Wednesday, September 7, 2016

As Their World Churns. #BB18

And suddenly, out of nowhere, we have things to talk about, developments to discuss.  I'm sure you know that James and Natalie are both on the block for eviction this week, and there has been quite a bit of "frickin' bullcrap" associated with that whole situation.

First Natalie tried to throw James under the bus with Paul and Victor, and then she tried to do the opposite the next day, asking them to keep James in the house this week.  But Paul and Victor have absolutely no power over who is evicted this week.

Houseguests Voting for Eviction This Week


So....Victor and Paul can worry about it until they're blue in the face, but the power rests solely in NiCorey's hands this week. There is a slight possibility that Corey could flip on Nicole, but let's not get too excited about the prospect of that happening.

Being on the block has Natalie and James at each other's throats for the past few days.  Until recently, the whole rollercoaster ride that is "Jatalie" has involved Natalie prancing around putting on a show for the cameras and talking about herself non-stop, with little to no regard to how James is, or how James is feeling about all of this.  Or anything else, for that matter.

Unless asking James his opinions about what Natalie should wear is considered asking about James' feelings, of course.

So the stress is getting to both of them, with Natalie now positive that she's the one who will be evicted, and also blaming James for that, and accusing James of knowing more than he pretends to know about the whole thing.

There was A LOT of drama with these two, with James saying he feels like Natalie has been using him this summer, and also putting pressure on her to tell him whether they are "broken up" or not.

James...if you have to ask that question repeatedly, without getting a satisfactory response, then it's pretty clear that you are indeed broken up.  Unless you look at it from the perspective that you were never really that case nothing has changed.  Needless to say, this "showmance" really highlights the difference between what the casual CBS-only viewers believe, and what the live feeders know from watching the feeds.

After midnight, the BBAD broadcast period ended, and the cast started winding down for the night. Natalie and James were still going over and over and over how she feels, and how James feels about what she feels, and how Natalie feels about that.  Then Paul came outside to check the status of his laundry, and was upset that more time was needed before his clothes were ready.  They expect the backyard to be locked down early the next morning, so Paul needed to finish his laundry and take it in the house before he could go to sleep.

Paul and Victor planned to play pool while they waited for the laundry to finish.

And then it happened.....someone with a bullhorn started talking on the other side of the backyard wall.  James and Natalie immediately got out of the hot tub and all four of them started walking towards the sound, trying to wrap their ears and heads around what was being said.

James:  Shush...a microphone....

It's difficult to hear without headphones (which I have) but the "Drive By Shouter" seemed to repeat the same message over and over.


James had a physical reaction, turning sharply to look at the others in what I'm sure was a "WHAT THE HELL"  type of gesture, and then we had FISH.  And we had FISH for a long time.

When I watched this,I was thinking that the one person who might be influenced by this is Corey, who was in bed with Nicole at the time. So he didn't hear it.  But everyone else did.  And I'm sure Victor and Paul are SKETCHED OUT by it,  But Natalie apparently took it very personally, and a fresh new argument broke out between her and James about this reported deception.

But I don't care about their "showmance".  I am not a "showmance" fan.  I would rather everyone focus on playing the game, rather than the unnecessary drama of a ridiculous faux relationship, and how much camera time it's going to get them on the CBS show.  (And it did get them a lot of camera time, obviously.)


The BB soundstage is located on the edge of the CBS Radford lot, with a public road and an apartment complex located nearby.  I think the Drive By Shouter was watching the live feeds and waited to do the deed until Paul and Victor came outside, and probably even waited until after BBAD ended, to cause less disruption for the TV viewers.

This is the Drive By Shouter's Twitter account.

BBTooms has a great Twitter account and he posts lots of interesting live feed snippets throughout the day.  Apparently CBS took issue with that with Twitter and the BBTooms Twitter account was apparently suspended for a certain period of time last night.  That was what set BBTooms off and sent him on his mission to interfere with the game.

If something juicy happens on the live feeds, you can count on Reddit to chat about it immediately.  Here are a few interesting snippets from the long thread that was created specifically to go over the shouting incident.

This has happened before, of course.

