Thursday, August 18, 2016

Stick a Fork in Him, Because He's Nearly Done. (Hopefully.) #BB18

I knew that providing Big Brother updates this week would really just be a series of updates about Paulie.  How Paulie is acting, what Paulie said, and what Paulie looked like.  I really hope this series ends with tonight's live CBS show, when Paulie is evicted by a unanimous vote.

He might have the Round Trip ticket, but I hope not.  I'm pretty sure Production is ready to close the door on him, too.  I wonder how they feel about their first experiment with casting siblings to play the game.  Do you think they'll give it a try in another season, with fresh siblings?  There was a lot for the live feeders to chew on, but much of the drama with both Paulie and Tiffany got minimal time on the CBS episodes.

OK. Let's get this over with.


Did you notice that they PoV speeches by Corey and Paulie, pleading to Victor the HoH to use the PoV to save them didn't air on the CBS show?  The only time the speeches aren't given some decent airtime is if one of the nominees for eviction won the PoV, but last night we didn't see either speech.

I wasn't expecting much from Corey's PoV speech, obviously.  I mean, because Corey.

But Paulie's speech is a different story.  After the PoV Ceremony on Monday afternoon, I saw Victor and Paul talking in hushed tones about what Paulie said in his speech.  Victor said he couldn't believe it, and they were kind of hush-hush about it, making various facial gestures.  Everyone knows that Paulie was very fragile and shaky this week---they all were handling him with kid gloves as it was obvious he was on the brink of some sort of episode.

But I wanted to know, so I put my thoughts out there.

Linda Jean had the info I was after, and her story checks out with all of the other conversations I caught pieces of on the live feeds.

There is no damn way CBS is going to air these desparate statements on the CBS episode, especially if they are true.   It's too much of an invasion of other people's privacy.  So they made the executive decision to cut the speeches.  Like I said, losing Corey's speech was likely no big loss.

Will Paulie try to use the same type of speech tonight on the live show?


It seems silly now, but the Big Brother community was in an uproar this morning after Paulie went to the DR voluntarily around 3:30 am, and was not seen again on the feeds for HOURS.

He had been sleeping with Corey, as you see below.  There was some sighing, and moving about, but otherwise the two of them appeared to be sleeping, or trying to sleep.

Paulie got up---I think Corey was confused and might have thought it was time for Paulie to bake another apple pie, but Paulie told him that he was just going to the restroom.  Due to all of the speculation this morning about Paulie potentially pulling "an Audrey" or maybe even carrying through on his many threats to go home early, I made sure to document Paulie's moves here, in case this was the last we'd see of him on the live feeds.

Not gonna lie, I was hoping that Paulie was gone.

After he used the W.C., he washed his hands's a clean-type thing for Paulie.

And he checked his look, which is much better since that horrible haircut grew out.  I saw some posters in the CBS chat room say he took off his microphone before going to the DR, but I didn't see that.

He still had his mic on as he buzzed the DR door, waiting to get in. They weren't expecting him, you see, so they had to get ready for his visit.  He waited a few minutes, and then the camera view shifted to the London Room.  And then all we saw for many hours on the live feeds were people sleeping in the Have Not Room, and the London Room, not the Tokyo Room where Paulie was sleeping with Corey.

Every morning we have FISH while the house guests listen to Wake Up music, but after the music played today the live feeds rolled right into the Big Jeff highlights.  That is unusual, even on a live show day.  So the speculation and excitement was running rampant.

There were memes, like this one.

But just after 1:00 pm the live feeds returned, and the result was a little disappointing, at least it was for me.


Around 1:20 am or so, there was some very funny action in the London bedroom as Paul and Victor shared some information with Natalie and James about conversations they've had with Paulie.  Apparently the guys were describing the type of girls they like.

Victor:  I said I like a simple girl, maybe with Converse on, some denim cutoffs, maybe a flannel shirt and a cute big deal.

Paul:  And I said black pants, black cut off shirt, black leather jacket...

