Monday, August 15, 2016

The Executive Takes Out the Trash. #BB18

This picture was taken a thousand years ago, when Cody's Big Brother was joining the cast of Big Brother.  He seemed sweet, if not a little goofy and dorky. And cheesy, too, telling Julie Chen on live TV that he hoped to receive a few "snapbacks" in his HoH basket.

I was like, WTF is a "snapback"?  I had to look it up on Google. Apparently a "snapback" is a hat.

This is Paulie's Twitter account, apparently. It's private at the moment, and I suspect it always will be, given the circumstances.  I don't understand the picture, because Paulie said he doesn't model anymore.  Doesn't he co-own a business with the goal to teach kids how to play soccer?  Shouldn't he be holding a soccer ball or maybe even be kicking a soccer ball in his picture?

Anyway, Paulie's twitter intro tells us that "Men are not prisoners of fate.  Only prisoners of their own minds".  Paulie's current dilemma in the house is that he does not want to be a prisoner in the Jury House because he is claustrophobic, and because he is now sharing that "his aunt is dying of cancer".  If his aunt is indeed ill, then I am sorry for her.  But I am not sorry for Paulie.

The PoV Ceremony just took place, and as expected, Victor did not use the PoV.  Paulie and Corey are still on the block, and will both face eviction on Thursday night.  He's babbling a lot now, talking about how he might be able to stay in the Jury house for 3 weeks, or maybe even 4 weeks, but not 5 weeks.  He'd rather go home rather than be stuck in the Jury house that long.

Nicole could probably give a damn, but she is trying to be supportive, telling Paulie that it didn't seem that long when she was in Jury, and that she had a great time in there.  Paulie seems to have forgotten about Zakiyah, or if he remembers he doesn't seem to care.  He also "jokes" about wanting everyone to open up their Secret Envelopes, since they expire this Thursday anyway. He wants to see if he has the Round Trip ticket, but what he's not saying is that if he indeed has it, then Corey would be the one evicted this week.

One reason why I took this picture is to show you the neat containers of sunflower seeds on the counter there.  Victor actually took all of the many dishes of sunflower seeds on display and consolidated them neatly.

Yesterday Cody got very teary and reflective about his situation. James sat and listened to him, but Paulie later tried to make a deal with Victor to take someone off the block and put James or Natalie up in their place.

Paulie is very, very worried about seeing the goodbye messages from the other house guests.

At least he's going home with a spanking new Zingbot snapback.

Just after midnight, Michelle sat up in the HoH room with Victor and Paul, discussing what Paulie has said and done, of course.  Paulie has been telling people that he threw the last HoH competition, just to see if his suspicions about something fishy going on were true.

Michelle is sick of Nicole playing dumb all of the time, and acting like the whole concept of a guy's alliance is a surprise.

Victor:  She expects us to believe that this is her second time playing, and she spends all of her time with Corey, and she doesn't know?  She knew, all right.

Paul imitated Nicole saying "I don't know" all of the time.

Paul:  I'm glad she won the safety, because she wasn't even the target, so now her Care Package is out of the way.  Maybe one of us will get the next one.

Paul wants to stage one more blow up with Paulie before Thursday. Michelle doesn't see the point in that, since everyone already knows Paulie is going home.  She doesn't want to participate in that blow up, since Paulie seems so upset about everything.

Victor:  After the PoV is all over now, I don't want to hear about it anymore, and I don't want to talk to him.  I'm ready to move on to next week.

They discussed that the three of them wouldn't mind seeing any of the three of them win the game.

Victor:  We all won some comps, and you two blew shit up in here. But Corey hasn't done shheeeeet in here.

Michelle pointed out that Paulie told her that every night he goes over what happened every day in the house before he sleeps so he is ready for competitions.

Victor:  He does?  Well, he's gotta go.

Michelle starts demonstrating what she knows about the happenings each day in the house, and it's pretty impressive.  Paul says he's not going to worry about all of that, since she knows.

Suddenly Paulie came in, and asked if he could take a shower.  Sure, Victor said, and the three of them eased out of the discussion they were having and into other topics since they knew Paulie could hear them.

Note that the HoH shower has been broken for the last few weeks, but Victor took care of that.

Victor:  I went in the DR and told them that if they couldn't fix my shower, an extra bottle of wine would suffice.

Paul:  And you got that?

Victor:  No, but the shower got fixed.

Fit Vic enjoyed some of his Cheetos, and I think he was using the eating strategy where he let each Cheeto melt in his mouth.  Paul knows that strategy, and recognized it.

