Saturday, July 16, 2016

More Live Show Aftermath: The "Eff Me? No, Eff You!" Edition #BB18

We've had about a week's worth of action in just the last 36 hours in the BB18 house.  Part of the problem with the whole house ganging up on two players is that they are eventually going to end up in the same dark corner, whispering about their situations.  Putting together all of the pieces, and gluing them together with rage.

Here's a brief status update on where things are in real time:

HoH - Paulie
Nominated - Tiffany & Natalie
Road Kill Winner:  Tiffany
Road Kill Nominee - Corey

But let's back up a little, and catch up on more of the action that happened after the live show ended. And also Friday, too....all I know is I've taken a boatload of pictures and am trying to organize them into some sort of halfass timeline and story.


So, after the Kool Kids got cute by splitting up their votes to confuse Frank, he felt shunned, and they felt giddy with revenge and power.  But then they also immediately started giving Tiffany the cold shoulder, making it clear to her that keeping her in the game was more about a big Eff You to Frank, than a vote to keep her around.

It's no surprise that Tiffany and Frank ended up whispering alone in the Have Not room, sharing everything they knew.  It's funny that the casual CBS viewers probably think that Tiffany had a joyful night after the live show ended, and that Frank must have cowered in a corner, scared and alone.

But Tiffany was actually the fragile one here.  Frank seems to get energized when it's Go Time.  He's ready to play ball now.

They were in the room whispering, and someone opened the door and walked right back out when they saw the two of them together.

Tiffany:  Was that Day?  Did you have a Final Two with her?

Frank:  She said something to me about that, but....

Tiffany:  She made a Final Two with me on the FIRST DAY!  Did she really tell you that...

Frank:  She told me to go make a Final Two deal with Nicole, but I had one with her, too.

Frank: Who were the five votes for you though?

Tiffany: I don't know..  They wouldn't tell me that...I only found out at 2:00 am because they wanted to give a big FUCK YOU to you.  They all want you out!  Paulie....everyone....every single freaking one of them want you out.

Tiffany:  I don't give a fuck  if I blow up my game...because I kind of want to go home at this point.

Frank:  All of 'em?  Even James?

Tiffany, thinking: He's the least of them...he's worried don't really know about him.

Frank: What about Michelle?

Tiffany:  If they ask what we are talking about, we can say....

Frank:  I'll just say you came out of the DR and you're upset, and I tried to clear the air.

Tiffany:  OK.  Yes.  Can you please do that for me?

(So much for the DGAF attitude...)

At one point Tiffany was worried about someone sitting outside listening in, but Frank said Bridgette was sitting right there, so everything is fine.

Tiffany:  Frank, do you promise me?  I mean, promise me?  I have nothing to lose, though...

Frank:  All of 'em told me that they voted you out...Paulie, Corey, Nicole...

Tiffany:  They all said they were going to act like I had leprosy this week because they didn't want you to think that they voted for me to stay.  But they've been lying to me now, too.

Frank:  You know what their biggest mistake is?  Not voting you out.

Tiffany:  I know!

Frank:  Because now .....

Tiffany:  I just want to know, what is their alliance?

Frank:  Oh, it's just us!  The eight....

Tiffany broke the news to Frank about the subgroups of five that existed, because Da'Vonne told her that.

Frank: So I can't trust Nicole.

Tiffany:  No.  None of them.  They all want you out.  But my sister told me to work with you...I don't know shit about this game and you do!  I wanted to work with you, but I don't know what the fuck happened.  I could have been a number for you the whole fucking time!

Frank:  I've had people coming up to me the whole time.  I haven't even had to campaign or anything. They've all been bullshitting me.  It makes sense to me now.

Tiffany:  What the fuck is wrong with these people?  I know my sister is watching the live feeds and saying, "you idiot -why did you get with fucking Day?"

Frank:  You've been competing real good though.

Tiffany, snorting:  I've been getting third.  Third, third, THIRD, THIRD, fourth, third.  whatever.

Frank:  We need to work on this PoV, and the Road Kill tomorrow.  We need to get Corey up there.

Tiffany:  He can't win anything...he's a dingbat!

Tiffany wanted to know if everyone threw the "tennis" HoH competition, but Frank tells her that Bridgette won fair and square.

Tiffany:  Oh, so everyone else just sucked?

Frank:  Yes.....unless they lied to me.

They both sat silently, digesting that very real possibility.  They know they will need to gather some votes to make sure someone else goes home instead of Tiffany.

