Wednesday, July 5, 2017

BOOM Goes the Dynamite.... #BB19

Fireworks.  That is what the Fourth of July is all about.

And they were LOUD in my neighborhood.  I spent most of last night trying to comfort my poor old dog, who was cowering in the back of the closet, trying to stay safe.  I even gave her some pain medication that was leftover from a procedure she had last year, but she was still terrified and shaky, hyper-ventilating and refusing to sit down.

I used to love fireworks.  Not anymore.

And once again, I was ready to write another basic live feed update for you, but found I need to interrupt my regularly-scheduled plan for some Breaking BB News.  While I was sitting on the floor of my master-closet-turned-bomb-shelter talking to my old dog, shit was going down in the BB house.

They had a little July 4th party in the backyard just before BBAD went live, and as the show begins Mark, Elena and Dominique are discussing some Big News that just happened.  Cody and/or Jessica told everyone that a skywriter flew over the backyard, announcing that Mark and Dominique have a secret alliance.  I have also heard that Ramses is the one who initially reported seeing the message in the sky, but regardless, the news was announced gleefully by Cody.

For obvious reasons, this was upsetting to each of these three house guests, but not for the same reasons, of course. (Because Mark and Dominique really do have a secret alliance, that is maybe not so secret, after all.)

Elena is all kitted out for the holiday in her clown makeup.  That lipstick is a tragedy, once again.

Elena is the one who is informing Mark and Dominique about this wicked rumor, and you could feel the tension and nervous energy crackling in the room.

Dominique, her words starting to speed up:  Somebody needs to tell your friend that I'm really not the one to mess with....

Elena:  What?

Dominique:  Jessica.  Your friend Jessica. Somebody needs to tell her that I'm really not the one to start something with.

Elena, sort of sassy:  I'm just trying to stay out of harm's way myself right now.

Then Your Boy Paul entered the room with an empty pizza box, along with some frantic words of wisdom.

Paul:, channeling Captain Obvious:   This is BAD for your game.  Trust me...this is BAD.  Last year we had the megaphone guy and also someone threw a blowup doll over the wall, and  I was always thinking about what they said....I was like, they said that about was always in the back of my mind.


Paul:  You two need to fucking squash this.  And Ramses is a fucking snake.

Here is the blow up doll that visited the BB18 backyard.

And here is the visit from Mr. Megaphone, also known as BBTooms on Twitter.

Then Paul used this opportunity to run his lines again about how there are indeed two sides in this house, but everyone wants Cody and Jessica out of the game.  And Paul has a Big Plan that he can't tell them about, but it's a foolproof plan to make sure one of them goes.

Paul wants everyone to throw him the HoH, so he can carry out this important mission.  (While this is an egomaniacal rant, it might be a good idea if you're on Paul's side, because you can't target him anyway, so you might as well let him make some big Dirty Moves on your behalf, right?)

Dominique:  We have an infiltrator.

Mark:  I mean, I play chess with Dominique, and I open up to her a lot, but we don't have a secret alliance.

Paul:  Well, everybody is going to think you do now.

Paul flew out of the room, and the three of them calmly tried to rationalize it all, saying that if there was indeed a message being flown out of the backyard, then Production would have shut it all down immediately, and everyone would have heard about that.  Mark and Elena both know how this works from previous BB seasons.  (I mean, Duh.)

I could feel that Dominique wanted to speak with Mark alone, but after Elena finally left the room, Paul came back in for another round of frantic Paul-speak, and then Mark and Dominique were finally alone, able to assess the damage.

Dominique:  Something is off.  I felt it earlier today.  We have an infiltrator, and something is wrong.

Mark:  I'm gonna put a boot up Ramses ass.  I'm going to put him through the fucking wall.

Dominique:  No, think.  She (Elena) has a problem with this....with us. We have the same faith, but she has a problem with this.

Mark started to protest, but then he remembered something.

Mark:  Oh no...remember when we were all in the living room and I said that you were afraid of insects?  And then Elena said, 'how do you know you have a secret alliance?"

Dominique:  Uh huh.  She may not say it, but she's thinking's on her mind....this is a problem.

Meanwhile, Alex, Jillian and Cody are having a serious conversation, and Jillian mentions "the skywriting in the backyard", so she believes Ramses about it.  And Cody is loving this, because now Alex told Jillian that Paul told her some things Jillian said that she doesn't like.  At all.

Alex made Jillian swear that what Paul said wasn't true.  And then asked her to "make the Catholic cross" to make it official.

And Alex believes Jillian, even if she can't hold a secret to save her life, apparently.

Then Alex went to Jason and said that Paul is an Effing Liar, and is being way too forceful, making statements about Jillian to get her evicted.

(Jason and Kevin's votes this week are supposedly up in the air, but I have a feeling both of them might vote Christmas out.)

Alex:  Look at it this bad is Paul pushing to get Jillian out now?

Jason:  Pretty fucking bad.

Then right on cue, Paul came flying in, repeating his Mantra as fast as he could, over and over about how EVERYBODY wants Cody and Jessica out, and they just need to TRUST HIM.

So, we already knew that Paul was running his mouth too damn much.  I guess he just wants to make a big loud splash in there, and then maybe go out in flames.  He gets a flat stipend fee, anyway, as a Returning Vet, with a sweetener if he makes Jury.

Alex and Jason looked meaningfully at each other as Paul flew back out of the room.  I feel that the BBAD caption here is a good way to end this, so I can get back to the humdrum post I was previously working on.


Whistle-Nut has a newsletter, ya'll, and I trust that Camp Whistle-Nut is going to try to monetize this BB situation with T-shirts and other wearable goods.  And also to try and rustle up votes or anything else America can help with.  After all, Jason is missing rodeo season this year...I heard him tell everybody that July is known as the Cowboy Christmas, since there are rodeos going on every day, sometimes several each day.  Do you think Ole is glad to take the month off?

Also, Jason's town held a viewing party for the Premiere.  There are some good pictures here, that I am too cheap to pay to print them, of course.  I'll bet Jason's wife was on pins and needles, watching that first episode.  I can't imagine the stress of having a family member caught up in this mess.


I just wrote a post an hour ago stating that Dominique was the only girl in there that wasn't poised to be in a big catfight.  I guess I was wrong, huh?

Because I heard that Dominique Cooper is not the one to mess with....

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  1. I used to like fireworks too but in my neighborhood it's a multi night event, this year last in 5 nights. My poor 70 lb Lab cowarding behind the door (or what could fit) facing the wall like a child being punished breaks my heart. The only way we can get her out (from behind the door not outside because she won't go there until sunrise) is to blast the surround sound with the music choice channels on TV, no ballads though, just dance music! It's not pretty for anyone concerned.


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