Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Liz and Steve Learn One of Vanessa's Tricks. But Only One. #BB17

Last night Vanessa did the card trick again for Liz, with Steve watching.  Steve started pacing in the middle of it, saying he'd seen enough.  The last time I saw her do the card trick for him, Steve said that he thought that Vanessa knew which card he picked immediately, and the rest of her performance was unnecessary.

Vanessa:  But how did I know?  That's the trick.

So now Steve says he thinks that there is something up with the deck of cards, because Vanessa didn't want him to touch it except to cut the deck.

Steve: I think you put some kind of physical marker on the card so you know which one she picked.

Vanessa denies this, so Steve keeps guessing.  Finally he guesses correctly, that it has to do with the bottom card on the deck. Basically, when Vanessa is about to let Liz choose her card, she glances at the bottom of the deck, and memorizes the bottom card.  Then, after Liz makes her selection, she has her put the card on top and cut the deck, which puts the selected card right below the "magic" card.  So when she fans through the cards, she can easily tell which is the "magic card".

Vanessa: It doesn't matter how many times I let you cut the deck...the card is still there.

(I thought that if the cards got cut in between the two, that would mess up the trick.  I thought I had something on Vanessa, but before I posted this I got out my trusty deck of Charlie the Tuna playing cards and tried it.  Turns out that if you cut the deck in between the two cards, the "bottom card" that you memorized is back on the bottom again, so the "magic card" is the one in the first position.  So, Vanessa is correct.  Of course.)

Vanessa says that people eat that trick up if you do it for them, and they should really ham it up by pretending to "read them" like she does.  Liz wanted to try it, but failed when she couldn't remember the card at the bottom of the deck.

Vanessa:  It needs some work, Liz.

Vanessa keeps keeping track of time by saying things like "41 hours until Mel" and then Steve has a Eureka moment by announcing he is the only one in the Final Three who is single.

Liz:  When I came in here I was single.

Vanessa:  It would have been so much easier to be single in here, let me tell you.

Liz and Steve were surprised by this comment, but she explained that the level of flirting this summer was outrageous, and it was around her all of the time.  She would have used that tool if she could, she says.

Steve admits that he has a bit of a crush on JuJu and Liz is surprisingly surprised.

Liz:  Oh, so you're not happy that I'm the Twin who stayed in here that week.

Steve:  No, I understand your decision completely.

(At one point Steve was telling Johnny Mac that he wanted to pursue a showmance with Julia in the Jury House.  Like, only if Steve had a pistol and some Chloroform, right?)

Steve started repeating "I'm excited about the Finale" over and over and over (and over).  He also said he was "nervous as shit", too.  He and Vanessa batted a beach ball around to get some of his tension out and it looked like fun.

Liz wanted to have leftover steak and a baked potato for dinner, but then discovered that she had wrapped tin foil around the potato before putting it in the microwave.

Liz:  The potato isn't even hot.  What does the foil do?

Vanessa:  I don't know, but it will make it throw sparks and catch on fire.  Make sure you don't do that again.

(No wonder that microwave is a piece of crap.  No telling what the house guests in past years have done to it.)

Their suitcases were put into Storage by Production, so Vanessa decided to start packing.  She went through her dresser drawers and started organizing, figuring all she needed to keep out of the bag was her Finale outfit and a few things to wear around the house.  I don't think she brought anything fancy to wear for the Finale, so she might wear her white blouse with the orange buttons again.

Vanessa:  I've worn it so many times that the guy at the concert recognized me, even though I was wearing the wig!

(ha ha ha)

Liz:  Oh, but you'll still do it up cute though.

(Kind of surprised Liz didn't offer to let Vanessa borrow a dress or a strappy top or something, right?)

Vanessa:  Steve why don't you pick out what you're going to wear to the Finale and I'll iron it for you tomorrow, when I iron my outfit.

Steve indicated that he already picked his outfit, but I don't know what it is.  It might be the plaid shirt that you see Steve wearing in the BB opening credits.  He told them that Production went out and bought that shirt for him because they didn't see any other clothes of his that they wanted him to wear for the opening.  I think Becky got a new top to wear in hers, because they wanted her to wear a different color.

Steve:  I'm going to shave before the Finale.  Probably tomorrow, or maybe today if I get the razor.

Vanessa:  But what about the speech you made about leaving here with a better haircut and a five o'clock shadow?

Steve:  I want to shave though.  I'm sorry.

Vanessa: Don't be sorry.  It's your image.  Do what you want with it.

I'm thinking the "V.R." on Vanessa's luggage was put on there by Production.  Note how she's rolling up articles of clothing, rather than folding.  That is a trick employed by people who travel for a living.  It actually keeps your clothes wrinkle free and keeps things from shifting around if you roll tightly.  You can also get more in there, too, which is a plus.

Liz noticed this packing strategy and had never heard of it before.

Vanessa:  Johnny does this, too, and Becky did as well.  Lots of people know about it.

(Vanessa needs to shut her mouth about what she knows about the other house guests.  At least in front of Steve, since that is likely to be the HoH Part #3 comp subject matter, as usual.)

Steve:  I'm really starting to think twice about Johnny Mac now, like that he might have known a lot more about this game than he let on.  Because he was using a lot of strategy and methodical thinking....

Vanessa:  Yep.  I know.

