Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Not A Creature Was Stirring, Except These Creatures. #BB18

First of all, I don't really care to see people getting it on in the Big Brother house.  The atrocities that were witnessed during BB9 (everybody with nearly everybody) and BB10 (April and Ollie) were more than enough for me.

WAY MORE then enough for me.

But the Nicole and Corey situation is a little different.  Nicole popped out of that big blue trunk this year and immediately told the audience that she ruined her game last time "over a boy", and that she would not be doing that this season.  Well....like every other woman, I guess Nicole has exercised her right to change her mind.

But this relationship looks far more damaging to Nicole's BB18 game than her relationship with Hayden Voss during BB16.  Nicole and Hayden were an unlikely couple that started as friends, and then solidified their romance in the Jury House.  With Corey, Nicole has been star-struck by him from the beginning, and has said that he is the perfect man, is a "perfect 10", and other various and sundry superlatives (and exaggerations).

And having someone like Zakiyah around to giggle and gossip with about the showmance isn't helping Nicole, either, because I think the talks that they have about their showmances just fuel the fire and make it even more of a focus for Nicole. (Zakiyah has already made up names for the children she and Paulie will have....)

So.....I had no intention of watching all of the action, but I did wonder if some of the info floating around out there from overnight is true.  It seems to be true, but thank goodness there were two other people who were also awake at that hour that I could watch on the live feeds.

I'll Say This:  Nicole knows better.

Bridgette and Frank were in the hammock, chatting and laughing.  I know Bridgette and Tiffany had planned to stay up all night, but it certainly looks like Tiffany must have tagged out at some point.  When I tuned in, I heard the following:

Frank: .....I've done every kind of illegal activity under the sun....


During the FISH I was thinking, yeah, maybe some drugs here and there, or a little DUI, but EVERY illegal activity?  That's a lot....but then the feeds came back and apparently Frank was quoting lines from the movie "Spring Breakers", starring James Franco.  Bridgette was amazed that Frank could quote so many lines, but we didn't get to hear many of them, apparently, due to copyright laws and all.

One topic these two really connect on is the topic of food.  Frank just loves to discuss food, which is actually one reason why I really liked him on BB14.  Frank launches into a story about a place he likes to go in Charlotte called the Sunflour Bakery.  He pointed out the special spelling of the name so Bridgette could enjoy the pun.

Frank:  I'm gonna go ahead and throw my girlfriend under the bus!

Frank told Bridgette that they like to to to the Sunflour Bakery on Sunday mornings and pick up breakfast sandwiches, which they sometimes order on cheddar biscuits or homemade croissants.

Frank:  They also make home made pop tarts, and these great big fresh cinnamon rolls.

Bridgette:  Oh, I love cinnamon rolls, but I don't really know how to make them.

Frank:  Well we get one to take with us, to share later. We like to heat it up first.  But I caught my damn girlfriend in the kitchen eating the middle of the cinnamon roll!  You're supposed to start on the edge like a decent human being, and then work your way to the middle!  I don't let that shit happen!  But of course, I'd give her the middle of the cinnamon roll every damn time if she wants it...

(I found their website, and have already salivated over the "Morning Menu", so Frank's story checks out.  I wonder how long it would take me to drive to Charlotte from Atlanta to score a few of these delicious treats?)

But there's more to Frank's story.....

Frank:  Did you hear about Cinnabon's new product?  Their stuff is a little much for me, but they started selling a new product called "Middle of the Cinnamon Roll", and I told Ashton, nobody is selling the "Edge of the Cinnamon Roll"!

Bridgette laughs, of course.  It's funny.

Frank:  That was a long way for me to go for that punch line.

Frank also has high praise for the Toll House Cookie kiosks he's seen in several airports.  He bought a few cookies at the airport in Houston, but didn't eat them until he got home.

Frank:  But once I tasted them.....FUUUUuuuuuudge.  They were so tasty.  I wish I had bought a dozen of them.

This is the "Middle of the Cinnamon Roll" product, apparently, brought to you by Cinnabon.  Eat at your own risk.

