Monday, August 1, 2016

Let It Go....Let it Go..... #BB18

The PoV Ceremony occurred this morning, and as expected Paulie used the PoV to save himself, and then Paulie's subordinate Paul nominated Da'Vonne in Paulie's place.

The fix is in to blindside Da'Vonne, and has been ever since Paul won HoH and Paulie started bossing him in this direction. As you might expect, Da'Vonne was not happy about being nominated.


Bridgette got to work yesterday sorting out bowls of trail mix to pluck out the pieces of chocolate, I think.  She planned to make some slop granola bars for Corey, but unfortunately I didn't get to see the end product.

Before Frank left, he told Bridgette to just bake and then stay out of things, to let someone else become the next target in the house.  That was good advice, but it's probably what Bridgette would have done, anyway, under the circumstances.  I've heard the girls say it seems like Bridgette sleeps all of the time now, and they feel badly about that.  Da'Vonne said she saw Bridgette come out of the DR with a napkin crumpled up in her hand, and that is sad, but Michelle pointed out that Frank and Bridgette were the ones who isolated themselves.

Do you think Bridgette really hurt her knee in the PoV competition?  I guess we'll see on the Wednesday CBS episode, but having that injury, or just the threat of it, is helping her case with the guys.  Paul and Paulie have discussed how Bridgette's potential to win a competition might be impacted by the injury.  So between that and wanting to use Bridgette's votes as a number for them right now, the heat on our favorite Cabbage Patch Kid has lifted quite a bit.

James, Paul, Paulie and Zakiyah had a long conversation in the HoH room.  Zee said that Luther Vandross is her cousin on her mother's side of the family, but she had to explain to at least one of them who Luther Vandross is (a famous singer with lots of R&B hits).

Zakiyah also referred to her "donor's side of the family", which must refer to her biological father, right?  I also heard her tell someone recently that her father had children with 4 different women, and that her mother was "#2".

James talked about what to expect when they are all released into the the real world, and what it's like to get your phone back.  Paulie put a 6-digit password code on his phone that makes some sort of pattern.  He has already forgotten it, and  knows he will get 10 tries to get it right before his phone is erased.

James:  The emails start coming, and coming...

Zakiyah:  What, people just make the email address?

James:  No.  People get your real email address by googling you.

(To his credit, James did not add the word "dummy" to the end of that sentence.)

When the guys wanted to hear what will be waiting on their phones after being in the house for so long, James chose to answer by telling them how he and Meg texted each other constantly for several months, saying "how are you doing" and such as I assume they watched the CBS episodes or scoured the internet for information about BB17.

(James recently gave this texting as one of the reasons he felt Meg led him on.)

Paul wanted to know what the Jury House was like, and James said it can be "as blast as you want it to be", and then he commented that it could be a lot more fun, and made a gesture towards Zakiyah, indicating that action could be had in the Jury House.

Paul:  So I'll just be beating off.  I'm into it.

Paulie:  Don't worry....I'l give you a "bloj".....ha ha ha...just kidding!

(Um....not sure I believe that Paulie.)

(Why would he even SAY that?)

Paul: Isn't there hostility in the Jury House though?

James, thinking:  No, not really.  Shelli is the only one who threw some shade around now and then.

Zakiyah:  I never cared for the girl, personally.

James:  Like with OTEV.  We would be sitting around and talking about playing OTEV and Shelli would say "I wouldn't know about OTEV, because you guys voted me out".

Paulie said that Cody liked Jackie last year, and thought she was cute, but then he realized he meant Becky, not Jackie.  He said that Cody thought Becky was drop-dead gorgeous, and that her surgeon who put her back together after the train accident did a great job.

(Something tells me Paulie means that HE thought that, not just Cody, but can't admit that in front of Zakiyah, the Potential Bunny Boiler.)

James said Becky showed them all pictures of what she looked like after the accident, and James was amazed at her transformation.  Zakiyah, true to character, started shading Becky by asking questions about how the accident happened, wondering if Becky was being careless, or reckless, etc.

(Obviously Zakiyah didn't read this informative post by yours truly last year.)

James said that when he visited New York City, Meg wanted him to stand at the edge of the Subway platform so that the train would whoosh right by him.  James didn't want to do it, but watched Meg do it, and all of the wind that blew her hair back.  Paulie said he's seen people do that, but he would never stand there on purpose, because something could happen to make you trip, or jostle you, etc.  (Paulie is as he says, not what Meg says about this.)