Tiffany:  Do you think you have the salesmanship to do this?  We need votes.

Frank:  I think we may need to go after Day, instead of Corey.  We'll turn the heat on her, and James can help us do it.

Tiffany:  I don't even want to sleep in here.   I hate these fucking people.

Frank:  Only one more night in can do it.

Tiffany:  Frank....why are you so against me?  I wanted to work with you!

Frank:  Just because Day told me that.  I wasn't against anybody but getting people out who are....

Tiffany:  I'm sorry I was a bitch that day to you....

Frank:  No...don't...

Tiffany, rolling her eyes:  It was just, whatever, a girl moment.

Frank:  No, don't worry about it.

Tiffany:  I feel like that just made everything go wrong for me...

Frank:  Look, they ruined everything by not sending you home as a big fuck you to me.

Tiffany:  That's exactly right.  They only kept me to screw you over, saying that they couldn't wait to see the look on your face.  They wanted to wake you up with pots and pans over your head and  call you an asshole and everything.  Meanwhile they're just using my ass....fuck that shit!

Frank, shaking his head: All right.  I'm gonna lay low...

Tiffany, laughing:  I know this is a lot...

Frank:  I wanna fucking go ham right now, but I won't.  Don't worry....don't worry...I won't.

Tiffany:  Don't....I literally won't have anybody.

Frank:  We'll just keep it quiet for the next couple of days.

Tiffany:  Because you have NOBODY...nobody in this house except for Bridgette...I'm sorry, but that's it.

Frank:  And Natalie.

Tiffany:  Yes, and Natalie.  And now me.  I wouldn't even tell Bridgette at this point.

Frank:  Me and Bridgette are going to beast out the Road Kill..and you too.

Tiffany:  Now I feel good.  Because I'm working with a FUCKING BEAST.

Right after this conversation ended, I saw Paul run up to Frank and ask if he was in there "talking to Home Girl".  Frank said that she came out of the DR crying and he was just trying to calm her down.  They laugh about how Tiffany hit him.

But then I see Nicole come in the the Have Not room and immediately start asking Tiffany questions.

Nicole:  But what did he want with you?  Was he just asking you questions or what?

Then Day burst in and basically ORDERED Tiffany to go to the Nairobi Room in 10 minutes.  Tiffany made her repeat herself, and then said "OKAY" with a definite tone in her voice.

Then Nicole tried again, asking Tiffany "are you okay"?  And Tiffany gave her a really smart ass answer of "Nicole, are you okay?", and they went back and forth from there.

Nicole, sounding exasperated:  I'm just asking because I saw Frank in here with you and I know you don't like him, so I'm wondering if you're okay.

Tiffany, being VERY sarcastic:  Oh....okay.  thank you Nicole.

(The only thing scarier than poking one angry bear is poking two of them.)

Nicole, turning sarcastic too:  Well obviously he told you something, because now you're mad at me.

Tiffany:  Well I don't know Nicole.  Why don't you ask him.

Nicole.  OH....MY.....GOSH.....

And with that, Nicole grabbed her blankie and got up to leave.  As she left, Tiffany continued, probably remembering that she's supposed to keep her alliance with Frank quiet.

Tiffany:  No, HE didn't tell me anything.  But SOMEONE ELSE did.

Nicole closed the door softly behind her.  She's not a Door Slammer.

Nicole walked over to Paul and Frank, who were talking in the bedroom.

Nicole:  Oh my god. She is SO mad at me.

Nicole stalked off to the bathroom, where she told Da'Vonne, Zakiyah, and Michelle that she was "scared of Tiffany".

Zakiyah:  Do you need us to go in there?

Nicole:  I'm scared to sleep in there.  I'm about to flip out.  We should have sent her home.

It was time for Tiffany's performance review with Da'Vonne.  Or whatever the reason was for the meeting that Da'Vonne abruptly called.

Things got off to a very rocky start between these two tough bitches when Tiffany asked Zakiyah to leave the room so she could talk to Day alone.  Day's flip flops slapped slowly as she moved across the room.

Tiffany:  So, what's up.

Day:  What's up.

Tiffany:  You tell me what's up.

Day: No, YOU TELL ME what's up.

Tiffany:  You tell me what's up.

Day, sighing as she sits down:  What's the issue?

Tiffany:  What's the issue?

Day:  What's the issue?

Tiffany: What's the issue?

Day:  I dunno.  You tell me, what's the issue?  Why are you crying?

They went around in circles, Tiffany stating that she's an emotional person, and she is "playing the game right.".