Bridgette told Frank some interesting stories about her family.  She says her grandmother is Filipino and Bridgette says she looks a lot like her, even though Bridgette is "just a little piece of her."  Her grandmother was very sick with cancer (?), but she always wanted to watch her grandchildren grow up.  She got to attend Bridgette's 13th birthday party in 2003, which was like a coming of age celebration, but she passed away the next day.

Bridgette was visiting her Grandma's grave site, and noticed that her grandfather had passed away on the same date, years earlier.  She asked her mother about it, and her mother said that her grandfather was also sick, but got to hold Bridgette right after she was born, and died the following day.

Bridgette:  For years, I always waited for somebody to die on the day after my birthday....just kidding....no not really.  I was kind of a depressed kid.


Bridgette:  My Grandma was fucking legit!

Then they talked about the game.

Bridgette:  I hate everyone here but you, James and Natalie.......and Tiffany, I guess.

They don't like how volatile Tiffany's moods are, and the way she has been carrying around a stuffed gorilla.  Apparently Da'Vonne took the stuffed gorilla, and hid it from Tiffany earlier in the evening.  Bridgette found the gorilla stuffed between the cushions on the couch and returned it to Tiffany, but she and Frank think the whole concept is ridiculous.

(Zakiyah threw a "birthday party" last night for the fucking stuffed giraffe.......during BBAD filming hours, too.  SHOCKER.)

Frank commented that even Paulie made a comment about having a "stupid birthday party for the fucking giraffe", so that actually makes me feel better for Paulie's sanity.

Bridgette:  I'm really disappointed with Nicole.  When I first saw her I was kind of a fan girl, but something about me really rubbed her the wrong way in the first week.  I know Michelle has hated me from the first day, and she's in Nicole's ear all of the time.


Bridgette: I really thought we would connect, just as nurses....in the ER, the comraderie has to be strong on the floor, or people can die!  We're there to save lives!  But it's really hard for her to talk to me...I can see that she's struggling to speak to me.  My gut tells me that something is just off.

Frank: She's kind of goofy, too....goofy looking.....goofy dressin'.....and those shoes she wears!  Those white leather flowerdy sandals that she wears....they're just not practical pool shoes...maybe she just has no common sense, and that's what the problem is.

(Maybe Nicole is trying to impress Corey with those shoes...)

Bridgette:  And Michelle is accusing me of knowing Jun Song...no offense Jun, but I don't know who the fuck you are!  I watched all of the shows that had nurses on them, but I don't know Jun.

Frank:  I've never met her, but I've heard a lot of bad things about her.

Well, Jun has certainly heard of both Frank and Bridgette.  If you don't know, Jun Song is a Big Brother winner from the olden days who will never be asked back again.  She fancies herself to be the female version of Evel Dick and loves to get attention for it.  Twitter wasn't invented way back then, in Jun's BB days, so she tries to make up for that with lots of hateful tweeting now.  She's the sort of Tweeter who gets "timed out" for too many Tweets, but brags about it.

This I like, though.  It's funny, particularly if you have any sales guys in your life.

Frank:  What's her website called.....Jun Douches?.....Nah, I'm just kidding.  I don't know anything about her and I never will.

Frank and Bridgette also had a conversation about Harry Potter, which I can't relate to at all, but maybe this will make sense to you.

Bridgette:  Frank, you're 100% Hufflepuff....yes you are....you are 100% Hufflepuff.

Frank:  No, I'm...um....Dumbledore.  I'm Dumbledore.

Bridgette:   No, you can't just BE Dumbledore.

Frank:  Yes I can.  I'm the old man!

Bridgette:  You're only 32!

Frank:  Well, if the shoe fits....

This morning one of the wake up songs was Smells Like Teen Spirit, which to me is a clear nod to the Mean Girl action taking place this week.  Or maybe they just know that Paulie and Paul are big Nirvana fans.  Who knows.

I do not understand, however, the scarf over Zakiyah's face today.  Did I miss something?

