does not seem to offend Raven at all.  So maybe that is an intentional Gypsy look?

(I'm not even sure that we're allowed to say that word anymore, actually.  It's hard to keep up with the list of words that are taboo now, in some cases.)

Paul applauded himself on the steak that was purchased by Production this week for the house guests.  As they do every season, they were complaining about the grocery choices made each week, saying there was way too much fish that was quite expensive that no one wanted to eat.  So Paul complained out loud that Production could save $1,000 per week, easily, by just buying chicken and beef that everyone wants, rather than halibut, etc.

So now Paul is taking credit for the change in the groceries.  They are locked inside, and I don't think they have a grill outside, anyway, so there was much discussion about how best to cook the steak.  I think they broiled it, with a side of mashed potatoes.

You can see Jason standing on his lily pad there in the kitchen.  The layout of the kitchen counters is very odd to me...but my favorite recent kitchen was the one last summer, where they had that table made out of an old jet engine.  I wonder who has that table in their house now.....

And you can see all of the "flies" (or whatever) stuck to the costume here and there.

Dominique said she extended an invitation to Jessica and Cody to appear on her "show" this week.  She indicated that Cody did not respond, which she expected, but that Jessica said she didn't want to do anything to bring up more drama.

Dominique:  I told her that Christmas will leave the room so we don't have that offense-defense thing, and that she can tell her own side of the story, and I'll ask her questions about how she feels on Day #18, and how people can contact her after the season.

Matt:  That sounds okay to me.  I'd actually like to hear her side of the story.

Dominique:  And she can tell us what was going through her head when she confronted Christmas like she did on live TV!  She can refuse to answer any question, of course, but I think it's good to give her equal time.

I think I would buy a ticket to that show, actually.  I find Jessica to be a fascinating person, and not at all like I expected her to be.  There is a lot of pain there, with anger and feistyness layered on top.

I forgot to tell you that when Dominique "interviewed" Christmas last week, she asked point blank if Christmas was single, and Christmas didn't really answer, talking around that whole line of questioning like she did with Big Jeff.  I'm guessing everyone else might think she does have a boyfriend, or maybe even  a girlfriend.  Who knows.  I have not heard her discuss her fiance (or ex-fiance) at all, though.

And I had to block this part out, but I think they mentioned a story about Jason buying a bunch of rabbits, only to kill and eat them so he can make his wife a rabbit rug or something.  (I just can't listen to that type of thing.)

Paul:  I'd like to hear what that guy has to say about that.

Matt:  I don't want to hear that at all.

Raven declared that she will no longer eat any chicken that has been cooked by Josh, but I'm not sure about the details surrounding this statement.  Perhaps the chicken was raw?  Or maybe he added a lot of Latin spices or something?

I will fill you in if I learn more details about this important matter.  Because you know if there is a problem, it will be discussed by everyone over and over and over.  And then one more time for emphasis.

Paul issued a statement that he is nearly positive what today's PoV competition will be, and then he waited for the people in the room to beg for details.  They didn't, which I find very satisfying.

Paul:  Let's just say it's a Big Brother classic.


Paul: If I have to spell something, you people better give me the letters I need to spell Friendship, because that will be HILARIOUS.

(Will it though, Paul?)

Raven, playing along:  Oh yeah, that will be HILARIOUS!

Matt, playing it safe:  Oh, well if Cody and Jessica aren't playing, then sure....who cares.

They watched the fish swim, and apparently the "Mark" fish is bigger than all of the other fish.

Paul issued another statement about how aggressive the fish were in the tank last summer, and how one fish kept eating all of the shrimp, even taking shrimp out of other fishes' mouths.

Paul:  There is always one DICK fish in there.

(You don't say, Paul?)

Mark came in and they talked about how everyone had to go in the DR tonight.

Raven:  Can somebody call me in there?  I want to take off these shoes and wash my face.

Then Josh joined the HoH group and Paul told him that he doesn't need to knock this week---Josh can feel free to just come on in, which I'm sure is much appreciated by Josh.

I am thrilled to provide this side-by-side seated comparison of the biggest hulks in the house.  You can see Mark's finger is still wrapped, and I think he has a metal strip in there so that it will heal properly. Mark says it still hurts, but it is getting better.

(Mark broke the crap out of that finger during the first HoH comp, when he was swinging from a rope.)

The next four picture were taken just before the live show on Thursday, when it was a simpler, happier time for a few select house guests.

Jessica and Cody had to move out of the HoH suite and spent time embracing each other and staring down the people they don't like, basically everyone except Kevin, Jason, and partially Alex.