BB17 - The Drive By Shouter said America wanted Julia out, and that Austin and Vanessa had deals with everybody.  You can see my coverage of that event here, and the aftermath here.  James was there....he heard the message.  And we all know this is not James' first time at the rodeo.

BB16 -  The Drive By Shouter said that Frankie was destroying everybody in the DR, particularly Derrick and Cody.  I think he also said something about Derrick being "the fun police", a tongue-in-cheek reference to Derrick's real job and his role in the house.  You can see my coverage of that here.  The linked post is also amusing because we see how agitated Victoria got by Derrick talking to Christine.  The nerve of Derrick!  And here is another post where I went back and watched the incident, taking pictures of the play-by-play.

Speaking of Christine, she's not happy about the Drive By Shouter, and neither is McCrae Olsen.

I agree that it's not fair, but it is entertaining for the fans.  I think it would have been a TRAGEDY if BBTooms had announced to everyone that Derrick was a police sergeant, so I guess I'm a hypocrite about the whole thing.  If it hurts the game of players I'm rooting for, I'm against it. So I guess I'm part of the problem, huh?

I have to say that in the past three days, there has been a problem with my blog posts going automatically to Twitter, with a message about how I'm violating the Terms of Service, or something like that.  I've read those Terms a few times this week, and I post nothing that would violate the terms of Blogger or the Google advertisers.

But I think this incident solved the mystery for me.  I've been retweeting some of BBTooms posts that feature live feed footage that I think my followers would find particularly interesting.  I'll bet that's the problem, because if the problem was this actual blog, Blogger gives zero fucks about deleting it from the internet.  It's happened to a number of others, so I know they would do that to me if they felt they needed to.

So if I disappear, that's probably what happened.  But in the meantime I will not be re-tweeting BBTooms anymore, which is unfortunate.  The CBS casuals probably aren't even following BB Twitter accounts, so  I don't see why it's such a problem. But rules are rules.

BBTooms has balls of steel, whoever he is.  I can't imagine how scary it would be to do a Drive By Shouting, yet he always sounds calm and authoritative during his "broadcasts".


Hours later, Paul joined Nicole and Corey as they listened to James discuss his various relationship woes with Natalie.  Apparently Natalie has been threatening to self-evict over this whole situation with James.

Fine, leave.  Go ahead.

(But of course Natalie would NEVER do that, as she would miss her chance to perform on the live show.)

I'm pretty sure that Paul doesn't intend to let Nicole get much time alone with James, to prevent them from having a private discussion about what the Drive By Shouter said. Because now he's just riveted hearing about what Natalie said, and what James said about it, and then what Natalie said about what James said.  And so on.

Victor brought a bowl of something in there, eating and listening.  And watching.  I'm sure El Fit Vic is PISSED about all of this.

Later he and Paul tried to talk about it, and we got FISH, of course.  Finally there is something juicy for each of the three couples to talk about, but we're not going to be allowed to listen to it.

So we're the ones getting screwed here.  As far as the game goes, if Paul doesn't win HoH, and if Paul or Victor don't win the PoV, then Victor is probably getting evicted this week.  So that sucks for many of the Victor fans.

On Wednesday morning, it certainly doesn't look like Corey is upset with Nicole and her reported Final Two alliance with James, does it?

Some of the fans have been chattering about Corey pulling a "Drew Daniel" by getting to the Final Three with his girl Nicole, and then evicting her on live TV. I think Nicole is almost asking for that, by telling Corey all about how Jon Pardy evicted Neda at the BBCAN2 final three, resulting in him winning the show.

Corey just sat and listened, with little or no expression. Per usual.  And Nicole nervously said that she wouldn't be mad to go out in third place, which was just a stupid thing to say.

And Victor doesn't look worried, but surely he knows he needs to focus on competing his ass off in next week's PoV.  I heard Corey tell Nicole that Victor should be targeted before Paul, because although both of those guys are good competitors, Victor can perform under pressure and Paul can't.

I just hate that unless he's evicted this week, James is going to skate right through the next eviction, and maybe even the one after that.  Sorry James fans, but I don't think he played the game this season.  He started in a good place, but got derailed thinking he'd found "true love".


Dr. Will Kirby was the guest host filling in for Theo Von this week on the Allegedly podcast, with Abby Lee Miller from Dance Moms as the guest.   I don't watch that show, but Abby is a compelling guest here.