I will say that Michelle is very good about asking people interesting questions, or at least they are interesting to me.  For example, I have heard her ask questions like "what was the first thing you were ever reprimanded at work for?", and "what food do you like to binge on?"  She asked Victor and Paul what their favorite restaurants were to go to back home.

Paul told them about "The Old Place" in the Malibu area, and how you have to drive through dark mountain areas to find the secluded spot.  He said that dates would think they were about to get murdered, it was so hard to get to.  He described his favorite meal there, a super-thick sirloin steak and sides for about $20.  He goes there a lot and knows the owners and gets extra bread for free.  He loves the bread and said he gets full on that alone when he goes there.  He said they use a pick axe to cook the steaks on the grill (?) and wants to take everyone on the cast there.

Victor's favorite spot is a place he talks about frequently---the Rum House, where he likes to go to Taco Tuesday.  He loves to eat authentic Mexican food.

(Thoughts and prayers go out to all of the Louisiana residents who are dealing with the horrible floods right now.  Good luck to all of you and your pets.  Heartbreaking.)

Michelle wondered what restaurant provided the breakfast they ordered the day they moved in the house.  Victor said he ordered the "breakfast meatloaf" and it was great, and that same breakfast was brought to him the morning after he was evicted.  Paul says that when he was in the hotel sequester, he knew there was a Starbucks just a block away.

Paul:  I said to my handler, I know you drink Starbucks...can't you just get me one while you're there?

Michelle loved the quinoa and arugula salad at the hotel...she ordered it three times and Victor said he enjoyed it, too.

At this point Paulie came out of the shower and said he was going to go get Corey to come up and chat, too.   After he left, the three of them rolled their eyes.

Victor:  He waited to hear what we were talking about before inviting Corey up...

(i.e. Paulie didn't want Corey to be in the room if they were talking game, or wanted to talk game with him.)

Note that Corey now has red shorts to wear over his unitard.  I suspect this may be due to modesty, but also due to the fact that he's said that the unitard isn't long enough for was crushing his junk and he was already uncomfortable within a few minutes of putting it on.  Do you think they split it open for him?  Production didn't seem to give a crap about the bumper cars being too small for his frame, so maybe not.

Michelle's glasses are smudged and dirty.  She says people at home make fun of her for that, too.

Michelle wanted to see Paul try her glasses on and they all think he looks like a doctor or something.

Later Paulie saw Michelle in the bathroom and hugged her to thank her for not telling everyone the things they talked about privately.

Michelle:  Oh, you mean about James?  Putting him on the block?  He already knows.  Sorry Paulie.  Everybody knows everything.  Sorry though.

(ha ha ha)

Later Paulie told NiCorey that he was upset about all of the conflict that happened with Natalie, and once again went through his statements about wanting to leave the game.

Nicole urged him not to think about it, and to just "be you".

(Oh dear.)

Nicole:  This is the experience of a lifetime. If you asked me the first time I played if I wanted to come back, I would have said yes, and probably would again.

Corey:  You won so many things, and did so many good things in this game.

Nicole:  You were on the block the first week, and then BAM BAM BAM.

Paulie:  James screwed us all over a girl...and she's not even a girl like you Nicole.  Nicole you are like family to me, so sweet and giving. There's a reason why Cody loved you.

(Note that I heard a conversation between Corey and Nicole about Cody.  Corey wondered if Cody was like Paulie, and she said not at all, that there wasn't an ounce of aggression in Cody all summer during BB16.)

Nicole: My mom said if the season was all newbies, I'd be be the first out, but if it was all vets, I might be okay for awhile.

Nicole, leaving the room:  Peace out home skillets.

Paulie: She's a fucking sweetheart.

Most of you know that Paulie won some sort of punishment during the PoV comp that involves baking apple pies "on demand", potentially through the end of the season.  Paulie repeatedly said that he refused to bake any pies, and would "just take the penalty". Usually the PoV punishments start later that day, but I'm guessing Production held off since Paulie seemed on the brink of a breakdown.

But on Sunday, they called him to the DR repeatedly, and he didn't go.  Finally we went to FISH and I guess he did go, and get his pie-making kit and instructions.  Wouldn't you just love to be a fly on the wall of that conversation?

He has to wear an apron, and the chef's hat.  The process is more involved than I expected it to be.  He's making his second pie now, and everyone tells him that it already looks better than the first, that he is getting good at this.  Sort of the way you'd compliment a two-year-old on the picture they colored.

