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Hanging with Ms. Cooper. #BB19

On Monday night in the Big Brother house, tension was in the air, as the house guests broke off into groups, talking low and keeping an eye on the others.

Christmas had a few deep conversations.  She seemed teary at times as she talked about her life and listened to others share their stories.  It was a busy day for Christmas, what with the potentially-crippling injury happening first thing in the morning and all.  Even after an ER visit and a handful of pain pills, she still managed to keep her composure as well as anyone else in there.

Up in the HoH Suite, Jessica batted her false eyelashes and giggled with Cody about how things will go in there after Matt and Raven find themselves on the block.

Jessica:  Well, I won't be a shoulder to cry on.  I'm more likely to point and laugh.

They also think they have the votes to evict Christmas---I can't really tell if that is true or not, but they think Elena is going to freak out when she learns that she's in the minority group, revealed after the vote.

Jessica:  That's what she always says...she never wants to be part of the minority alliance.

In the backyard, Dominique, Elena, Raven and Paul did a lot of low talking about the vote.  For the hundredth time, Elena described her relationship with Cody as one where they have never actually talked to each other, only chatted in the group.  And then she described AGAIN how she confronted Cody about his PoV nominations, describing her blindside in excruciating detail.

Because Elena feels that SHE was the blindside victim, of course, even though all four of them were in the same group with Cody.  It wasn't an "alliance", because their boss Cody didn't want them to use that word.

And Paul is still pushing....and pushing hard to make sure Christmas stays.

But I think both Elena and Dominique are distracted by what is going on across the backyard.

It's Christmas and Mark having an intense conversation. which seemed to go on for HOURS.  I think she was talking about what she has been through and how she built up her business from nothing.  She also made a lot of promises to help Mark set up an online training program like she did, telling him that she will "give him" her "web guy", who will help him set up a business to achieve his dream of personal training success.

Note that Christmas was well-aware that Mark had announced that he would still support Cody's nominations by evicting who Cody wanted to boot.  (Christmas.)  So, I'm sure Christmas means all of these supportive platitudes, but I'm also sure Christmas is trying to get Mark's vote.

Is this the way you sit and speak to your platonic friends?  Curled up on the couch like this?  With your showmance parked on the other side of the backyard, watching?

Not that there was any romantic tone at all to the wasn't like that at all.  But what would you think if you were watching this from across the yard?  I mean, besides the fact that Christmas is working Mark for his vote, that is.

And don't forget that Christmas already had Elena's vote to stay, and that was the basis for Elena's disagreements with Mark.  Is Elena going to want to vote for Christmas after seeing this display?  Is the irritation of this going to fester and grow into something unpleasant?

(I sure hope so.)

And Dominique has a low-key game agreement with Mark, as well.  But it's not as big a secret as it was a week ago.  Because Ramses told Elena today that he suspects Dominique and Mark are working together on the sly.

But Dominique has profiled Mark as someone who can easily be influenced, and has already done a number on him as far as voting for Christmas to stay.  Because that is what Dominique wants to do, so she just made a few well-chosen persuasive statements that drove Mark right over the couch to apologize to Christmas for not supporting her after her injury, or after she was blindsided by Cody during the PoV ceremony.

So while Elena might be mighty damn angry seeing Mark's display with Christmas, Dominique is gleeful as hell, but smart enough not to show it.

We all know Paul has been doing a lot of talking, too much talking, but I think he was correct in saying that these girls are all going to be at each other's throats in about two weeks.  It might not even take that long, if you consider the following, just off the top of my head:

* Elena and Jessica are already talking shit about each other, despite being besties just a few days ago.
*  Jessica and Alex hate each other, obviously.
*  Alex and Jillian have been talking about insincere Raven is, talking about herself non-stop, and interrupting other people on the regular.
*  Alex was overheard talking with Ramses about Raven using her illness as strategy, basically begging for everyone to let her win the game because she needs the money.
 *  Christmas says she wants to give Jessica a proper beat-down as soon as the competitions allow.
*  Somebody is getting blindsided this week, because both Jillian and Christmas think they have the votes to stay.

Notice who is missing from that list?  Ms. Dominique Cooper.

***UPDATE***  I spoke too soon about this, and may have jinxed Dominique.  Because now she is seething with anger and has beef with Jessica and Ramses, and probably Elena, too.

Dominique seems to have a good deal of self-control, so maybe she will be the one to stay cool when Helter Skelter starts going down in there.  I heard her tell Mark that when she gets upset, she starts talking really fast, so we'll need to be on the lookout for that.  Dominique might be someone who needs to be targeted during a Double Eviction night, because I don't think it would be smart to give her much time to fight back.