Day, sarcastically:  Oh, so you're emotional and you're playing the game right?

Tiffany:  I'm's pretty simple.....very simple, actually.....

Day:  Well, I feel there is an underlying message here, if you want to just say the message...

(Da'Vonne, you were the one who summoned Tiffany to the damn meeting!)

Day, not used to being stepped to:  If you're not gonna tell me directly, maybe we shouldn't talk.

Tiffany, stepping right up:  How many direct conversations have we had?  How much information have you told me?

Day, staring off into the distance:  Oh........a lot......., 

Tiffany:  Oh really?

Day:  ........enough...I've told you enough.

Tiffany:  Like what a Final Two would tell you?

(Love the Mini Tiffany Head in this picture.)

Day:  Until I told you that I feel you flipped on me.

Tiffany:  Oh....okay.  Because that was you being insecure, not me.

Day:  And I admitted that to you.

Tiffany:  And that's my mistake.  I should have seen it.

Tiffany:  You did the same thing to my sister...with the Girl's Alliance bullshit...I should have known.

(What was that all about?  Well, I have that information right here....)

Day thinks this is hilarious.

Tiffany:  You did!  You faked the All Girls Alliance shit and wanted to vote her out.

Day:  You want to believe Frank over me?

Now Da'Vonne is very defensive with Tiffany, who is going in for the kill here, saying that there is so much information that is out there.

Day:  Who?  Who?

Tiffany says that she knows now that everyone wanted her out, but only kept her at the last minute as a fuck you to Frank.

Da'Vonne launched into a vigorous laughing spell.

Day:  Are you serious right now?  This is why no one tells you anything! You were insecure all week.

Tiffany:  Yep.  I was.  No one told me anything.

Day launched into a detailed conversation about a competition, but Tiffany says she is missing the point, and mentions a different conversation, and then Da'Vonne switched the channel to talk about yet another conversation where Tiffany told Paul that "they" made her say that mean eviction speech.

Day, raising her voice:  OK.  I'm about to get pissed.

Zakiyah bursts in:  I'm sorry, but Nicole is freaking out so I need to know what is going on.


Tiffany:  Oh, I see.  So when I ask for information no one tells me anything, EVER!  I'm always in the dark.

Zakiyah, apparently chomping at the bit to get in on the action:  So, now Frank and Bridgette are gonna be your new best friends?

Tiffany:  Nobody is.  That's the point.  I'm a fucking FREE AGENT.  Hello Big Brother!  I'm a fucking free agent!

Zakiyah, really running her yap now:  So....when people voted to keep you in here...

Tiffany:  You people dangled me around for good doesn't matter...the way you guys treat me is disgusting, if you could see it.  Every time I go in a fucking's's fucking fine, because that is Big Brother, and you have your little alliances and that's fine.  But don't think you're  gonna play like that and its not going back on you.  This shit is getting blown up, and I'm a competitor and that's the way it is!

Day tries to laugh it off and say she can't believe she believes Frank about all of this, but Tiffany says that there is a lot of information floating around out there.

Zakiyah:  Oh okay....Oh wow.

(I've been waiting for Zakiyah to say something intelligent that is game-related for WEEKS now.  I guess I will be waiting a little longer for that.)

Paul comes in, and Tiffany says she's not going to talk in a roomful of people.  He put his hands up in the air, said it was okay, and left the room.

Da'Vonne tried to summarize and soothe by saying she "doesn't have time for this", and that Frank is the enemy of the house as far as everyone goes.

Zakiyah:  So what's your plan then?  Are you...well, you don't have to tell me anything about your plans, and uh...

Tiffany started saying she was all alone, and started sniffling.

Zakiyah:  I'm not gonna talk to you when you're like this.

(Then GET OUT BITCH!  Seriously, she's the one who barged in to get some camera time.  Nobody was looking for you, Zakiyah.  Except maybe Day, who was just a little scared about what Tiffany might know.....)

Tiffany, getting teary: I'm fucking over you guys.  So just go.  You guys are the fucking worst.    The way you treated me the whole two weeks....nobody deserves that.

Zakiyah got up to leave and motioned something at Da'Vonne.

Day, chuckling:  Let me talk to her Zakiyah.

Tiffany:  I'm glad you think this is funny.

Day tried to calm her down, but shit goes even more south, with Da'Vonne sitting up and pointing at Tifffany's face and demonstrating how crazy she would be acting if she knew what everyone was saying about her.  Day went over to hug her but Tiffany refused.

Day:  I need you to be a little stronger, Tiffany.