Corey sits with him to keep him company, probably terrified that Paulie will self-evict and leave him in the block with Natalie this Thursday night.

Paulie:  I've got to hand it to Bridgette.  She made an apple pie out of nothing..she didn't have all of these pie-making supplies but she still made one.

Corey:  I'm not sure she was just an ER nurse.  That girl could do anything.  Definitely one of the smarter girls....

The pie dough is pre-made, and is rolled up in a tube.

Paulie did look pretty meticulous patting it into the pan.  Note that instead of an actual lattice top, there is a mold that he uses to press the top layer of crust and "punch out" squares made to resemble lattice lacing.  That mold looked like it was hard to clean, too, but Paulie scrubbed away at it.

I thought they would give him canned pie filling, but he has to cut the apples up himself.

Corey:  They gave you that knife?

Production, sensing our collective alarm, immediately showed us that the knife is plastic.

Note that after Justin held a knife to Krista's throat in BB2, no real knives are allowed in the house.  Justin was expelled, but not because Krista complained about it.  They were actually flirting with each other at the time, maybe doing a naughty role play.

And Justin was a Jersey Boy, too, like Paulie.  From Bayonne.

***IMPORTANT UPDATE***  Although Paulie does have to chop up three apples, he also uses a can of pie filling that is specially provided with the Zingbot logo on it.

Paul came in and complimented Paulie's work.

Paul:  Fool embodies pie making...I'm proud of you.

Paulie's recipe calls for three apples per pie.  He is fretting over the fact that no one will eat the pies as fast as he makes them.

Victor says he doesn't eat sweets, and Corey says he isn't a huge fan of apple pie, but he gamely polishes off a bowl of Paulie's first pie, saying it tasted pretty good.

Corey:  I like cobblers, and stuff like that.

Each pie has to bake for 40 minutes, but Paulie has to wave a Zingbot flag the entire time the pie is in the oven.  They gave him a portable timer, so he can walk around the compound and not be tied to the stove.

Paul, probably sensing a camera opportunity, walks around with Paulie as he waves his flag, like a demented Secret Service agent afraid of drowning.

Paul, we see you hon.  Please remember what the Zingbot told you.

(Basically to shut the fuck up.)

This afternoon the house guests found themselves locked in the house again, with a lot of hammering and banging in the backyard. This could indicate that another series of Battle Back competitions are being set up, or something else related to this week's extra Friday show, the purpose of which has not been explained yet.  That I know of, anyway.

(**UPDATE**  Ziggy Marley is actually performing in the backyard this afternoon, and the house guests will attend a county fair-type event where they can win prizes of some sort.  They don't think it's a game event.)

Victor occupied his time by cleaning out the refrigerator.  He later said that he wanted to make lunch, but he can't enjoy his meal with everything being so messy, and that his mother would be surprised to see him doing so much cleaning in the house.

He found numerous open jars of pickles, and also open packages of cream cheese.

Victor:  We don't even eat cream cheese very much in there.

Victor checked the dates on all of the various jars and plastic tubs, filling up the trash can with the refuse.

Victor:  How many packages of grapes do we need?  And why do we have so much soda?  No one in here even drinks soda...maybe James has a Sprite once a week, so just give us that.  One Sprite each week.

Corey stood by and assisted Victor at times, or maybe he just hung around to keep him company.  I heard Corey and Nicole talk earlier about how Corey needed to start hanging around people other than Paulie, so that he wouldn't be tied to Paulie's bad behavior, but to be careful not to alienate Paulie, or he might go off and throw both of them under the bus.

Corey also told Nicole that she came into the whole Bridgette - James - Paulie fight in the HoH room too late to hear everything.  (Nicole only really knew about the comments about Natalie's butt, which seem very trivial.)

Corey:  James told Paulie that he was scaring people in here.....and Paulie freaked out about that.

This surprised Nicole, and gave her a better understanding of why people were so upset.  When this trash can was full of old discarded food, Victor asked Nicole if she would empty the trash can in the storage room.


Victor was serious, so Nicole grudgingly did the job.  Corey compared her to one of his roommates, who just sits around and watches everyone else clean.

Victor:  Why can't people look to see if there is already a cream cheese open before opening a new one?

Nicole:  Probably the fridge was too full of crap for them to see if there was one in there.

Victor:  Exactly.

Something tells me Victor didn't throw away this beer. I think it may be Corey's HoH six-pack, since he didn't get the HoH room to store it in, but I don't understand why Corey hasn't started drinking it yet.