Raven is taking a big juicy bite of something in this picture.  I heard Paul come in from outside and comment on the stench of cooked fish.  He says he likes cold fish dishes, but the smell of hot fish makes him nauseous.  Jessica agreed, and I almost had to hold my nose, just watching this.

This is what Raven prepared for the house looks like raw fish to me. Even the red peppers look raw.  What is she trying to do, send everybody to the hospital with food poisoning?

Meanwhile outside, Mark has finally given in to tears, and is crying with his head down.  I didn't hear him say he is crying about his mother, but we know that is the case.  He told Christmas that he hasn't opened up like this in eight years, and Christmas comforted him like, well, like a mother would.

And Christmas was grinning, telling Mark that now that he's opened himself up, he will feel so good, and will be able to connect with others in a way he never thought possible.  Christmas was the same way, she said, and went through the same process, too.

Mark worried about looking like a big baby, and wanted to go inside to get some tissues.  Christmas encouraged him to use the neck of his T-shirt to wipe off his face before finally removing one of the purple towels from the top of her crutches to wipe his face.

Mark:  But now I'm messing up your towel.

Christmas:  That's okay.  It smells like my armpit, anyway.

Shortly after this, Elena finally marched over there and was kind of snippy about asking if everything is okay.  Mark mumbled something about how he is able to open up to Christmas in a way that he is unable to do with her  (not smart, Mark).

Elena:  Well, thanks for letting me know that.

With that, Elena stormed off across the yard and into the house.  But Mark didn't follow her like she obviously wanted him to do.  But don't worry, because Dominique was able to steer Mark back over to Elena, because that is in Dominique's best interest, of course.  Unlike Da'Vonne in BB18, Dominique is thrilled to be a third wheel in a couple of different showmances.

Remember this laugh-out-loud moment from BB18?

Meanwhile Kevin is strengthening his bonds with Jason and Alex, and doing a little smack-talking about Paul.  As he muttered to Alex, he was providing a running commentary of Paul's actions across the yard, as he huddled with the group of girls.

Kevin: Oh, now we're hugging over there....I see.......

It's important to note that Jason is under the impression that Paul and Cody are secret allies, and this might even be a twist in the game.  And that paranoia is spreading....but Paul seems to have no idea about it.  Your Boy is clueless about that, it seems.

Raven had a sit-down with Jessica, trying to re-establish a connection and an understanding going forward.  Raven wanted her to know that her feelings about what Cody did this week do not extend to Jessica.

But Jessica doesn't accept that, and wants Raven to know that if she chooses to vote for Christmas to stay, than that is a vote against her, too.  Jessica subtly threatens Raven, basically saying if you're not with me, you're against me.

Despite everything, Raven just loves Jessica to death, ya'll.

Look closely at Jessica in this picture, enduring this embrace with a scowl.  I don't see any reciprocity happening.  At all.

I still can't imagine how dirty that couch-thing is going to be after another 80 days of being stomped on, splashed with food and drink, and probably Josh's spit, since he likes to sit in there and talk to the live feeders.

So, this meeting didn't go well, and Raven later reported Jessica's veiled threat to Matt, who obviously has learned to think before he speaks.  You could just see him churning that info in his head, finally making a PC-statement about how Jessica can't expect to gain followers back by issuing threats.

Matt: But...I don't want to make this into know, Cody's a maniac.

Matt wants he and Raven to not be the ones directly in the Cody-Jessica path of destruction.  He's content to let Mark and Elena be the first ones to face their wrath.  So that's smart.  I told you that Alex Kidwell from RHAP has a connection with Matt.  When Alex lived in Virginia, he had the same sales job that Matt has, and Alex knows the kind of training that goes into that sort of thing.  Alex says the sales guys sit for hours in a room practicing what to say, and how to say it to overcome any sort of customer objection.

So, think about that the next time someone is pitching you a product or service that you may or may not need.

I took this picture because you can see that the fish tank is now located on the opposite wall from the bed, just in front of one of the camera runs.  Do you think the camera operator who is tasked with providing coverage in that spot gets paid extra?  Or do they work for half-price?

I'd love for some of the crew to let us know some juicy details sometime.

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  1. I'm so glad I found your blog. Reading the updates on jokers is so time consuming but you break down the important stuff and you are very funny! Keep up the good work. I'm so glad the mega alliance is fractured now. It makes it more interesting. Are you rooting for anyone in particular?


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