Tiffany:  I don't trust anybody.  It doesn't fucking matter.  I don't care.  I don't give a fuck.

Obviously they had some sort of emergency meeting in another room, because Zakiyah and Nicole came in the room, shutting the door behind them to do some damage control.

Zakiyah:  I'm sorry Tiffany.  I apologize.

Tiffany said they should have used her as a strength...she's a good competitor and she wanted to work with them.

Tiffany:  And you've said personal things about me....things that are hurtful....and it's just not right.  I'm an educated person...and I heard some specific detailed information.

Zakiyah wants to hear more details, but Tiffany isn't giving any.

Da'Vonne:  She was calm before ya'll came in here.

Zakiyah:  Frank is walking around all smiles in here now.  He was laughing when he saw me get up and come in here.

Nicole:  You gave him just what he wanted...he's loving it.

And then, right on cue, Frank opened the door, with Paul the Troll lurking right behind him.

Frank:  Is everything okay in here?  I saw the door was closed...


Frank:  You okay Tiff?

Tiffany:  I give zero fucks right now.  I'm a free fucking agent.  Don't give a fuck.  Send my ass home. I don't care.


Frank:  Why is everybody else so quiet?

Zakiyah, protesting way too much: Well, nobody done asked me nothin'!

(That never stopped you before, bitch.)

Day:  We're just comforting her.

Frank:  She doesn't look very comforted to me.

There are a few uncomfortable moments after Frank sits down next to Tiffany.

Day:  She's just letting it out...oh this is all gonna be on TV.

Zakiyah started giving out shout outs to her family, and the "704".

(I see you Zakiyah.....***cough cough***camera whore***cough cough***.)

Tiffany:  I don't give a fuck.  This is psychological warfare.

Frank:  I'm right there with you.

Zakiyah:  Oh no, you are not.

Frank:  Yes I am.  You don't know where I am.  I. DON'T. GIVE. A. FUCK.

Tiffany asked that they please leave out the personal attacks, because that's just not cool.  Day started giving Frank shit about coming in there and interrupting.

Frank:  It looked like ya'll are ganging up on looks like some Mean Girls shit in here.

Day:  Oh Frank.  You're a dick.  Get your life Frank.


Frank met with Bridgette, who wanted to know what the plan was.  Frank gave her the news that Corey is who they need to target this week, if they win the Road Kill.

Bridgette, the loyal soldier:  Corey?  Really?

Nicole was stressed before, but she's super-stressed now, now that things are falling apart around her.

Zakiyah, getting her morning camera time.  She mentioned to Corey that "his moment" might make the TV show, tooo.

Corey:  Really?  You think?

I took this picture right after the FISH break, when Corey apparently passed out and needed the medical attention.  He looks bad, doesn't he?

I'm going to have a lot to say about Paulie in the next day or so....and it's not going to be good.

Let's just say Paulie is letting all of this go to his head.  And he's being very loud about it.

Bridgette is now being called "Punky Brewster" by Da'Vonne.

(Ha ha ha.)

But everybody loved Punky Brewster, right?

I mean, I've never seen that show before, but I assume so.  One time I was at an eye doctor's appointment and was reading an article in People magazine about how the actress who played Punky Brewster got way overdeveloped when she hit puberty and needed a breast reduction.

But I had those eye drops in that make your eyes dilate, so everything went blurry before I could finish the article.  I ended up going back and stashing that magazine in my purse so I could read it at home when my vision cleared.

But apparently I took the wrong magazine...something called "Outdoor Life" or some crap like that. So that's what I get for stealing, I guess.

Turns out that it was Bridgette's birthday, and Frank felt bad that in all of the confusion, they forgot to make it special for her.  I'm sure they will make it up to her somehow, but I can't imagine Paulie giving her a lap dance like he did for Nicole's birthday.

Yeah well, put the visor back on.


Paulie was definitely going to crush the Road Kill competition.  And he noticed all of the conversations that Frank has been having in the house and sees that he is trying to build a team.  He identified Paul as being someone who would be at risk to join Frank.

Paulie announced that he planned to pull Paul aside and make up some lies about Frank saying he was targeting Paul, and he pinned down the actual time frame that his lies would fit into.

Nicole:  You would do that?

Paulie:  Yeah.  I'm gonna do that.

Paulie also made several strong declarations that "she" (Tiffany) could never win the Road Kill competition, and he's sure about that.

Nicole had to defend herself against something James heard about what she said about what someone else said about him talking about what Natalie said about a Girls Alliance.

