Friday, July 8, 2016

The Scrambling Begins....Everyone Lies to Someone, But Some Lie to Everyone. #BB18

Before we delve into the events last night, I have three pictures leftover from yesterday to deal with, and a few other items to discuss.

This is Tiffany during a visit to Paulie's HoH room.  She started off calmly, and then told him that she thought they were friends, and had built some trust with each other, but she can tell by the way people are treating her that she's on the outs.

Paulie got up to come over and hug her, but I don't think he followed through with the hug.  I think she waved him off from touching her, as she tried to control her emotions.

Also I watched Vanessa's live interview with McCrae and his other guest Johnny Mac live last night.  She was in pretty good spirits, and gave a great game analysis that was both shrewd and honest.  Vanessa is going to be a big asset to the Big Brother community---I hope she sticks with it after this season.  Johnny Mac was good, too, and had interesting things to say about both Da'Vonne and James.

I don't know why Spencer chose to leave the On The Block podcast, but one of the problems with the OTB "Network" is that they do not upload all of their shows to podcatchers, or even consistently to YouTube.  I couldn't even find any of the Survivor ATF shows on YouTube last season.  McCrae needs to spends some time on distribution, or find an intern to help him work on the technical part.

Spencer was a crucial part of the OTB shows because he was the articulate host and McCrae provided the color commentary and some jokes. McCrae needs a co-host like Spencer who can run things---you can only say "I dunno" so many times before you're wasting someone like Vanessa's time.

Not trying to shade OTB---just saying I hope Spencer comes back soon, and this is a good podcast to listen to if you have the time.  Vanessa talks about Tiffany's casting experience and I know we all love to hear that sort of backstage information.

Also, Vanessa mentioned how Tiffany's casting experience with The Amazing Race blew up---I wonder if this was the "trauma" that Tiffany mentioned on the live feeds that occurred last fall.

(I discussed that here.)

Tiffany said the "trauma" happened in October and November, and then a little in January, but everything is fine now.  I'm thinking this is related to TAR, and maybe even this girl in the picture below.  Jason tweeted this a few days after Tiffany made the statement, so maybe the picture is related to that, but maybe not.  I asked Jason via Twitter who Krystal was, but he did not respond.  I didn't expect him to, but sometimes you never know....

Anyway this picture was probably taken in late October or early November, when Jason went out to Vegas to spend Halloween weekend at Vanessa's house.  Or I guess it could have been taken during the BB17 finale weekend in LA.  But we all saw the pictures the Twins posted with Tiffany in their Halloween Playboy Bunny costumes, so I just kind of assume that weekend is when Tiffany partied with the group.

Tiffany looking fierce in this picture, by the way.

And here is a picture I took of Victor Thursday morning, his last day in the house.  He might come back, of course, if he wins the Battle Back, but for right now he is out of the game.  I was CRINGING during Victor's live speech.  What the hell was that?

One thing that happens every year is that the house guests answer Julie's live questions with a lot of inside joke-type stuff, since their world has reduced to a certain small area, with the same small group of people everyday whose main connection is the time they've spent in the Big Brother house.  Usually only the live feeders really get the inside jokes, but I have no idea what Victor was talking about in his speech.

After the live show they discussed how Victor said "the eff word" on his way out of the door.  Frank also mentioned Victor giving out his Instagram account info, saying that even though Victor knew he might be leaving, you still want to follow the rules on your way out, in case they "throw you a bone later".

Frank:  You know those three rules you just told us about for the live show?  Well I just disrespected two of them!

Paul:  What are the three rules again?

Frank:  No swearing, no shout outs, and no singing.

(Note that Paul gave his mom and dad a shout out after he placed his live vote for Victor in the DR.  Production does not look kindly on any of that, but they did seem to love it when Rancey Pants was on the scene.)

(Frank said that Victor went in for a group hug with the guys and said "now let me get the fuck out of here".)

Frank came in yesterday morning and told a story about having a dream that he was walking around looking for a private place in the house to masturbate.  And then he woke up in that same situation.

Victor agreed that the mornings in the house can be tough for that reason.  So maybe he's having a better morning today, as he prepares for his interview with Big Jeff.


Tiffany and Natalie sat in in the living room, talking low about where things stand around there.  I'm sure Natalie knows that she is safe from all of Bridgette's nominations, and that no one is really looking to put her up as Road Kill....Bronte would be the one to sit in the chair before Natalie does.

Natalie:  I've got dirt on people in here, and I won't be afraid to use it if I need to.

Tiffany:  What?  Dirt on people?

Natalie:  Yep.  I won't be scared to put people up if I'm HoH.

After constantly hating on Frank for the last few days, Nicole now wants to talk to him about what Bridgette's plans may be this week.

Frank:  At first she said she'd nominate either you or Corey, but now I don't think that is the case.  I know she doesn't want to nominate anybody on Team Unicorn, because those are her friends.