And are we eating off trays in there this season? What the hell?  It really is like a prison in there.  (On 60 Days In, the inmates often smuggle in drugs in the food trays, with a little help from the staff.  Just a programming note.)

This is a piece of chicken that Matt was eating, dipped in a side sploosh of basic yellow mustard.  He explained that the mustard added a lot of flavor with no calories.

(But don't get it twisted about Honey Mustard, which can have more calories than Ranch dressing, if the honey used is the real thing. I received a Rude Awakening about that on MyFitnessPal.)

And Cody tested out the Have Not beds, knowing that is where he is headed this week.  I thought those "spikes" would be some sort of foam rubber, but they aren't.  I can't imagine how Big Mark would fare in there, with his crushing weight and inability to rest anything between the spikes.

Sort of like poor Corey in that bumper car last season, right?  I don't like it when the punishment is really cruel to certain people based on their size.


Christmas and Elena had a nice long hug.  A rather long hug.

And then Paul burst out of the DR with a slop bucket, calling out to everyone that it was time to pick the Have Nots.

No one expected this so soon, so it took a few minutes for everyone to gather.

You can see Jessica and Cody on the rear left of the picture below, standing on their lily pad, as directed by the Curse.  The two of them are usually intertwined, staring either at each other, or blankly at someone else.

I wasn't sure whether to post this picture or not, so it's a day or two old.  There is quite a lively discussion of Jessica's Hair System on Reddit, but I think the general consensus is that it's time for a touch up.

Anyhoo...back to the exciting Have Not selection gathering in the dining area.  Paul announced that he needed to pick four Have Nots and there was a gasp from the crowd as reality set in.

Mark (or some other guy):  FOUR?

Paul said he'd wait for volunteers before having to name anybody.  Then he gestured over to the lily pad, and said that since the two of them were "acclimated" to the situation, they were the first two Have Nots.

Paul then gestured over to Jason's side of the lily pad and said, let's go ahead and get the whole frog group in there.  So that's three.......Paul needs one more.

Paul went around the room and pointed out why certain people shouldn't be Have Nots, such as:

*  Ramses, Josh - they were Have Nots last week
*  Raven - has the Never Not pass
*  Christmas - not fair with her injury
*  Kevin - "it might kill him"

Paul eventually told Mark and Matt to figure it out, maybe do Rock Paper Scissors, but Matt just said he'd do it.  To be honest, why do they even bother to do this if they just let the house guests volunteer?  It just seems pointless sometimes.

Jessica and Cody wasted no time getting right back into their spike bed.  Cody was not happy AT ALL about Matt being in the room with them.

So much for that romantic little dungeon, huh?

Then Jason came in and stood on the lily pad to discuss best options for life in that room.  Cody suggested that Jason pick the bed he wants, and then grab as many pillows and blankets as he can in order to "fuck Matt over".

(Jason openly tells anyone who will listen that he "hates Matt", so this could get weird this week.)

Meanwhile Cody and Jessica are going to sleep on the same bed.  I will add that one thing I've heard the house guests say about the Have Not room is how cold it is, so maybe a little cuddling on the spikes is nice.

And Christmas has been getting very comfortable in the HoH room, and wrapped her cast in a few garbage bags before taking a shower.  Dominique brought a red plastic Ghost chair upstairs so that Christmas could sit down in the shower.

They picked PoV players, and neither Jessica nor Cody were selected to play for PoV.  Here is the PoV player lineup:

Paul - HoH
Josh - nominee for eviction
Alex - nominee for eviction
Mark - selected
Elena - selected
Ramses - nominated himself to end Curse #2

Jason - PoV host

Raven doesn't get to play, ya'll.

Jason stretched out his frog legs to loosen up.  They wonder if the competition will have a frog theme, or if there will be additional Have Not foods, maybe even frog legs.

Christmas: Frog legs can be GOOD.

They usually get the additional foods when they choose the Have Nots, so it might be too late, based on previous experience.  Jason had a big breakfast earlier today, since he's an early riser.  Matt really likes to eat, too, so I hope he got in one last meal. thing I forgot.  When Paul & Co. were discussing how great this PoV pull was and how successful Paul's Great Plan was, they did mention one thing.

Paul:  Well, Ramses could win the PoV and take himself off, but I don't get to replace him.  That would really fuck us over.

YES IT WILL.  Yes it will, as either Alex or Josh would then be evicted.  It's not impossible, depending on the competition today.


  1. A couple years ago, I stopped cheering for who I liked and started cheering for whoever would screw up the HOH's plan. So, I hope Ramses wins POV.


