Thursday, October 20, 2016

Tidbits, Trinkets & Trash - October 19th - Live Eviction & HoH #BBOTT

Last night's weekly "full episode" was once again well over an hour long, with no commercial breaks and very little padding.  The weekly episodes begin at the end of last week's episode, in this case with Monte's eviction.  Every week I find myself wondering what CBS' plans are with these BBOTT episodes.  I'm sure they will offer them on the CBS All Access website indefinitely, but I also wonder if they will package the series for TV broadcast overseas somewhere, in countries that are not as uptight about the cursing and other miscellaneous adult content.  (Because they are just letting the F-Bombs fly on these packaged episodes.)

For example, on the Bitch Bible podcast (LOVE IT.), Jackie said that right now they are showing season #3 of the Real Housewives of Orange County on TV in England.  Personally I think BBOTT is a better representation of America than that tired Bravo show, but whatever.

As last night's episode ended, the PoV ceremony had just ended, and then we saw the house guests gathered in the living room, where Scott announced it was now time for the nominees to address the group.

First up is Neeley.  Now, what the hell is this?  After all of the pre-season boasting about her many wigs she would be wearing this summer, THIS is the look Neeley chose to wear for her first time on the block.  Unfortunately she donned the wig during the airing of the full episode, which was broadcast on all four camera views, so we missed seeing that process.  And we missed hearing any feedback that might have been tossed around or murmured among the cast about this look.

I have to say this looks like the plastic wig that would be sold with a Hooker Halloween costume. The fraternity where I was a little sister in college used to throw an annual "Pimp Prostitute Party" where this look would have been very common.

Somehow, I doubt this was the look Neeley was going for.  I am certainly no Wig Expert, but as a casual observer, the texture and the two-toned color are the main issues for me.  I was so distracted by The Wig that I didn't hear a word that Neeley said up there, but I think we all know she wasn't the target for anyone this week.

Danielle looked fantastic, of course, and said a bunch of nice things about Shane.  Shane had already been given the heads up that he was leaving, so Danielle already knew that she would survive the vote.

Shane was VERY tense and emotional during his speech, saying he knew he was leaving, but he is glad to have his "real" BB family, naming each member of the Jamboree and saying they'd be life long friends.  Then Shane addressed Scott and Alex, calling them "The Puppetmasters" and saying that there was no way either of them would win the game, and that they "didn't know who they were messing with".

Scott smiled during the entire speech, relishing the situation and showing no sympathy for Shane's plight.  He was ENJOYING it and as always, seems very comfortable in his role as the Giver of Bad News.

Shane: ....and I look forward to going home and voting to evict all of your asses.

Scott, still smiling:  Yeah, that's how Monte felt, too.

(Everybody needs to pay their bills, pronto, because you don't want to get a Call from Scott about the settlement of your credit card debts. Because Scott doesn't give a FUCK about how your transmission blew, or your beagle needed surgery, or that your toddler choked on his binky.)

Then one-by-one they went down the hall to the DR to vote.  I like the little panels in the hallway of the cars and buses, particularly the taxi cabs.  It's a cool motif with a slight 3-D element, from what I can see.

Note that because this isn't live TV, the live votes aren't rushed, so each person returns to the living room couch before the next house guests gets up to make their vote.  As a result, we don't have any of the hokey little "cute interludes" in this hallway where they do little dances and contrived hand motions.

I don't miss that at all.  I mean, AT ALL.

Every single one of the Plastics did a lot of fiddling with their hair to make sure it was arranged just so before sitting down to vote.  But we can see that too, of course.

The vote was a tie, and Scott got to cast the deciding vote, which must have been one of the highlights of Scott's adult life.  When he addressed Shane, Shane interrupted and said "I don't want to hear it", but Scott bit right back by saying he "needed to make a small speech".

Scott:  Shane, the moment you jumped up and chugged that blue drink, I knew you would be either my best friend or my biggest nightmare.  I'm voting to evict you.

Shane embraced Danielle and repeated twice in a semi-whisper that he'd be waiting for her outside the house.  Then he hugged his friends and left.  Danielle seemed like she was numb, and immediately started suiting up for the HoH competition, often staring straight ahead.