Nicole:  Team Unicorn?  Oh...

Frank:  So she has to pick from the Freakazoids or Big might be Tiffany and Paul.

Nicole:  Yeah...try to get her to put up one from each team.

Frank:  I told her that I didn't think any of the vets were coming after her, and that me and Corey are bros and I can protect her from him.

(That is exactly what Frank has been trying to do, protect Bridgette, and his entire alliance has been crucifying him for it.)

Corey came in and is clearly worried about the situation.  He was on top of the world a few hours ago, thinking that his new alliance with Nicole, Paulie, Zakiyah, and Da'Vonne would get him deep into the game without obstacles.  Corey and Paulie even had the conversation that we hear every year about how they're going to "trade off winning all of the competitions every week".

But then Bridgette won the HoH.  These kids thought Bridgette was just a background player, an extra, and never really thought she would have any power over them.

Corey: ....the one person none of us talk to....

Paulie comes in looking demonic with his shifty eyes and cereal bowl.  I have to say that Paulie is nothing like I expected him to be, in a good way.  His voice still sounds just like Cody to me, but his words are tougher....edgier....Paulie is dangerous in a way Cody was not.

I heard Paulie tell Tiffany that he handles beef with people in a certain way, because he is Italian.  I think he was basically saying that he would play it cool with his enemies and then hit them with a surprise attack.  Real tough guy stuff, but he has the fluffy side to him that allows him to have great relationships with everyone in the house.

No one is talking about targeting Paulie now, but I bet they will once Frank leaves.  Paulie should think about that.

So, about the cereal.  Paulie said he mixed three of his favorite cereals together, and he does this all of the time.  (Honey Bunches of O's, Raisin Bran, and Frosted Mini Wheats).

Paulie: It's really good this way.

Frank has never thought of combining cereals, but he does combine his grapefruit juice with some canned pineapple juice from time to time.  BB calls Bridgette to the Diary Room and they hear Michelle yell from the kitchen that it might be time for her HoH room.

Paulie and Frank chuckle about Michelle, and how Bridgette knows Michelle doesn't like her.

Corey is sad, sad, sad.

Let's not forget that Corey was almost eliminated on his second day in the house, during that down-to-the-wire competition against Glenn.  It's hard to imagine what the scene would be like in the house if that had happened.

Corey must have been really sad after that near miss.

Nicole is now stressing out about Corey being upset with her.

Nicole:  He's going to vote me out now...he won't want me on his team.

Paulie:  What?

Nicole:  I was so bad tonight and lost on live TV. He was depending on me and I let him down.  I can see that he's disappointed, and he probably hates me now.

(Oh my god.  Get a grip girl.)

Paulie:  No...

Nicole:  He said that Tiffany sucked, but she did better than me!  I sucked on live TV!  I hate that he's so let down.

Paulie:  No, I don't think so.  I would never think that way about a team. You have to work together to be stronger.  You can't be negative with your team.

(Paulie actually told Bridgette earlier that he believed her constant positive energy helped her win the competition.)

Frank told Nicole what Bridgette told him about Michelle leaving the room whenever she comes in, and how Nicole usually leaves right afterwards.

Frank:  Just giving you a heads up about that.

Nicole: Oh...okay.  Thanks Frank.

Frank told them that Bridgette told him that Tiffany told her about Vanessa being her sister.

Frank:  I told you that Tiffany would try to use that as a bargaining chip.  Bridgette already knew that, since Tiffany waited so long to be honest with her about it, so she thought it was sketchy.

Frank left the room and Nicole wanted to know if the conversation with Bridgette happened as Frank described it.  Paulie said he only came in on the last 10 minutes, but he didn't hear Bridgette say names...only Tiffany's name.

Paulie:  We just need to be sure we keep our group of five safe. Paul cannot win the PoV this week...and Frank has got to go next week.

Nicole:  Yeah.

(Right.  That is all easy to say, but much harder to execute.)

Michelle came in to announce that some "bomb mashed potatoes" are ready in the kitchen.

Michelle is wearing her last set of extensions tonight.  Her other, newer set of extensions got ruined when she put them in the washing machine with her clothes.

(You can see Michelle's trashed extensions here.)

Paulie:  We just can't let Natalie or Bronte win the Road Kill comp.  No one is falling for Bronte's shit in here anymore.

Da'Vonne does not handle this sort of stress well---the uncertainty about whether she is a target or not.  And this is uncharted territory for her, being in the game going into the third week of play.

She walked right by the Nairobi Lounge door and kept going.  I included this picture to show the airplane wallpaper (too busy) and what I think is supposed to be a cloudy sky.  Or is it a pan of brownies with marshmallows on top, ready for baking?

(I have the munchies, obviously.)