    I don't understand the purpose of a 'temptation' when there's no downside to the person accepting the temptation. I would have enjoyed it if Christmas picked the people for the 'curse' and it turned out the curse was something good. Like the cursed people got to eat and the rest of the house was have-nots.

    1. the down side is the entire house gets pissed at the person excepting the temptation, and punishing the rest of the house

  2. Josh can go no one will miss him.

  3. Ramses has promised Paul that he won't try to win POV.

    1. Why should Ramses give up his position to fight to stay in the house by winning the POV. (He made a good effort but loss it anyway). He should have told Paul there was no up side for him not to make an effort for the POV, unless Paul and his minions would promise him immunity deals in the house as well. There was no upside for Ramses either way as I see it, as he's a pawn for everyone in this game... a scapegoat for all the other's game... they always need to a pool they can pick off to keep their game safe and Ramses is smack dab in the middle of that pool. Keep watching

  4. Honey Mustard is usually Dijon, Honey, and A LOT of mayo. Actually no traditional mustard in it at all, and plain mustard is a pretty healthy condiment.

    I'm also thinking xmas' fiancé didn't sign a waiver or this is a strategy or favor (for him), they discussed. If she is truly just being shady, he needs to run!!! Good thing she's on crutches.

    1. You may have a point there with Geoff's release forms.

      And Christmas is certainly not interested in any of the guys in that house. But if she is indeed engaged to marry Geoff on the sly, then I'm sure Geoff understands her reasons for wanting to be on the show, and it's good for him, too. Because, $$$$.

      Additionally, I am shook by your honey mustard comments. There is a vegan honey mustard out now (Hampton Farms) but I wondered why it doesn't have the zing and tang of the "real" (actually FAKE!) honey mustard.

      It's easy to stay in your calorie zone (if you don't drink booze or eat cheese) with the basic foods, but the condiments are what get you almost every time.

  5. Don't agree with your Jessica assement. She's a "hospitality host"...... hmm. I know a girl from college, also gorgeous, who had that same title for all of two days because she got tired of self-entitled men imposing themselves on her.

    Jessica is truly beautiful. I can only imagine what growing up like that does to someone's ego. But then having to put her body out there no only to make a living, but to get on big brother, and then to use that same body to get in with the first person with power doesn't show me any real character. It's like she's been trained/conditioned to use her body to get what she thinks she needs... sad

    Cody is easily BPD, possibly sociopathic, at a minimum he is a serious depressive. She latches on to this guy? He goes nuts regularly, betrays his allies, betrays her, belittles her, calls her other women's names in bed, says he can't be friends with women (what is that? Who even says such things?), yet she's still with him? I don't see any kind of forethought or judgement here.

    I honestly don't know what you're talking about with this one. She's interesting because she talks shit to people's faces?...ok. Being an asshole is easy. And in my book, there is a huge difference between sassy, intelligent women and the regular helpings of hateful word vomit about the people around her that spew from Jessica's mouth. She's not interested in anyone but herself... more training?... smh

    Personally, I feel sorry for her. Her looks should be a blessing, but for her they may be a curse. And she doesn't even have a single friend in the BB House, just ask Cody...

    Really playing a solid game in there.

    1. I didn't say I think Jessica is some kind of saint, but I appreciate your analysis.

      I'm not rooting for anyone on this cast. As Dingo at Hamsterwatch says "I'm just here for the cheap entertainment". This season, anyway.

      We have had a number of "VIP Girls" cast on BB over the years, including a few of BB's most revered contestants. I know EXACTLY what that means.

      People complain about players who don't play like Jillian, and then they complain about people who do make a splash with their game play. It's really a toxic mix of online viewers that are slowly but surely driving those of us who have been doing this awhile away, into what must be an incredible summer retirement.

    2. Appreciative MamaJuly 9, 2017 at 7:26 PM

      Just stopping to say that I really appreciate your blog :) I don't have enough time to watch the feeds anymore so it's really awesome!!! Thank you!

    3. I think Jessica does has pain probably bc of her relationship with her parents and then her father's premature death leaving everything unresolved. But I think she is very near-sighted, vapid, fatuous even. She is not bright, but not stupid either, and certainly not as complex or layered as you insinuate she might be. She is just another millennial mad at the world because she had mean, strict, and/or dysfunctional parents, isn't uber-rich, is having to work oh-so hard to be insta-famous, and doesn't understand why she wasn't endowed with the easy breezy life of a Kardashian.

