Tuesday, July 12, 2016

This, That, and The Other, Featuring Filthy Gossip. #BB18

Yesterday (Monday), the PoV ceremony was held and Bridgette chose not to use her PoV, leaving Tiffany, Paul and Bronte on the block this week.

Tiffany held it together, but part of the success of that effort is likely due to the fact that Tiffany really has no idea that she was the original target this week.  There is a pretty good chance that Tiffany will be evicted on Thursday, but I guess a miracle could still happen.

If Tiffany gets any sort of hint that her original alliance has turned on her, and wants her gone, I think she has several opportunities to flip the script.  She only needs 5 votes, and she knows that Frank is on the outs with just about everyone, even though Frank is not aware of that.

She could say, "why are you evicting the person the Frank wants you to evict?", and keep stressing that she is going after Frank if it's the last thing she does. I would also point out that blindsiding Frank with a "keep Tiffany" vote might throw him off and hurt his HoH performance.

(Or make him perform like a big angry Grizzly bear.)

She could even go to Frank, and tell him that everyone is after him, so they can form a new group with some of the people on the outskirts of the game.  I think Tiffany has calmed down enough that she might be able to influence a few people.  And she has not made any sketchy moves in the last week that indicate she's going to put a knife in someone's back.

Potential Votes to Save Tiffany & Evict Bronte

Michelle  (HATES Bronte)
Da'Vonne  (knows that Tiffany is on her side)
Zakiyah  (does she follow orders from Da'Vonne?)
Corey  (has broached the topic of keeping Tiffany)
Nicole  (may realize that Tiffany is a vote for their side)

I feel like this list of votes is kind of a stretch, but if Tiffany can get Da'Vonne and Nicole on her side I think they can make it work.

Outside the mood was more carefree.  Nicole soaked in some rays.

Natalie did, too.

Michelle soaked up some sun, too.  At one point Frank came outside and hollered over at Michelle to see if she put on any sunscreen.  I couldn't hear her response but I think she said "no" based on Frank's reaction to her reaction.

Michelle is not someone whose skin tans very easily.  She burns, and then heals, peels, and flakes.  As a former Semi-Professional Tanner from Florida, I can promise you that people like Michelle can eventually brown their skin, but you have to use sunscreen and work slowly.

Natalie was probably born tan, with that Latin blood.  She does use sunscreen, though, so that should be a good lesson for Michelle, if Michelle is open to it.  But "Big Meech" does not like any of the Spy Girls and is unable and/or also unwilling to hide that, so she's probably not taking any tanning tips from "Nat Nat".

Natalie is wondering how fat she is, laying out in the BB backyard.  She's checking to see if there is anything new under there, just waiting to pop out.

Nicole and Paul sat and chatted in the shade.  Now that Paul knows all about the Big Plot to evict Frank, Nicole seems very paranoid about Paul falling for Frank and his persuasive stories.

Paul:  Don't worry about that.

Nicole wanted to hear a story, so Paul launched into one of his many travel stories.  He talked about how cheap it is to buy a round-trip ticket to London, and Paulie chimed in from across the yard.   Most of the prices there were throwing out there were in the $500 - $600 range, and Nicole was pleasantly surprised.

But Nicole shouldn't get too excited, because those two guys are both flying out of big cities, with lots of direct flight options.  Nicole would probably have to first catch a flight to Cincinnati, or maybe Atlanta, so that would jack up her flight costs quite a bit.

Paul recommends using AirBnB but unbelievably Nicole had never heard of it.  How can that be?  I would NEVER use AirBnB but I certainly know what it is and how it works....and I've also heard a few AirBnB horror stories, too.

(I use VRBO, though, because it is easy to find vacation rentals that allow me to bring my dog.)

Paul tells an AirBnB story where the AirBnB host sat around and talked to them and how great that was.

(What?  Oh HELL no.)

Paul enjoys meeting new people through his travels and doing things like a local does.  He said he even took his girlfriend back to that AirBnB on another vacation and the host cooked a big meal for them.

So that's nice.  I know I'm the one being a bitch about it here. I'm used to the hotel life.

And speaking of bitches, here comes Big Meech.  And she's steaming mad about Frank yelling at her like that.  The nerve of that beast Frank to speak to her about using sunscreen....

Um...Frank is being funny, and being loud is part of his personality.  Michelle and Nicole both know that, and since Frank was Nicole's pre-season favorite she knows that, too.  Both of them have gotten plenty of giggles out of Frank in the past few weeks.

People just love to pile on other people whose chips are down, but both of these girls---Nicole and especially Michelle, are going to cry and wail like banshees when they are the house guests who are being piled on.

We've already seen that from both of them this summer.

Paul broke out some cigarettes earlier today.  He says he doesn't "really" smoke, but he likes to have a pack and a lighter with him every time he goes out.  He smoked earlier in the backyard and everyone said he smelled like smoke afterwards when he walked through the house.

(Probably the beard, right?  As a teenager I used to put my hair up in a baseball cap when I smoked so the smell wouldn't get in my hair, and my mother wouldn't smell it.)

Paul didn't have a lighter earlier, so he lit his cigarette off the stove.

Paul:  I did it the rock and roll way but I got in trouble.

He must have requested a lighter from the DR because he and Frank have been waiting to share a smoke for quite a while.  Nicole cautioned Paul, "no to fall for it" when spending time with Frank and Paul told her not to worry.

Frank took a deep puff and I could feel the head rush from here.

Frank:  It almost feels like I'm doing something wrong...sorry Mama!

Frank says he smoked somebody else's cigarettes for the first two weeks of BB14, and his Mama asked him not to do that this time.  He likes to smoke now and then after drinking, but Paul says he's not really that type of smoker.