Tiffany came in and exchanged some pleasantries with the group before probing them for information.  Paulie came right out and told Tiffany to expect to be nominated, but that they have the numbers to save their group as long as they can avoid being nominated together, or win the Road Kill and put up someone else.

Nicole said they need to be careful about hanging around together---she planned immediately to stop hanging around Corey so much, and hang with Paulie instead, since he's on Bridgette's team.  She also told Day that they need to keep away from each other, too, so Bridgette won't think they are all working together.

(Meanwhile Michelle just listens, and learns.)

When Da'Vonne came in the room she and Frank were yelling at each other about some sort of Dance Off they had.  Da'Vonne did a few moves to demonstrate how she won.  A few hours later, Da'Vonne and Frank had a Big Problem.  I don't think it was captured on the live feeds, but you could hear Day scream at Frank to "stop smacking her on her ass".

Then she went into a room to cry, and when Frank followed her in there she ran to the DR.  She later said she "reported Frank to the Supervisor".

(Da'Vonne needs to calm the fuck down and try to keep a low profile right now.  She is the one at risk right now, not Frank.  In fact, if Production sits Frank down and tells him to STOP THAT he might just get the hint and STOP THAT.  And Da'Vonne doesn't want that...she wants Frank to keep irritating the girls if she wants him gone.)

So this might be BUTTGATE, or whatever.  Frank is the star of this show, though, so Da'Vonne better simmer down and not pull a Sue Hawk All Stars move right now.  Don't make Frank tell Bridgette that Da'Vonne needs to go.....because he can do that right up until the PoV ceremony on Monday.

When they were alone, Tiffany asked Nicole if "she was toast".  Nicole told her no, that they had the votes to save her, like they did tonight.

Tiffany:  But Frank will try to work it like that, so I go home.

James slipped in and took a seat in the back of the room.  He had information to share, and was pretty stealthy about sharing it.  It was bad news.

James:  I heard Bridgette tell Natalie and Bronte they were both safe.

James is talking in the picture below, keeping his lips tight like a ventriloquist.

James:  And Frank is in the storage room talking to Bronte.

Everyone acted like Frank talking to Bronte is the end of the world, but weren't they all just begging Frank to work with Bridgette to save them this week?  And isn't Bronte part of Bridgette's group?

Paulie remembers the exchange he had with Julie Chen, who was noticeably salty with him on the live show.

Paulie:  Enjoy the room....and not the power?  Fuck me!

(Yes, Julie was VERY SHADY with that comment, implying that Paulie didn't think Bridgette would have any power.  Julie is into Girl Power, too.)

(Does anyone remember Julie telling Frank she was his "home skillet" during one of the BB14 live shows?  He was wearing his "Julie Chen is My HomeGirl" T-shirt.)

Nicole, Michelle and Zakiyah went to sit on the couch upstairs, where they could low talk without being heard, and still keep tabs on the action in the kitchen and living room.

Note that the Have Nots are still Have Nots through Friday, and there will be new Have Nots on Saturday (I think that is the schedule.).  Da'Vonne mixed up a bowl of slop and said she feels like a servant in there, having to eat last, whatever food is left.

(Get that chip off your shoulder, Da'Vonne.  Act as if.)

Nicole tells the girls that Tiffany asked her "am I toast?" and is now trashing Tiffany, saying that she only cares about herself in there.  Nicole is also very upset with Paulie telling Tiffany that she was going to go on the block.

Nicole: Now she's going to go talk to Bridgette, and try to make a deal with her to stay off the block!  Paulie never should have told her that.  I need to tell Frank about that.

(WHAT THE HELL?  Of course Tiffany is going to try and save herself...what do these people think she's going to do?  And why is Nicole's only plan to fight that to "tell Frank about it"?  Play your own game Nicole.)

(In the end though, we have to admit that these 4 veterans are doing EXACTLY the same things they did in their original seasons.  I never thought I would be quoting Amanda Zuckerman, but as one of her ugly tattoos says "wherever you go, there you are".)

Frank came upstairs and Nicole filled him in on what Paulie told Tiffany.

Frank:  Well, she's going to be a Have Not, and she's going to be on the block, and I'm gong to make sure I Frazzle Dazzle her ass this week, so she won't be able to win anything.

They all giggled at that.  I guess it's okay if someone else gets the Frazzle Dazzle treatment.

(Hypocrites, aren't we all?)

Natalie celebrated Victor being gone by talking just a little bit more trash about him.  She would be happy never to see him again.

(Didn't he just say he wasn't interested in a relationship with her?  And isn't it clear that they aren't suited for each other in any way?   And doesn't this just pave the way for Victor to return to the game after the Battle Back?)

Natalie needs to get that chip off her shoulder, too.

Corey and Tiffany commiserated about their nomination worries.  Tiffany has been asking the guys their advice on talking to Bridgette for a deal.  Corey basically gave her reasons why she didn't need to do that, but maybe he should consider that, too.