Or something like that.

You should know that Nicole adjusted the shoulder of her top several times, so it would fall exactly like that.  It's a cute top...I like it, but I feel you need to know that it is supposed to look that way.

The fish food is in this cabinet, and is in little packets, labeled with the feeding date.  They just switched to smaller packets of fish food, and think that this may have something to do with all of the fish that are missing from the tank.  Some were eaten by the bigger fish, and others just disappeared.

Nicole thinks they may have removed the smaller fish from the tank, since they were doomed to be destroyed by the bigger fish.


Natalie got nominated, and now she has been making a lot of speeches about the game being different after you are on the block.  She seems to think she's the target, from the sound of it.

(Only if things go very, very wrong on several counts.)

But now Natalie is singing a new tune, one that I've never heard before....a hard luck tale of needing to win the money, and how she "doesn't want to have to live in an apartment with her sister for her whole life...she's 26 now."

(If we see this clip on the CBS show with violin music in the background, I might just quit this whole thing.)

And the ants are back, climbing all over the orange cups.

The camera crew, displaying zero shame, and zero fucks too.

I'll just leave these next few pictures here.


Just after midnight, Paulie burst out of the DR to ask the iconic question.  It literally happened within minutes of Big Brother After Dark going off the air on POP TV.  I can only assume that Production doesn't want to broadcast that segment on TV anymore, probably due to all of the brand names that are discussed.

Why give Cheetos free commercial time?  Won't the current advertisers bristle if they see Cheetos getting free commercial time when they had to pay?  That sort of thing.

Anyway, Paulie waited outside the door for everyone to join him, as usual, but Paulie actually had trouble unlocking the door, requiring several attempts.  Zakiyah immediately went for a framed picture.

James held a family picture that Nicole later said was the same picture Cody got in his HoH room.

Nicole:  Caleb was looking at your sister Paulie...and CBS did a whole segment on the show of him talking bout Mariah.

Paulie:  Mariah Carey?

Nicole:  No, my friend Mariah.

Meanwhile across the room Frank was taking inventory of the HoH mini-fridge and freezer.

Frank:  You got White Castle Cheeseburgers! White Castle Cheeseburgers!  And you got two lasagnas, and Blue Moon beer!

Paulie did not get the "snap backs" that he requested on live TV, but he got a pair of flip flops.

Paulie:  I got Pizza Goldfish for Day.

Da'Vonne:  Praise Jesus.

Paulie: I got Sour Patch Kids for Nat.

Paulie's CD is the Marshall Mathers one.  Da'Vonne says that this will be the first time ever that she wants to spend time in the HoH room listening to music.  Paulie says this CD "was his jam" in the third grade, and it was his first CD with a parental warning.

Paulie's letter was from his dad, and was chock full of the type of parental support that you would expect from the Califiore clan.  The letter was addressed to "Scooby-O", so Paulie says his nickname is "Scooby", so his dad calls him "Scooby-O".  The letter was signed from "Daddy-O".

Frank:  Was there any money in that envelope?

There wasn't, unfortunately.

Tiffany had a rough night.  Any happiness she might have felt after Julie read the votes was long gone almost as soon as the live show and HoH competition ended.  Her little meeting with Frank, and her big meeting with Da'Vonne, were still hours away at this point.

Tiffany was truly Solo Dolo here, in this room full of people who are all putting on the Happy Show.

Corey was tortured as Paulie took inventory of his freezer.

Paulie:  Cookie dough ice cream!

Corey:  Oh.  Cookie dough...

(As mentioned above, Corey apparently passed out Friday morning,, and had to see a Medic.  He was given a glucose pill and was allowed to drink a GatorAde, which he chugged.  He was also told to rest, but we're not supposed to know any of that, of course.)

Corey looks bad here, too.  I'm strangely comforted by that.  I think Michelle must be wondering how  long she had to sit there and act happy.


I found an old post from BB16, that turned out to be very interesting, and relevant, where Derrick was in the HoH room talking to us, and also to Frank.  You can read the whole thing here, but here is the part about Frank.


  1. I think your comments about Day and Zakiyah were a bit harsh/overboard in this write up especially considering how easy you are on Frank and some of his behavior. Overall I appreciate you doing these I know it must take up a lot of your day between watching and also writing.

    1. Yeah, I don't really like those girls right now. And I'm describing everybody's behavior, not just Frank's.

      If you're the same person who made these same accusations towards me, it was my understanding that you were leaving and not coming back.

      And that's fine with me. Since it's my time and all.