But the REAL scoop is the story that Dr. Will tells from BB7, involving Neil Patrick Harris.  It's a good one,and Dr. Will is great on the show.  He does push how much he loves the podcast a little too much, but Theo is one of Will's best friends and he wants to help him out.

What are you waiting for?  You can listen to the podcast here.

Theo's comedy career is really blowing up now, with a Netflix comedy special and some big stand-up shows.  Years ago Theo was a contestant on Last Comic Standing and I remember Will posting messages on Jokers to ask the BB fans to vote for Theo to win the show.  I think Theo was a finalist, but if Twitter had existed back then the outcome might have been different for Theo.


  1. Yeah, I guess the argument between James & Natalie when the feeds went down (after the bullhorn message) was a doozy. James told everyone when Nat was absent that he accused her of flirting with all other boys, he was her 3rd choice. She's catty. With 2 days left in the house she's showing her true colors. She was shi**ing on him every day. He questions her intentions. Threw her UTB and SO UNCOOL of James to tattle to all the others when he is supposedly so "in love" with Nat (Not)! I think Nat did make a mistake letting James run her game, but WHY doesn't she campaign NOW?--not necessarily against James but FOR herself--to Vic & Paul. She suspects James actually DOES have a final 2 with Nicole and has all along, plus a final 3 with Nicorey.

    Plus, my next question is WHY hasn't anyone ever interrogated those 3 about the $10K bribe they made to each other that Production made them recant IN FRONT of all the other houseguests? It bothered no one?

    Nat should at least tell Vic/Paul that if James stays he's siding with Nicorey for sure, if she stays they have her on their side. Then Vic should tell Nicorey to vote James, instead of letting them decide who goes (its his HOH). If they don't then Nicorey betrays him. (They will anyway). If James stays, #s are against Paul and Vic (next on the block). Its just hard to believe no one is discussing the eviction strategy for tomorrow. Maybe they will today???

    Again, thank you for your blog posts, we love them!

    And mega thanks to BB Tooms (LOVE it)!!!

    1. James just wants to keep her from winning the AFP over him, I'm sure.

    2. The only ones voting are Nicorey and Paul, so Nicorey seals the deal on the evictee. Talking to Paul and Vic wouldn't really help Nat at this point.

    3. Natalie is doing that to herself. I WAS going to vote for her. But, seeing her true colors...not now.

  2. I really appreciate your giving us the scoop on the BB Tooms situation. I've really been enjoying his feed, but I'm not plugged in enough to know what Twitter and/or CBS have gotten up to with trying to get it stopped.

    1. BBTooms and Miss Cleo have been having a Twitter war with McCrae this afternoon...McCrae thinks BBTooms is trash and is ruining BB for everyone.

      I had to delete at least three tweets I wrote, jumping in to remind McCrae that he fucking WENT TO SLEEP as soon as Amanda was evicted. All of McCrae's "friends" were busy creating the Exterminator alliance while McCrae slept his game away.

      If McCrae ever gets invited back to play, he's made an enemy he might be sorry about....BBTooms and his bullhorn are ready to roll on a moment's notice.


      And I loved Amanda by the way

  3. I remember quite a few years ago really enjoying Theo Von on MTV's Real World/Road Rules Challenges. He was just an easy going, naturally funny, cool guy. Glad to see he's having some success.

    For Victor & Paul's sake JAMES MUST GO HIS WEEK! Wake up Sitting Ducks or you'll soon be dead ducks.

    1. Yes, Theo is a natural. He's told some great stories on the podcast about not only hanging out with Will, but going on some "reality star bus trips" back in the days when reality stars were special. One story involved Mike Boogie punching someone (a girl, I think) on the bus in the middle of nowhere. Bunch of drunken hooligans.

  4. As always, love your blog! Nat & James are in this cycle & they just keep kicking the same poor dead horse. It's painful to watch!

    Also - thank you for turning me on to the Allegedly podcast - I love it & am now an avid listener since you posted the Jeff/Lance Bass one. I've gone back & listed to earlier ones - hilarious!

    Thanks for always keeping us informed, you are my fave blogger!!! Let's hope for more excitement for #bbott!