Victor:  What the hell is this?

He reported that he was throwing away chocolate, and Nicole was upset about it.

Victor:  Why?  You're a Have Not.

Nicole mentions that the card she received said she was "Safe from Everything". She and Corey both wonder if there is something else coming this week that she will be safe from, since she wasn't safe from being a Have Not.

Nicole:  The card should have just said I was safe from the block, not everything.

Nicole spent a few minutes picking dried food off Baldwin's head.

Nicole:  Corey, stop dropping food on his head.  You're gonna want to keep this after...

Corey:  It's not like I'm doing it on purpose Nicole!

The two of them are bickering and teasing each other, but it's all in good fun.  Corey loves to make fun of Ubly being such a small town. He gets a kick out of her stories and the way she says things in her Michigan accent.

Baldwin does look like he's got some food stuck to his cheek there. Or maybe that's not food.  Who knows where Baldwin has been in that filthy house?

Paul is encouraging Paulie to campaign, and I think he said the same thing to Corey.  Paul is just trying to make fun of Paulie, but I think he also knows that Paulie might come back in the house one way or another, and he wants to make sure he's not Paulie's first target if that happens.

Paulie is really playing up the whole "aunt with cancer" story line now, and appears not to know that everyone is patronizing him, and even babysitting him from time-to-time.  He also told Paul that he knows his "brain can't handle" being cooped up in the Jury House. Right now it's different for him because he's playing the game, but without the game or a chance to get back in the game, he knows he won't be able to handle it.

(I'm ready for Paulie to leave RIGHT NOW. I don't want to have this same damn update for the next three days.)

I heard Paulie tell Nicole today that if someone tries to start something with him before Thursday, there's going to be trouble.

Paulie:  I'll lose my shit and might crack a few guys in the face if they start shit with me.  They may think that just because the cameras are running, I won't do anything, but they're wrong.

Nicole:  No, you won't do that Paulie.  I know you won't.

Paulie: Oh yes I will.

This is Victor's lunch that he made.  It looks like chicken and onions and it was sizzling away on the stove.

He poured a lot of salad dressing in there.  Thousand Island dressing.

Mr. Jenkins was probably holding his breath, watching Victor dish up his food.  But this meal was not an occasion for basil, so Mr. Jenkins made it through another house guest meal without his leaves being plucked.


I think this is all getting to sweet little Cody.  He tweeted some happy news after last week's live show.

But then after the news came out that Victor won the 2nd HoH competition, and the nominations and PoV results, Cody gave us a hint of the pressure he's feeling.

He hasn't tweeted anything since then.  I can't imagine how stressful this is for Paulie's family.  But we all should imagine that, and treat them accordingly.  For most of us, this means to leave them alone on social media.  Please don't troll them.  I'm sure this is a family crisis.

Cody's dad will BLOCK YOUR ASS pretty quickly if you try to troll his boys.  It sounds like several readers already know that from personal experience....


  1. Paulie's comment about hitting someone was after he spoke with Paul and Paul told him to campaign. Paulie knew that Paul was only doing that so that he could go to Corey and try to cause problems between Paulie and Corey. I don't like Paul at all. Every week he has a new target that he talks shit about and then is best friends with them. He was as much a part of calling Nat "FTs" as Paulie (I think he may have even come up with the term).

    Thank you for calling a spade a spade with Nat. I can't stand her sweet girl act she puts on. She didn't go to Z as a friend, she went to her to make her feel like shit, knowing she was going home. As you mentioned, she was laughing about it after with James and Paul.

    The only person I wouldn't mind seeing win that is left is Vic. (I'm in the minority and actually like Nicole and Corey but I know they are on borrowed time.)

  2. I.Love.Big.BrotherAugust 15, 2016 at 10:20 PM

    I dont get to watch the live feeds but read your recaps daily. Thank you for taking the time to do this for all us BB superfans. I know it cant be easy!

    From what I am reading though it sounds like Paulie is in the midst of a mental health crisis and I dont understand why Big Brother or his family hasnt intervened?? I mean if he is to the point of having to be baby sat like u mentioned by other cast members it worries me that his mental health is being put on the line for entertainment purposes... like i said though, i havent been able to actually watch his behavior so i am just speculating based off your recaps. Any opinions??

  3. Intense days ahead. If it's true that Paulie as mental issues, he should not have gone into the house. He needs to talk to a professional and tis is not a judgement. This is experience living with a mental illness that is talking here.