James:  Meg is kind of a bad ass.

Paulie: I've met Meg, like three times, and I wouldn't mess with that.

Paulie also said that Cody likes Porsche Briggs from BB14, and that he enjoyed meeting and hanging out with Brendon and Rachel, Jeff and Jordan, Mike Boogie and Johnny Mac.

(Probably at the BB16 Finale festivities, and also Meg's charity event she held in NYC last year.)

The feeds seemed to be down for an extra-long time for the PoV ceremony.  Once again, it sounds like they may have needed to re-shoot part of it to get usable footage.  The cameras follow Da'Vonne from the London Room, where she sighed loudly, to the storage room, where she rummaged around for something.

Day got dressed up for the ceremony...she had an idea that she would be going on the block after a chat she had with Paul yesterday, where he threw that out as a possibility, but I think she still had hope someone else would take a seat in the nomination chairs.

In the kitchen, Natalie was being chipper and told James that they "can't sit across from each other" at the table anymore.  Then she apologized to Da'Vonne.

Natalie:  I'm sorry I laughed.  It wasn't funny.

(I'm thinking that her getting the giggles made them have to re-shoot parts of the ceremony.  It sounds like Nicole may have started giggling, too.)

I didn't hear Da'Vonne respond as she left the kitchen and made her way out to the hammock.

Zakiyah immediately started the chatter about how she is surprised she wasn't the one nominated, because when she went to bed last night she thought she was the one going on the block.

(A lie.)

Da'Vonne:  No...I knew.  I could tell I was goin' up.

And then Da'Vonne launched into a topic that I predict we will hear much more of this week....that she is "alone in the game", and "has no one".

(Don't expect Bridgette to cry for you Da'Vonne.)

And Day wanted to know what was so funny during the PoV ceremony, because she must have missed it.  Zee told her that James was making faces at Natalie.

Zakiyah:  Don't freak out.

Da'Vonne:  I'm not. I'm not planning on doing nothing crazy.

Upstairs Paul is angry that the girls are talking smack about him now, and he threatens to call them out in front of everybody.  Apparently this morning Michelle was angry about the situation, and said if she knew this was going to happen, she would have used her PoV last week to save Frank.  The only reason why she didn't is that Paul and Paulie assured her Bridgette would be leaving the house right after Frank.

(These girls need to play their own damn games, but instead they report to Paulie for marching orders every two seconds.)

Nicole is the one providing this information to them, of course.  And she's got Paul all cranked up about Michelle, Zakiyah, and Da'Vonne.  Nicole also told Paul that Da'Vonne is mad at her because she has gotten so close to Zakiyah, and Paul comments on how petty that is.

(If Nicole thinks that is the only reason why Day is angry with her, then she is sadly mistaken.)

Paul:  Bridgette better not fuck me next week.  Bridgette if you do that, I will kill your whole family.....I'm kidding...I'm kidding...

It sounds like Da'Vonne abruptly left the room after the PoV ceremony and didn't want to hug anybody.

Paul:  That's ridiculous, not to hug anybody. If she wants to stay so bad, she needs to get to fuckin' work and get the votes to stay.

James:  What if she has that Round Trip ticket....

(I really think she might have it in her #8 GREAT is that going to be if she comes back in with a damn vengeance!)

(And I am already dreading the now INEVITABLE live feed outage as Day fights for HoH after her victorious return to the game.)

Nicole wants to hang out with James later today and Corey pretends to be jealous.

Da'Vonne came in the HoH room next, and apparently passed Nicole on her way up there.  Nicole said Day gave her attitude when they passed each other and exchanged pleasantries..

Da'Vonne immediately got to the point, saying she thought she and Paul were better friends than that, and wondered why he didn't put up Natalie instead.

Day:  After the three weeks of hell I just went through, I didn't think you were gonna do this to me.

(Da'Vonne went through the same three weeks everybody else did.  She's not going to earn any points with that line of logic.)

Da'Vonne remembers all of the comments Paul made last week about who he'd put on the block, and wonders what changed so much once he actually had the power.  Paul pointed out that he talked to everybody in the house to get their feedback, and to ask for volunteers.