      I think the above poster is wrong: she was very likely the girl in school who was undersized, undervalued. She had friends, sure, but they were mean too and she was never the queen bee. She had bad hair, bad skin, bad teeth (bc she still does) and a scrawny body. People made jokes. Take this and the conflictual daddy relationship, and you get some serious self esteem issues.

      At some point she got implants, extensions, a gym membership, some lessons in makeup and life got better. People noticed her. Some said she could even (gasp) be a model. So she moved to LA to make life GREAT. But there were bills, lots of em and no real modeling jobs to speak of. No rich boyfriend, no real boyfriend. And when it truly hit her that things weren't working out the way she planned, she auditioned for Big Brother.

      So Jessica's kind of a cliche - and that's my point.

    4. Those don't move like implants to me, but I haven't heard it discussed so don't know for sure.

    5. If you think those aren't implants, wow just wow. I might have a bridge to sell you....

  6. I agree with unknowns assessment. Jessica was the first HG to use a derogetory phrase for a fellow HG. Does anyone kmow for sure what it was she actually said? This girl has shown her own potential personality disorders. Unknown did a good job describing these traits.

  7. How can you state that Jessica is the "first HG to use a derogetory (SP) phrase for a fellow HG", and then ask if anyone knows for sure what she said?

    I'm not a Jessica Apologist by any sense, but I'm also not someone who jumps on the Indignant Bandwagon brandishing a lighted torch.

  8. Jessica definitely called Alex "Pao Pao" in week 1 (using the nickname of BB16 houseguest Paola Shea to derisively compare the two). [As has been reported many times since, that seems to be what Megan misheard as "panda," which led to some of the attacks that led to Megan's unfortunate self-eviction.] Whether or not calling someone a prior houseguest's name (who happens to appear to be of similar ethnic descent) is derogatory or not I suppose is a matter of perspective. I personally do think calling Alex "Pao Pao" is at the very least insensitive and probably racist. I think other houseguests called Alex "Pao Pao" as well, but I don't remember who or when.

  9. Raven is snother HG heard calling Alex "Pao Pao".

    1. Yep. I also heard Paul call Alex "Pao Pao" on one of the TV episodes. I don't know if it was on CBS or BBAD, but I clearly remember I was sitting on my couch watching at the time. I think Paul's left arm was in the air as he said it, too.

      I've also heard Jessica refer to two other house guests by former HG names, but for the life of me I don't remember the details. It didn't have racial connotations, though, but I remember noting that Jessica indeed has watched lots of BB.

  10. I absolutely hate Cody especially after watching Sunday's episode! The way he talks down to people like he's a saint or something... ugh

    He acts like an actual animal in there. He literally wears no shirt (like a chimp, but in his case to be physically intimidating... to impart the threat of violence), talks shit about everyone (even Jess and he's oblivious to his hypocrisy), and runs around acting like he's gonna to fight people cause he's such a "man"...very reactionary and animalistic behavior.

    He uses that term a lot in the house: What it is to be a man... First off, in my book, men take care of their children. They don't pick fights with people. They speak to people with respect, even if none is given in return.

    Finally, a real man would not blame ANYONE but HIMSELF for being in the situation that he is in. Cody's decisions were utterly naive and foolish. First, HOHs nominate people for eviction, they do not dictate who actually goes home (unless in the case of a tie). He way way way overplayed his hand. He just had to rock the boat. Yet even after getting negative feedback from EVERY SINGLE MEMBER of his alliance, he still felt like it was "his" hoh and that they should "just trust him" even though he doesn't even vote! It's really as absurd as it looks. Lol, he also thinks pretty highly of himself. When he went to Ramses and Jason to "make a deal with them" for their safety, he had already made his decision on who he was nommming (Paul) and thought it was really clever of him to get these deals in. Cody, I would have thrown that obvious stunt in your face, luckily though, you were speaking to two idiots. Cody could have just nominated Jason like everyone wants, and it would be a completely different game.

    And that is why I hate Cody. Got himself in his situation, but he has the NERVE to call other people out for not voting the way they said... Get real fool! They have more than one conversation. If they had come to you and said "No" you would have flipped out. Cody, you're a clown.

    Cody has a serious ass-whooping coming, but his sick ass would probably get off on it. Can't wait for him to find out how much America literally hates everything about him. Hopefully he takes the time to watch himself from the show and realize that he needs help.

    1. Cody is a first class JERK and Jessica is a first class FOOL to stick herself so close to this LOSER. Paul may irritate some people but I love Paul and think that he is smart and devious. Enjoying this season even tho last season bummed me out.

  11. These recaps and your commentary are fantastic. Thanks for all your hard work.


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