But Neeley.....she acted like someone killed her dog or something, weeping loudly and putting on quite a show.  But let's face it....I'm only posting this picture so we can all gape at the back of that wig.

The fact that the wig looks better on Jason says it all.  It's a gay hooker wig.  And I mean that as a compliment to Jason.


OK, so one notable event that took place just after Shane's eviction is that Kryssie had some strong words with Scott over how he made the eviction personal.  Scott bit right back at her, defending himself in a very patronizing manner.

Kryssie was being a huge drama queen about it, but I think she was bothered by how nasty Scott was to Shane as he cast his vote.  Shane didn't really do anything to Scott, but Scott apparently took the fact that Shane voted to evict Monte personally.  Like, VERY personal.

So....yadda yadda yadda...the doorbell rings and Paul bursts in.  It was exciting, waiting for him. But to be honest, the tension was still so thick in there that it was extremely awkward at times.  The people who recognized Paul were excited, but Neeley really took the cake with her reaction.

Note that Neeley had removed the polyester object on top of her head to prepare for the competition, but she still was feeling flirty, however.

Neeley:  Your beard is looking sick, Daddy.

I lost count of how many times Neeley called Paul "Daddy".  It was at least seven or eight times.  And she made sure to tell him she was single.  Paul also grabbed the box of Trojans off the top of the fridge and asked who in the house "was boning".  You could feel the tension in the silence that followed.

Scott bonded with Paul, as follows:

*  Pointed out on the BB18 F3 Tip Board where Paul wrote that Showmances Suck, and high-fived Paul over the fact that he just broke it up during his HoH reign.

*  Asked Paul to give Victor his regards.  (Paul:  Oh, I'll do that.)

*  Said he was a big Sitting Duck fan. (Paul: Oh, really now?)

*  When Paul asked who wasn't showing Friendship (or something like that), Scott said "the blonde EMO girl, and the camo guy (Justin)". Paul was SHOCKED to hear that about Justin. (Probably because he has watched the episodes and knows Justin is the BREAKOUT STAR.)

So, by now you know that the "Blonde EMO Girl" won HoH.  Kryssie rolled a ball down the plank and nailed it. And with that some of the house guests' hopes and fears were realized and/or crushed. And once again, Scott's plight in the game has shifted dramatically.

Paul had said that if no one made the shot after one hour of play, he would talk to them about what would happen next.  It certainly looked like that was going to be the case, but Kryssie put an end to everything after about 45 minutes.  (Thank you Kryssie, from the East Coast feed watchers.)

In order to roll the ball, the house guests had to find "tokens" inside of selected balls that were falling out of the sky.  Each token meant you got one ball to slide down the plank.  You could use 10 balls at a time.  Everyone said the balls hurt as they flew out of the sky and hit them.  Justin actually stopped to smoke before he traded in his first bunch of tokens and tried to roll balls down the plank.

So much for Justin's efforts to "quit" smoking.  Justin has asthma, you know.  And Jason's stash of smokes will be gone before the next eviction.  So we have that to look forward to.

Sometime around 1:00 AM BBT Kryssie got the keys to her HoH room.  I do want to point out Neeley's behavior after Kryssie won HoH.  Even though Neeley went OFF all week about how the Plastics celebrated too much, and were inconsiderate and rude doing so, she wasn't above doing some celebrating herself.

And I mean, Neeley called them "fucking heifers" and was thrashing them for being happy their side won last week.  But Neeley did a CRINGEWORTHY "booty" song and dance that put any celebration by the Plastics to shame.  And she kept right on dancing and emoting all night long.

(Neely's ready to live that Have Not life this week. And Scott needs another dose of slop, too.)

Everyone gathered outside to see the Big Reveal of Kryssie's HoH room, whether they wanted to or not.

This is Happy Kryssie, catching a glimpse of her pictures and letting everyone else get a good look.

Everyone's first reaction is that Kryssie's boyfriend Mike is very cute.

Kryssie:  Yeah, he's hella-pretty.

Mike is in Kryssie's band, Evil Engine, and some of the pictures include the rest of the band.