Tiffany is preparing for what is likely to be another shitty day in the neighborhood.  Might as well try to look good, I guess.

And with the backyard locked down for what looks like three whole days, tensions and tempers are likely to run high this week.

I'll let you know if when things start kicking off.

This is another room where the decor is way too busy.  The backdrop just makes everything look messier than it really is, and the house guests get lost in the view.

I like the idea of a the pier backdrop though....everything else should look a little more simple though. I didn't even see the pier until just now, and I've been watching this crap for weeks now.

Paulie wanted to pull a prank on Nicole this morning.  He planned to squirt her in the face with shaving cream, so he crept in the bedroom on tiptoe and actually got up on the bed and steadied himself against the wall with one hand, and tried to squirt the shaving cream with the other.  But then the dispenser failed and nothing came out.

Paulie was trying to laugh quietly and hid at the bottom of the bed so Nicole wouldn't see him.  Corey apparently did wake up and Paulie gave him the "shush" motion to keep him quiet.  Of course Paul is lurking around in Paulie's camera shot.

But then Paulie tried it again, and got her.

Tiffany and Bridgette thought it was funny.  I guess.

But Nicole didn't.  She actually thought that Corey was in on it, so she slapped him with a handful of shaving cream.  But he wasn't in on the prank, and I just heard Nicole whining that Corey was mad at her again.  So we can look forward to hearing about that all day today.

Oh....Da'Vonne is whispering to James, and pointing.  This should be good.

Da'Vonne:  The couples....the showmances....I overheard some talking last night and they were saying they were wondering if this was their forever love.....there is no way they would choose us over their showmance.

James:  Really?

Da'Vonne:  Yeah...it's getting BAD.

James:  That's what I'm worried about...people who will go after the showmances.

Da'Vonne looked confused for a moment.

James: ....because I'm in a showmance with Natalie.

Da'Vonne, trying to dig out of that one:  No...people aren't worried about you and Natalie.........people aren't threatened by Natalie as an individual.....but they are threatened by Paulie, and Nicole, and Corey....and you already said that you have no problem cutting Natalie if you need to.

(James said that way back in week #2 or #3, which were both a million years ago.)

James:  We've got a double eviction coming up..

Da'Vonne, holding up one and then two fingers:  Bridgette....and Frank.

James:  You think they're gonna win both?  (ha ha ha)

Da'Vonne:  No!  We'll get them out!

James said he never thought he'd get into "another showmance" this season, and he told Big Jeff he would never do that.

(Did anybody think James was in a showmance last season?  I'm not even sure that James is in a showmance this season...)

James told Da'Vonne that having a showmance passes a lot of time, and it's nice to have that connection with somebody.

(Da'Vonne is going to add them to her list if he doesn't shut up about being in a showmance.)

Nicole came and joined them and they changed the subject rather abruptly.

James:  I hope I get a call from Survivor or The Amazing Race for next summer.  I thought they would call me this year.

Nicole:  I can see you doing Survivor.  They probably didn't call you because they knew you were coming here.

James:  Yeah.  I'm still under contract for Big Brother.

Nicole:  I watched it for the first time last year, but only because Caleb was on it.  I liked it though.

(Ya'll know that Caleb just finished filming Season 34 of Survivor, don't you?  And just like last time, there is a lot of chatter out there about his potential story line.  I might post about that at some point, if people are interested.)

(Also, did you guys hear that rumor about Da'Vonne being packed and ready to go to play Survivor when she got the Big Brother call this year?  It would have been Season 33, which finished filming in April or May, just before filming started for Season 34.  Is that true?  I can't see Survivor being a good fit for her, due to the overall misery of life on the island, and I'm not sure about her competitive abilities in all of those extremely physical competitions. But the $1,000,000 prize money is enough to tempt anyone.  Even me, for a while there.)

James went to some reality events with Survivor people, including hottie Joe Anglim.  Nicole saw him at the Hearts of Reality event in Florida but didn't speak to him.  James said he was in Vegas with some of the Dirty Thirty, including Joe and that the ladies were all over them.  He said he took a Snapchat with Joe and about six girls that were swarmed all over Joe.