    2. I am a different person. I have no problem with you describing their behaviors it was mostly when you went that extra mile to call them out of their name (like b*tch), didn't feel like there was a need for that.

    3. I think your comments and write up is on point
      Those girls Da and Z are rude and mean
      And Paul, Christ!
      He's manic and hard to watch
      Thanks for your article

  2. Even when feeling sickly Corey's hair is pointy. Sorcery?
    I am of course team Frank so I love seeing him play the game with Tiffany. I hope he can get Paul and James to come to the Darkside as well.
    I liked Day last year. I thought her observation skills were amazing. But this year she just seems like a mean cat.
    I like Michelle. I'm not sure why, yet. I guess we'll put a pin in that. I'm glad Frank has Bridget. A Ride or Die is essential in this game IMO.
    Yours is the only blog I've kept up with this year. I even have the feeds for the first time ever. I've just been too busy to watch them much; summer school and all.
    So, thanks for what you do.

    1. This is the first year you got the feeds Groucho?

      I'm shocked! I thought you might be as bad as I am...

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. First off, I love your blog and thank you for the updates. I have CBS All Access but still prefer reading your updates than watching the feeds. I've liked Bridgette since day 1 but lately I've been worried about her Frank obession. It feels like it's slowly taking off to become a Danielle obsession over Dan from bb14 (ironically Frank's season, maybe Frank learned from that).

    I don't watch the live feeds so maybe that's not the case, but from what was aired after the outback dinner and from some of the pictures you post on the site recently, seems like she is around him as much as she can be. I hope she's cooler than Danielle and I hope I'm wrong in my theory. I really like Bridgette, but she might not be the independent game player I thought she might be.

    1. I don't think Bridgette is obsessed with Frank. I just think she was evaluating her choices and thinks she can go farther with Frank than she can with the Spy Girls.

      Frank is running her, though. There is no doubt of that.

      But it seems like he is her boss, or older brother or something. Bridgette doesn't have the ego some of these other people have..I don't think she needs to be the star like some of them do. I think she may surprise everybody before this is all over....

    2. I am so glad to have someone see things like I do. I may not be a great supporter of Tiffessa but she sure is straight forward in her assessment of being an outcast and how they have treated her. I am rather glad she did not cave into the interrogation of what were her plans, because if no one tells her anything why should she tell them.

      I am so glad that other players too are imploding slowly. What goes around, comes around.

      I also find Frank my be respectful to others but I would much rather hear someone slam me to my face than after I walk out the door to be laughed at.

      Thank you again! Keep up the wonderful work!

  5. Yes I agree, Day really got nasty lately especially with Frank ! I thought those 2 started out like buds. Oh well, I was a fan of Frank's his 1st time around & still am. Way too much drama with this chicks !

  6. I agree with most of your observations with the exception of Michelle. She is just a mean hateful girl. Also the one true showmances of James and Natalie is just fun to watch. Unfortunately James listens to Mi, Paulie, Corey to much. I don't believe she is playing him. Been watching since season 1 and other than Jeff and Jorden they are the cutest to watch.

  7. Yours is the most complete blog as far as getting the important story right and with loads of humor too. I agree with you on your assessment of everyone so far except that I think Paulie is walking around like he's Tony Soprano lately, just look at the expression on his face.

  8. I'm not sure why you felt the need to post pictures of Da without her braids in like her having her natural hair showing is something to laugh at. Seems like you're being mean and slightly racist.

    It's pretty clear that you are a biased source so I don't think I will be reading anymore of your blog.

    1. Now that you mention it, I remember her saying something about how James looks better with his visor, and showed us several shots of him without it. She implied that Victor might not be smart in a post on July 5 (called "The RACE to the Bottom"...coincidence?). She has even repeatedly talked about Michelle's sunburn and showed the red and flaky skin on her back. Is any race safe from FeedWatcher's microaggressions? Maybe not, or maybe race isn't in the equation.

      I think CBS is much more biased than this blog. I have doubts that someone so quick to judge FeedWatcher honestly values unbiased content. I think the closest you can get to an unbiased source is the live feeds.

    2. @anonymous- that is the most rediculas thing I've ever heard, girl, bye

  9. How can she be racist when she has stated over and over again how gorgeous Z is? Every woman with extensions gets the same picture at some point e.g. Gina Marie and Shelly. If you have read any of her blog posts you'd know that already.
    Racist is such a cop out word to use when someone doesn't like something. It has gotten to the point where it means as much as the boy who cried wolf.


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