Justin:  I can't wait to go to a show and dance. I already know I'm gonna rock it out.

Neely looked in Kryssie's mini-fridge:  You got a lot of different fucking sodas.

Kryssie:  That's not soda.  That's Angry Orchard apple beer.  (YUM.)

Her CD was a Bad Religion one that she says gets her through her anxiety about flying.

Kryssie's letter from Mike was one of the best HoH letters, because it said what most house guests really need to hear.  Such as:

*  He's been watching her every step of the way.
*  He's happy she's been able to overcome some of her fears and anxieties.
*  He gave the release date for the band's EP (she's been stressing about it).
*  She's never alone in the house, because he's watching at home and he's with her every second.

Mike also said he made her something, and Kryssie nearly broke down when she saw it.  It's a bracelet he made for her out of both of their hair.  Krissie said he was complaining about all of her hair left in the hairbrush and when he removed it he said he should make her a bracelet out of it before she left.

Kryssie:  He never did.  The red hair in here is his.  It's the perfect present for me.

Neeley:  Yeah.  Kinda disgusting, but kinda sweet.

Jason was watching the group, and later said that Morgan and Whitney's body language looked like they were very uncomfortable with Kryssie having power.  But I later heard Whitney say that she was jealous about Kryssie's letter.  Morgan has a serious boyfriend, too, so I'm sure the letter hit her in the heart, too.

It really was a great boyfriend letter.  Loving, but positive and full of energy.

Kryssie read it again to herself, and obviously had the feels again.

This is the band in the left picture.  She said you can't see Mike's "faux" in it, but apparently in the back of his head it's a notable accent.  She also said he usually dies it bright red but you can't see that in the picture.  And the picture on the right is them wearing masks, maybe at a wedding.

Justin:  You both look so sexy in your pictures together.

If anyone had doubts about Kryssie's life stories, they're seeing the receipts now.  She really is in a band, and she really does have a man who loves her.

This picture is Mike in front of the band's stage backdrop that they made together.  She explained the thought behind the logo, etc.

Another week for Justin to be carefree and happy.  No worries for him at all this week.

Krissie laid it all out so she could sit and stare.

And another look at the Hair Bracelet, surely a first for a BB HoH basket.  I wonder if Production used gloves to handle it?

Kryssie:  I can just see Mike now, making this..sitting naked on the bed, braiding it.

Oh, and Jason did a dramatic reading of the HoH Rules & Regulations, which is much appreciated by the Super Fans.

It turns out that Monte did lie about who could listen to his music, and who could sleep in his HoH room.  It's totally up to the HoH about how much they want to share.

So Monte was indeed a LIAR.


  1. Thank you so much for these updates. They (and you) are greatly appreciated and extremely entertaining.

  2. Thanks so much for your very funny and informative blog. Even though I watch some of the clips and episodes as well as the feeds I enjoy reading your observations and seeing your photos and I really love when you make me laugh out loud! I truly appreciate your efforts to entertain and enlighten the fans!
    I thought Scott was really mean to Shane and I hope Jason and Justin decide not to work with him. I was so excited that Kryssie won Hoh because no one ever expected her to.She really needed that terrific letter and gift from her boyfriend.

  3. I'm happy for Kryssie, too. I get fed up with her on the feeds sometimes, but she is a GREAT casting choice---one that we've never seen before.

    One reason Scott gave for nominating her is that she was uncomfortable in "certain group situations". What he was referring to is how upset she was in the bikini photo shoot. I think that was unnecessarily cruel and mean of him. I can't imagine how mortified I would be to have to do that photo shoot in front of the cast and the cameras, and I'm someone who runs 10-15 miles a week with no weight problem. I really felt for Kryssie that day, even though her behavior was rather obnoxious.

    Scott is a dick. But to his credit, he could care less if I think he's a dick.

    Thanks for reading!

  4. To PP, that was not about the swimsuit was mostly about her hypokryssie about it being ok for LNC to hide krackels and go through the BS stuff but she freaked out when she learned the BS had moved her clothes looking for the krackel. She went nuts and took it overboard.


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