James:  He's a really nice guy.

Nicole:  I was into Man Buns for awhile.

Nicole asked the two of them if it was true that Frank and Bridgette pulled an all nighter.  James said that the backyard was locked down at 5:30 am, and wondered what type of competition they might be building out there.

Da'Vonne abruptly stood up and walked away, mumbling something about "needing fresh air", and then saying "wack...wack...wack".

Nicole, shifting into Low Talk:  What is wrong with her?

James:  She's just paranoid.

Nicole: Well, that's not a good way to act when you're on the block....paranoid....she acts mad, all the time lately...it doesn't make sense.

James was quiet.

Nicole:  I know it's hard not to act that way, but you shouldn't act like that around your friends....it's weird.

Note that earlier this morning, apparently the big "Departures" sign fell in the living room.  I didn't see it though....I only heard Zakiyah mention it to the others.

I wonder if that's a sign, that the sign fell.  I hope it didn't break, and even more important, I hope the SPECTACULAR "ribs" were not damaged.


If they are locked out of the backyard already, and it's just Tuesday, that may give us some information about the Battle Back competition. Maybe they are going to hold some of those comps out there today or Wednesday  There is a lot of hammering and banging going on out there, so something big is about to happen.

And I told you guys about Jenny Holzer's tweets.  Check out the one from this morning.


  1. I did not know that Caleb was going to be on Survivor again (but it doesn't surprise me, either). I forget how far out they shoot the show, so would love to hear any insights/spoilers you might have on Survivor.

    As for the showmances, particularly N+C, excuse me while I projectile vomit over everything. I'm no Day fan, but at least she's trying (and spectacularly failing) to play the game. Because, honestly, I can't take anymore of Z and Nic cooing over Paulie and Corey—no more! And you're right, I can imagine Day being Survivor. She's got the cutthroat down, but no way could she survive even a few days in the rugged outdoors and compete in those challenges, which are way harder than BB. It'd just be another platform for her to fail at (spectacularly).

  2. I do not like Da'Vonne. I went into this season with an open mind but she has closed it. On the flip side she makes for good T.V so keep her around, don't keep her around whatevs she won't win anyway. Every time they have a really good shot of the ribs I think of you..ha ha I looked at those things when they did the walk through and was very fascinated by them.

  3. Also, I love James and his "Showmances" all that matters is you believe you are in a showmance. The best fake showmance yet was GinaMarie and Nick. That meltdown when he got evicted will go down in BB history. EPIC!

  4. I don't understand all the hate for Da'Vonne. Atleast she plays HER game. Nicole shit-talked about no showmance and whaddya know...she's head over heels in one and he's a complete airhead who stares into neverland. Z is all up Paulie's ass and hasn't even kissed the guy, James is like Nicole and obviously didn't learn anything from last year. It's really sad that those that are really playing are getting grief for not "playing a good game." I cannot stand Frank, but he's playing. I'm counting the days til Nicole, Z, and Tiffany get the boot.

  5. Next time I head to Charlotte, I'll bring you a Cinnamon Roll from Sunflour Bakery for writing such great daily updates!! Keep up the amazing work. I wouldnt be as interested in BB without them! :-)

  6. Haha those ribs need to be in top shape for the Departures reveal battle back thingie lol You think it's going to be like the BBCan4 Jackpot sign? Start ringing? Could be fun.

    Brigitte is in HUfflepuff. Frank is in Ravenclaw. Paul, Paulie, Zakiyah are all Slitherin. Nat, Hufflepuff, all powerpuff girls in Hufflepuff. James is in Griffindor. Nicole, Ravenclaw, Corey, Hufflepuff. Michelle is in Grinfindor. Tiffany might be Ravenclaw.

    Anyway, Da'Vonne is good TV but bugs me and Tiff and Frank unlikely alliance is better TV. So I hope they pull this off. Not the biggest Frank fan, but I'm enjoying this alliance.


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