Paul:  Unless everyone is lying to me, Bridgette is going home this week.  I needed to put someone on the block who would be confident about that, so this week would run smoothly.

Paul admitted that Michelle did volunteer, but he couldn't be confident that she wouldn't explode and cause drama, because she has those tendencies, and she's never been on the block before.

Day:  Mmm  hmmm.

Paul:  Michelle is soft.  She threw an apple at me and started crying!  I don't want drama!

Day:  Mmm hmmm.

Paul:  Da'Vonne I can't control Paulie winning the PoV.

Day:  That has nothing to do with why I'm up here talking to you.

In the Have Not Room, Zakiyah is giving James perfunctory noises instead of words, as he gives her the old "it's just a game" speech.

Zakiyah is tired, ya'll.  She was busy all night getting nasty with Paulie in a bumper car.  She whispered to Nicole about it this morning, so proud of herself for getting some action.  She told Nicole that "no one else knows about it".

Oh yes we do Zakiyah.  Oh yes we do.

Meanwhile Michelle is outside asking Victor what he likes a woman to wear on a first date with him.  He says he likes a woman to look nice, but not overdressed.  He gave his "Taco Tuesday" example  as a typical date for him in New Orleans, admitting that it's better to err on the side of dressing up, not down.

Michelle thinks Victor is going to get a lot of girls after the season is over, because he's "the Clay" of the house.

Meanwhile Paulie is mad at Michelle for making a comment to Zakiyah about how "her man is always whispering with Corey and Nicole".  Michelle has always been on Paulie's radar, but now he's reevaluating her place in the lineup.

Paulie:  I definitely don't want her to win HoH in the Double Eviction....she's a SuperFan so she knows that's the time to make a big move.  She's not just going to waste it on evicting Bridgette.

James wants to tell Day that she's leaving this week, because if they don't, it's going to be very awkward.  But his boss Paulie says "NO", he doesn't want anybody to tell Day that she's leaving.

James:  It's going to be a rough three days.  I don't want to lie to her anymore.

Corey:  It's gonna be easy for me.  She never talks to me.

I forgot to post this yesterday, but you know how all of the guys have the same pair of pastel striped swim trunks, purchased for them by Production?  (They have a special pocket in them to hold their mic packs.)  Corey said that yesterday he put on his shorts, and they seemed way too tight, particularly in the crotch area.  So when he saw Paulie wearing a pair of those shorts, he asked him if the shorts seemed a little loose on him, and if it was possible that Paulie was wearing his shorts by mistake. Paulie looked at the tag and said he must have grabbed the wrong pair by mistake. key takeaway there is that Corey is much bigger "in the pants" than Paulie is.  Just thought you'd like to know.

And not 5 minutes later, there James is, having to lie to Da'Vonne in the storage room.

Day: Are they trying to flip the vote?

James:  I didn't hear that, but they did say you were kind of freaking out.

Day:  Please keep listening for me James, and let me know what you hear.

(James is really playing a shit game this year, not being able to make his own damn decisions.)

Day:  And please tell Natalie that I'm not mad at her for giggling at me.....not at all.

(Day, trying to cover her tracks now, and get a grip on her emotions.)

Last night Natalie wanted to play a prank on James, so she got Bridgette to help her with a good one.  They put James' pair of Crocs in two separate Ziploc bags and submerged them in a dark broth of cinnamon, spices, and beef boullion.  They planned to tell the guys that there was meat in there to be defrosted for dinner, and then let them be surprised at what is in the bag later.

But Natalie ended up telling the guys about the prank, giggling up a storm. So just now Victor took James in the storage room and showed him the frozen shoes.

Victor:'s your little shoe in there!

James:  America, you see this?  THIS MEANS WAR.

Victor went to the sink to defrost the Crocs for James, telling him that the shoes "smell like cinnamon" now.

Victor:  You gotta admit it was a good one.

James:  Yeah, it was, but she's gonna pay now.

James took Natalie's running shoes and wrapped them in a lot of plastic wrap, to protect them from the water.

I would be so PISSED if someone did that to my running shoes.  I actually got fitted for a new pair yesterday after being filmed running on a treadmill, and having my gait analyzed.  I also stood and posed different ways on a machine that made custom orthotics to put inside my new shoes....if James even so much as touched them I would knock his ass out.  Or try to, anyway.

I'll bet getting whacked with a frozen shoe would hurt, and maybe leave a mark. Just a guess.