  4. I think Paulie is trying every excuse he can come up with
    looking for sympathy. And to use a family members
    illness, if it's true or not is low. I think he justifies it as
    his genius strategy.
    Maybe that crap flies in NJ but not in the BB house.
    What a disappointment he has turned out to be.
    The boy is pitiful. He needs to grow up.

  5. I'm pretty sure he talked to someone in the DR that helped him calm down. I bet they have shrinks on hand just for this reason. Paulie isn't the first hg to act nutty--although, I do think it's an act; a ploy to get his way.
    With Natalie, I don't know. It's hard for me to believe that she had romantic feelings for Vic and James in just a short time. Those two are so completely different. I think James doesn't know it, but he's been friend-zoned.
    (Nicole is obliviously in the friend-zone, too. IMO)
    As annoying as Paulie is, I don't think that his family should have to deal with the angry trolls. It's ridiculous. They go after a hg's family every year. And even with Paulie, once the game is over he should be able to go back to his life without being constantly harassed.
    But, Corey should probably be banned from petting zoos. Especially ones with goats.
    Btw...I've never made an apple pie before. I always thought that it would be too hard. But if Paulie can do it, then surely I can manage to eke one out. How hard can it be?
    I know Paul is milking the attention for his punishment, but I love to watch him do it; especially when he has a runner. Haha

    1. I made free-form apple tarts one time for Thanksgiving, and haven't tried it since. I think the apple filling needs to be pre-cooked, or the applies don't soften up enough when baking. Hence, the pie filling.

      I did make a peach pie one time, and it was FANTASTIC.

  6. I'm so excited to see that Victor eats at the Rum House. It's one of my favorite restaurants here in New Orleans. I've never seen him there though. Exciting though to know I could possibly run into him there eating tacos. He is right, the food there is amazing. It's Caribbean inspired and very affordable.

    1. You need to pencil in Taco Tuesday on your calendar, because I've heard Vic talk about that numerous times.

      They owe Vic a few free tacos for all of the positive word of mouth...

  7. I don't care for Paul, but I have to say, watching him "clear" people and flying over the couches and planting bags of drugs on people last night was hilarious. Can't stand to hear Paulie anymore- that kid never shuts up.

    1. Yes, when he found the cocaine in Natalie's bed, where Nicole was hiding, it was so funny. And I like the way he flies across the table on his butt.

  8. I thought the same about the pie. I want to make one now. I like Vic. I've been giving him my ACP voted since he can't play in HOH. For Paul fans, giving Vic the vote can help him too. Paul can play for hoh and Vic getting it will help keep him safe too. It also leaves him open to get the next one. So far, it's looking like Meech may get it. She's been nicer but I'm not going to reward her for 2 months of pettiness after a 1 week turn a round. I feel the same about Nicole as I do James. I think I would love them both as people but in the game, they make me want to scream in frustration. I've been saying since the week Vic left that if Paul didn't act like a toddler that had drank a case of mountain dew, I would be ok with him. He still plays a little sloppy but has improved alot. I don't mind his double dealing. That's the game. It's arrogant and sloppy double deals that get you in trouble. This may not be the popular opinion but I don't think Nat told Z to be mean. (I don't think it was to be a friend either-for sure) She had been trying unsuccessfully to light a fire under James' a**. She knew if he wouldn't use those 2 votes for their plan to "flip the house" for his long term game, he would do it out of jealously/chivalry or whatever you want to call it. She was right. She may have put him in a situation where he had to play to win now but I've been hoping he would do that for 2 seasons now.

    1. I think Vic has a chance at acp. I've seen a lot of people saying they are voting for him.
      I agree, I don't think Natalie told Z to be mean. She did it for strategy. She hoped to appeal to Z's common sense. Who better to have on your side than a scorned lover, right? Unfortunately, Z just won't believe it until she sees the footage, and maybe not even then.

  9. No, not to troll or be mean or anything but someone should know how to get the information about whether there is or is not a sick Auntie. Family, friends or Derrick should have something about that posted and if it's true it could help repair Paulie's image just a smidgen. I don't do social media avenues myself and have no idea how you get this info but I know you can.

  10. "Men are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own minds." Franklin D. Roosevelt

    When FDR made that quote. he could never have imagined that it would be usurped by an evil Big Brother mastermind who is sure that when FDR said 'men', he meant 'men'.

    Don't you know that Paulie's favorite book, and possibly the only one he has read, has got to be 'The Most Dangerous Game' by Richard Connell.


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