Tiffany is good at being physical with the guys in a manner that seems non-threatening, but intimate.  She is able to create a feel of privacy by the way she sits with them. She may not even be conscious of it, but it's a good skill.

Da'Vonne ate her slop.  They are all wondering who the new group of Have Nots will be.  Nicole's Team Freakazoid was the first team out, so they expect to be the Have Nots.  But Paul suggested that it might be the four people with the lowest points in the game.

They won't know until later, but Paul advised everyone to eat up now, just in case.

Da'Vonne:  If Team Big Sister has to do it for the third time.....good luck....self-evict....I'm out!

I can't imagine how Corey (or Frank) would fit into those bumper cars.  James says he kind of likes sleeping in them, but he's only around 5'3", I think.  Corey is about 6'5", so that's a different story.  No wonder he is so down in the dumps tonight.

I never noticed that popcorn machine in that room.

This is Tiffany with a paper cup to her ear, trying to eavesdrop on the conversation next door.  (The Have Not room, I think.)

Paulie is in the next bed and is laughing at Tiffany, who jumps back down and pulls the covers up when she hears someone come in the room.  Paulie has a plastic cup that might work better, he says, but it has water in it right now.

Would this be the wall that had all of those silver chains on it last year, where Audrey slept?  Because she could hear through that wall, too.

Tiffany needs to do more fun things like this to stay lighthearted around there.  There are going to be plenty of other stressed out crybabies in that house this week, so she should use that to her advantage.

Frank and James sat in the Have Not room and talked.  Was Tiffany hearing this through her paper cup?

Frank wondered who they should target if Tiffany wins the PoV...should they go after Corey?  James said he might be into that, if they have the votes to do it.

Frank turned towards the cameras to talk to us.

Frank:  Hey, I like Corey and Paulie....I like both of ya'll if you're ever watching this...I just don't want to go to the end with you!  They can both come back next year!

James cosigned that.  But what does James really think?  I've heard him trash Frank, and say that he can't believe Frank won America's Favorite Player, but surely James knows he needs to keep a big target like Frank in the house as long as he can.  Everybody in there is lying to someone, and some are lying to everyone, so you have to weigh other factors, not just what some other liar said about what another liar told them.

A few other notable topics I heard on the live feeds:

*  They discussed the two "ball boys" who were working in the backyard during the HoH competition.  Paul said he is sure that both of those kids had parents who called in favors to get them that gig. But Frank disagreed, saying that one of them was "the guy who was on the roof during the PoV".

Frank:  Remember the guy I mooned?  He gave me a look tonight like....(**a semi-sneer**)

Paul:  I kept telling the one near me "you go girl" and he was getting mad.

*  Frank described Spam as "baloney and bacon in a cube", but says that the Have Nots should hope to get a protein-filled "extra" food like that, instead of just berries.  Bridgette says that Spam fried and served with rice and seaweed is a delicious dish they should all try.

*  Bridgette is going to try and make a cranberry shortbread with the leftover berries.  She will  need a lot of butter to make that, she says.  She made a cranberry lemon shortbread for some sort of holiday gathering at the hospital and everyone loved it.

*  Frank wants to request a few packages of Oreos, and then tells us what to do with them.  He said to take a whole package and crush them up fine, and then mix in some cream cheese.  You roll them into balls and refrigerate them before eating them.

Frank:  They are so good...they are addictive.

Bridgette wants to make peanut butter clusters, too.


  1. Petty disappointed you think Day should just "calm down". Frank has been sexually harassing her. Touching someone else's body, especially something demeaning like hitting someone on their butt without their consent is uncool no matter what the situation is. The way Day responded sounded like this behavior from Frank is ongoing and this time was the last straw. maybe she didn't really assertively say "no" the other times he did it as to play it cool and keep a low profile. Harassment should not be tolerated in any way. This isn't about the game, this is about respecting another human being.

  2. I actually watch all of the house guests on the live feeds, and have since the feeds went live in June. I'm not just watching highlights on YouTube and grabbing a pitchfork over what I think is happening in there.

    I do think Day needs to calm down, and Frank needs to start thinking before he acts or speaks with some of the girls.

    Production is aware of the situation, and Frank has apologized to her. The game continues.

  3. Tiffany had moved to another state to be with a lover who dumped or cheated on her, that's what that November/January "painful" thingy was. She told that story in the house early on but no one really cares about her one way or another, they just stay away because she can go haywire at any time and they want an end to her drama. I'm sure she's out this week failing a POV for herself.

    1. No, that is two separate incidents for Tiffany. I know because I actually watch the live feeds and I heard her tell the girls about it.

      The first incident began in October 2015, and the other incident occurred in 2014.

      But don't let the facts get in the way of your story, Anonymous. Stay classy out there.


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