James:  And she's gonna want to work out tonight.  It's gonna be so funny when she can't find her shoes.

James tossed everything out of the freezer to make way for Natalie's shoes, and then stacked all of the food neatly in front of them.  Then James really went overboard, but doing the same thing to some or all of Natalie's makeup.

That is really not cool.  Makeup can be extremely expensive, and difficult to replace if you're in the BB house.

Meanwhile Natalie is making James an apology breakfast for some sort of minor spat they had last night.  She ended up burning the toast, but James ate it anyway.

Just moments later, Natalie was frantically searching for her running shoes, and was already blaming James for hiding them.  We got to see a now-rare glimpse of Bridgette as she celebrated Da'Vonne going up on the block, because she knows she is probably going to stay in the house this week.

Natalie was happy about that, but she wanted her shoes.

Natalie:  I'm going to get fat if I don't run.  And I have to have those shoes because I get shin splints.

James ended up telling Natalie where everything was before the shoes had a chance to freeze up.


Voting is open for the next Care Package, but please be strategic about this.  Who really needs to nullify two votes for NEXT WEEK's eviction?  (Not this one, because the  Care Package won't be dropped until Sunday, apparently.)

Here is Janelle's advice about it.

But here is what a poll on Joker's currently reports:

The power to nullify votes needs to go to someone who actually knows what is going on in the house, so the nullified votes will actually make a difference in the game.  Surely you know that Da'Vonne herself won the ability last year to nullify THREE votes (via the Kathy Griffin phone call), and not only did Day fuck that opportunity up,  that was actually the vote that sent her home! And remember that the ENTIRE HOUSE will know who won this prize, and exactly what the prize is all about.  So the odds of being able to use it successfully are SLIM, and the odds of not pissing someone off if you do use it are NONE.

I think getting this particular Care Package would be a curse, because you have some power, but not enough to really do anything without causing a huge ruckus.

I'll just say it: I don't like the Care Package twist, because the later twists are going to have way too much influence on the game, and people still don't seem to realize that once a house guest wins a Care Package, they can't win again this season.

Just look at that list of house guests above, and think about that for a minute.  Can you even pick four different people that you'd like to see have any sort of advantage?


  1. I think Da & Bridget (possibly) are the only ones who wouldn't do exactly as Paulie says with the nullified votes.
    About Paulies bj joke, I mentioned before that I think he bats for both teams (not that it matters). Did you see the pictures of him and some guy rollerskating together in their jockstraps? But maybe that's just how men party together when women aren't around. I don't know.
    Paulie looked right at the camera during last night's shenanigans. He knows we know. I just don't think he cares.
    I've never had shoes designed just for me. I usually just wear Docs or Converse, which are bad for your feet.:/ I bet the specialty shoes are amazing.
    What do you think would have happened if someone took Helen's (bb15) tennis shoes? She ran constantly, if I remember correctly.

    1. lol I tuned in to Jokers this morning to see written about Zakiyah and Paulie doing stuff and was like ''ok I'll check back later, nothing of import going on here.'' Seriously, Paulie gave in. It's funny how Paulie's minion thinks he's running the show. Now all the little yellow minions are running around laughing at Paul and trying to steal his banana.

  2. I am so ready for someone to flip the house on Paulie...he is driving me nuts!!! Your blog rocks, thanks for keeping us updated!!

  3. oh..that will be the game move of the season..and if they wait about two weeks ..the numbers can happen..possibly Double Eviction him being second..but whatever the week..PP or James don't have HOH...ITS BACK DOOR TIME..for paulie..they will have one shot deal cause he does have the numbers..but after about two weeks thats less to convince.

  4. I feel like James is being careful not to reveal anyone's secrets so that it doesn't come back on him. That's why his has trust in the bank right now with so many people.
    I don't think it's time to flip the script as Getting rid of Bridgette doesn't really hurt Paulie and would only show his hand. It isn't worth it honestly, wait for a bigger target.

    Paulie is playing an excellent game. I feel like he sensed that he was pushing zak into the enemy zone because he honestly doesn't really like her, per their fights and his comments. So one night of hooking up reels her back in. Genius really, and I find it hard to believe it wasn't calculated. He's like Derrick 2.0, but Paul isn't as dumb as Cody, so we'll see how this goes.


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