But apparently Paulie went into excruciating detail about the kind of girl he likes.  Her hair had to be up in a ponytail, so he could see her face.  She needed to have on diamond earrings that were perfectly symmetrical.  She needed to wear a black dress, with everything just so....

Victor:  And she can't be walking the dog, the dog needed to be walking her.

Paul:  Yeah, so he can walk up and pet the dog before even noticing that a girl was walking it.  I swear...Fool said all this.

This was great entertainment for Natalie and James.  At least once Paul had to tell her to watch out or she would laugh so hard she would pull her neck out again.

Paul:  And Paulie's perfect date started with the sun gently waking him up...I SWEAR he said this and he goes out for a morning run to get his head right...and then he comes back in the house to make breakfast for her.

They all laughed as they recounted that Paulie's friend "Bill" would make a gourmet picnic lunch for them, and leave it on the beach to surprise Paulie's date. Paulie would tell her that he arranged everything just for her, and that his friend "Bill" helped him.

It was really funny stuff.  Paul did peek into the Tokyo Room at least once to be sure Paulie wasn't in there listening to their conversation.


Cody did a You Now broadcast in the last few days, and one of the fans apparently taped snippets of it for everyone to enjoy.  The picture quality sucks, I know, but this is Cody driving with his sister Angelina.  Here is what I heard Paulie say in some of the recorded were asking Cody questions and he briefly answered them.

*  He wants Paulie to have the Round Trip ticket, as long as he can stop "running his mouth in there".

*  Paulie is going to have to answer for the things he's said in there, it's not Cody's fault.

*  Evel Dick tries to say all sorts of things just to stay relevant. Cody doesn't bother with any of that stuff and doesn't have time to pay attention to Dick.  (Dick got into it with Papa Califiore this week on Twitter--you can read about that in this post.)

*  Cody is going to support his brother no matter what..that is what his family does, and what they will always do.

*  Cody's still here....he's not hiding.  He is busy "doing other things" and can't watch BB all of the time this summer.

*  Natalie is using James for strategy, and that is fine.  Angelina piped up and said that is what Natalie said she'd do in her intro video, and she's doing it.

*  Cody hopes that Paulie can "get his head right" in the Jury, and that "Zee will help him calm down".


Paulie did some campaigning this afternoon, but I certainly don't expect it to help his case.  For example:

*  Paulie's new direction is to make Victor the monster who can't be defeated without his help.  He was pitching to Paul, James and Natalie that he can be the one to defeat Victor, because "no one else can".  I didn't like the way they all agreed with him about Victor though....but I guess that is the game.  Paul finally said that he didn't like the way Paulie betrayed him, and would have a hard time forgiving that.

*  Paulie also says that if they keep him, he can say he approached them all individually for a sympathy vote, and had no idea that they would each give him one, mentioning Michelle as someone who would participate in this initiative.  I don't expect this to work, but at least Paulie is going down swinging.  I can respect that.

Paulie has a 12.5% chance of holding the Round Trip ticket tonight.  Corey does, too, but he won't be the one opening an envelope live on stage with Julie tonight.


  1. They did siblings once before, with Elissa. Unless you meant siblings as in more than one. :)

    1. I guess I tried to erase that whole situation from memory!

      Maybe this season was the 2nd chance for the siblings...

  2. Love your updates! I appreciate all the time you take to write them everyday.

    Regarding siblings, wasn't Elissa the first sibling to be cast in Season 15?

  3. I was SO glad when Paulie's card didn't give him the return. I thought I can finally watch the show without seeing his arrogant face. Then Julie says there is going to be another buy back into the house. I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS. Who has the best chance of coming back, Paulie? I believe if he comes back I am done watching for the season I really can't take anymore of him. His arrogant good-by speech made me sick to my stomach. Then he kisses Michele, how totally self absorbed and self centered can one person be. Was she supposed to fall to her knees and kiss his feet for getting this attention from the almighty Paulie? Please tell me I heard this wrong and there is no way for him to come back.

    1. I sure wish there was a way fans could petition CBS to NOT let this Battle-Back happen.

  4. Season 15 had a sibling, but I guess it's the first time they have more than just the one.


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