  5. Normally i wouldnt like someone shouting over the wall but there has been so much obvious influence by production this time that its really not even a bad thing to me its kinda like a little payback for them interfering so much.

    1. I love the drone pilots and shouting over the wallers. Makes it so exciting, especially BB Tooms...PERFECT TIMING! It really shook things up in the house last night...Well for some people that is

  6. Yes Paul and victor need to bring this up about the low horn message since Corey wasn't outside to hear it. I really want victor to win.

  7. Nicole asked Corey last night what he'd do if she didn't take him to the final 2. He too said (Nat Copycat): "I'd never speak to you again." Nicole was incensed. She couldn't believe he wouldn't understand she wants to win $500K (and could never win against Corey). Should get interesting now...FINALLY!

  8. This is the reason why summer/sunshine enjoying humans become pasty skinned feedsters! The transformation happened to me almost a decade ago I believe. It was the very beginning of season 8 and I'd been a "tv only" watcher since S1 when a friend mentioned he'd "gotten the feeds". What "feeds"? I'd heard about "the feeds" but for whatever reason (I had a life?) never bothered investigating this odd phenomenon. I assumed, without ever really thinking about any of it, that BB was showing me everything I needed to see as far as the game was concerned. Lol.
    Let me just say that if your first season on the feeds was S8 you had a helluva wake up call. I know this becasue thats what happened to me. I was blown away by what I thought was happening and what was actually happening in there. One season of EvilDick will do that. I've never been the same.

    I love this game, I've had some amazing times on the feeds watcing, laughing, sceaming and strategizing right along with these HG's. I've seen midgets wandering the house on a quiet afternoon and stared at Dan while he stared at the ceiling planning his funeral. I've argued with people I loved because they were "tv onlys" and were clueless. I'm not proud of this addiction, nor do I regret it. It literally is what it is. ; ) (see what I did there?)
    But in all these years never have I been closer to being DONE then I was this summer. I was, and still am, tired of what the game has become....or never really was. I've gone back and watched everything I could find on those earlier seasons I missed and I really believe there is a beauty to this game in its purist form but the last few seasons are so far removed from that I barely recognize the game. What some people call "game moves" seems to me to be closer to social interaction under odd circumstances. Accidental. Things fell into place, or didnt, because of the way a HG behaves. It's not "playing", that gives most of them too much credit. There are exceptions. But not many IMO.
    Anyway, THEN the Drive By Shouted happened and I was hooked again.
    This house, these people......

  9. I paid extra on my cable to get the BBAD. The last few days I don't even want to watch. It has been ruined by Nicole and James being brought back and having pre-game arrangements, and getting paid more than the others. It defeats the whole purpose of the game itself, as far as I'm concerned. I'm a Victor fan now and he is getting screwed by this. Can't stand Nicole or James and neither deserve to win a cent. Nicole and Cory spent most of the game in bed and James didn't play, all because they knew they had this arrangement. How fair is this to all the others in the house who are there for their first time. It's digusting CBS and it's making people loose interest in the show.

  10. (sarcasm ahead) Feedwatcher, oh, the double standards. What an outrage. Encouraging the drive by BBTooms unless it harms your fav!

    I guess I do a bit he same hehehe So I say that all in good jest. I see it as part of the game. Like Zingbot, except it's not everyone who gets roasted and it's not as funny. Really good players would adapt from it and recover and come up with a good fib. James could have easily said that they had joked on Twitte about alliging if they were in the same season together, but that being in th house changes your perspective and things don't happen as you had thought when it was fan fiction. This might have prompted questions and he could have elaborated, thus making everyone a little less sketched out. And it would have been brilliant gameplay.

  11. I'm late to the game but how does anyone know that Nicole and James have a pregame alliance. Thanks

    1. There's no "proof". It's fan and/or hater speculation and reading things into statements they've made. Same ole, same ole as far as BB rumors and gossip and imaginations are concerned.

  12. I think BB Production organized the drive by... the house is sooooo boring now. I haven't even watched the last two episodes. This is the first time I've even read your blog in a week (and I usually check daily). They needed to do SOMETHING to make this coming week interesting to bring back those of us who are bored of the Nicorey/VicPaul four some. They are the "most boringest" alliance ever.


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