Frank:  Sometimes if Ashton has a bad day at work, she asks me to go out and share a smoke with her.

Paul says that having smokes and a lighter is very useful in meeting people, and he says that often he's ended up party hopping or spending more time with people he met earlier in the evening, outside smoking.  He also likes to offer girls lights, and says it is a great way to start conversations or to share some private conversation.

(This is precisely why Derrick brought a pack of smokes with him to the BB16 house, but he never got to smoke them.  He did use them to prank Victoria, though.)

Paulie toasts his body in the California sun.

Natalie tries to pinch an inch on her upper thighs....

....and holds her breath......

...and checks to see if her stomach is jiggling.


"Princess Victoria" was very close with Nicole during BB16.  I wondered if Victoria was watching the show and pulling for her friend.  Turns out the answer is "yes" and "hell yes".

What else is going on with Victoria?  Looks like she's having fun to me.  No shortage of abs in the Miami area, that's for sure.  She looks fantastic, too.

I wondered if Hayden Voss has had anything else to say about Nicole, particularly after the latest CBS episode made a big deal out of the whole Corey situation.  I found that Hayden hasn't tweeted at all since his lone Nicole tweet on BB18 premiere night.

Is Hayden sitting home heartbroken, watching the live feeds out of desperation?  Or is he so busy out partying and socializing that he's not even watching the show at all?

Probably a little of both.

By the way, this is Hayden's new look, with the 80's hair and all.  He works at a gym in Chicago now.  He does look great, but just like Nicole, I don't know him anymore since he cut his hair.

And Ian Terry has finally given in to Big Meech, and begrudgingly pledged himself to her.  But it's the least he can do after all of the shout outs Michelle has put his name on.

And in case you don't know  qt3.14 = Cutie Pie, in Ian Speak.

I wonder if Bronte could figure that out?

And then I hopped over to Christine's twitter, to see if she is pulling for her old friend Nicole.  Turns out she is so fond of Nicole that she can't even bear to watch.  I have to admit I was also wondering if she was rooting for Paulie, since he's Cody's true Big Brother.

Christine is right, you know.  There is a lot of evil going on out there.  I think that's part of the tradition for some "fans".  They don't just love to hate the show and the house guests, they live to spew hate all over the entire community.


OK.  If you don't want to hear the really tawdry news and gossip, then you better leave now.

I haven't heard James say too much about BB17, other than the fact that he won America's Favorite Player, and that he's playing two seasons in a row.  But the other night, he started talking about the various hook ups in the BB17 house.

James is laying in bed here, talking to Frank and Bronte about the various BB17 house guest hook ups.  Around the 45 second mark, they start talking about Audrey....and Clay.  And in code, too, because they both know how sensitive this topic may be.  (Even Frank, so that is saying something.)

Bronte has NO IDEA what or who they are talking about, getting Steve confused with their conversation at one point, but watch this and then we'll meet right back here to discuss it.

So...I'm not surprised about this.  In fact, I think it was all pretty obvious if you were tuned into social media last year about this time...both Clay and Audrey were out and about quite a bit after they were both evicted.  She went to Texas, he visited her in Georgia....and he was originally her partner in the Sequester concept.

I even watched part of a You Now broadcast where the two of them were live in Clay's house in Texas, making breakfast.  Frankly I'm just as ashamed of that last sentence as Clay appears to be.

(You can see that here, near the bottom of the rather long post.)

I wouldn't have actually been willing to say they hooked up, but James said it, not me.   I guess Clay heard all about it, wherever he is, because he issued a sort of haughty and mysterious tweet, that was re tweeted by Audrey.

I immediately understood the importance of the matter, so I re-tweeted Audrey's tweet. But as you can see, Clay's tweet is "unavailable".  I think Clay's tweet said something about gossip being for "adolescent girls and desperate housewives".

(Ooooh sick burn dude.)

This young lady must have set Clay off, because he blocked her.  I don't follow Clay, but I didn't follow Caleb Reynolds, either, and he managed to block my ass.  Ha ha ha.

I wonder if Da'Vonne has sympathy for Clay in this situation, since she knows the BB fans can be quite harsh.


I found these pictures a few days ago, and will share them with you now.   Let's start slowly, with a tame picture of Paulie.  I think he's about to wrestle with us here.

And here Paulie is just giving us a come-hither glare.

And this is just plain filthy.  You're welcome.


  1. Wow, those Paulie photos. In the second one he appears to have Neil Young sideburns circa 1969, and it is a damn good look. or maybe it is a shadow, since my reading glasses are nowhere nearby. Has it ever been mentioned that Cody and Paulie's Dad did modeling back in the day? Maybe it is the combo of Mama and Daddy genes that makes those brothers so photogenic.

  2. The video seems unavailable for me, a shame.

    Natalie needs to take a good look in the mirror and realise she 's fine and not fat. I think it's the whole Cheerleader thing. I know someone who used to be a chearleader. They had to have more muscle than fat, had to have flat stomachs, had to monitor their weight, as though they were overweight and some coaches really lay it on thick with the psychological abuse, so I wouldn't be surprised if that was it. Repeat something to someone so many times and make threats they will lose their job (in this case) and out of fear they believe you. It was kinda like that when I was abused. The guy made me feel disgusted with my body. I'm so happy to look at myself today and realise I'm a hawt momma, well step-momma, but wtv. I just hope Natalie realises it too. She has a beautiful body.

  3. those pic's are both cody and the last one is some random dude.

    1. Ha ha ha ha. At least the picture is filthy though. Right?


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