Steve:  And why would he repeat some of Dr. Will's lines almost exactly?

Vanessa:  Unless he's like the second coming of Dr. Will...you never know.

This led Steve into reciting what Dr. Will said during BB7 during the PoV ceremony with Chicken George, which I find highly disturbing on several levels.

Liz and Vanessa really wanted a bottle of wine tonight, and have each asked for it in the DR a few times.

Liz:  It's not in there.  I'll bet they want us to get up early tomorrow (Tuesday)

Vanessa:  But why?

Liz: Because of the debriefing...


Usually the debriefing is held after the finale, when the game is over, to let the house guests decompress and to inform them of things they need to know to prepare them for the outside world.  For example, the BB15 house guests had to be informed about all of the bad press about racism.  But maybe they are going to hear some of that in the DR instead...not sure about that.

They will probably need to tell Vanessa about the haters talking about her medications, but I can't believe they would tell her something like that before the game is over, because it might impact her performance.  Because you know Steve would go APESHIT if they tell him what is being said about him, right?

When the feeds return Steve is telling the girls that during the Finale the camera shows shots of the Final Three's families before and after the commercial breaks.

Vanessa, stunned:  My family?  Oh, now I'm nervous.

Steve:  You are? That doesn't bode well for me, Vanessa, if you're getting nervous.

At first Liz was irritated that Vanessa started packing so early, because it gave her guilt, but then she started doing a little pre-packing, herself, organizing things and such.

Vanessa:  I just wanted to get started...it's something to do.

Steve, for perhaps the tenth time:  I would have probably never applied for this show if I thought there was even a chance I would get cast.

Vanessa:  But as big a fan as you are, you should have known a lot about the casting process.

Steve:  Yes, but with thousands of.....well, out of everyone, there are only seven people on that memory wall who applied for it....only seven people on the memory wall who applied for it...I'll just say that.


When the feeds returned they were discussing James, who said he was approached for BB after applying for a number of other reality shows on one of those casting websites.

Steve:  James only moved to Texas for the money...he wanted to get a better job.  He loves South Carolina and talks about it all of the time, and he has that tattoo.

Liz:  But doesn't he work at Wal-Mart or something?

Steve:  But he was trying to get a job in oil or something..he's just in Texas for the money.

And speaking of money, Vanessa doesn't know where she is going to pack all of her stuff.  She is probably going to put all of her shoes in garbage bags, but will need another suitcase for later.

Vanessa: No, but I'm driving home, not flying.  So I can just keep my shoes in garbage bags.

Steve announces both he and Liz are "three times zones away" and have to fly.

Liz:  Vanessa...why would you drive...they have to pay for your flight!

FISH.  (Damn.  I would love to hear about the travel perqs of being a BB house guest.)

When the live feeds return Steve is reporting that his home is a two hour drive from the airport (probably LaGuardia?)  and Liz says she lives about 10 minutes from the airport.

Liz says the pair of shorts Vanessa is holding are cute, but Vanessa has news for her.

Vanessa:  These pants are bad luck!  A lot of bad things happened when I was wearing these pants.  These are the pants I got backdoored in!

Steve, exasperated:  Vanessa, you weren't backdoored.

Vanessa:  And James won HoH when I was wearing them...these pants are bad news and they will never see the light of day if I am competing or playing a game.

Steve points out that James' HoH turned out really well for them.

Liz:   I knew that he would put up Clay and Shelli the whole time.  Didn't you hear him say he wanted to make a big move?

Steve:  Yes, but I thought it might be someone from the Scamper Squad.  I thought it might be you and your sister, Liz.

Liz:  Oh shit.  I didn't even think about that.  I just thought it would be Clelli.

Steve:  You know what?  That whole thing was about James wanting to whip it out and show everybody how big it was.

Liz:  Well, I'm glad it wasn't me.

Liz is planning to wear this blue dress for the Finale.  After consultation with Vanessa, Liz decides on wearing black shoes, for a "night time look".

Steve goes in the kitchen and stares at the cake pops they received today.  You may have seen Julie Chen's tweet about this.  I'll bet these will be snacks at the Wrap Party, or something like that.  Maybe these are the sample cake pops that "didn't make it", because it seems like they could have gone so many other ways with these.

Vanessa had all of her hats in a particular drawer, and she won't be forgetting those, apparently.

Vanessa files her nails. The sawing is loud.

She got called to the DR and they all know that they are getting a new present from POP TV.

Liz: It's your turn, Vanessa!

Steve:  Oh yeah, because I went in there the first night, and you went in the second night.

Liz sees the cameras close in on her and gives us some duck lips for good measure.  She announced to Steve that she's "scared of all of the new apps" that came out this summer.

(What the hell?)

Liz:  Do you think Instagram is still a thing?  I really like it, but it's been three months!

Steve:  We can't know, but you know there will be a lot of changes.

Vanessa came out of the DR with a new POP TV bag (so now they each have one) and they gather round for her announcement.  Apparently POP TV wants them to enjoy making their own candy apples.

Liz:  Oh no-ah...candy apples.

(Because this, you know.)

Steve decides to take his annoying-ness to an all-time high, by announcing that he is going to work out first, so he can earn the right to eat his candy apple.  And he says this over, and over, and over, touching himself for good measure.

Liz and Vanessa ignore him, and start unpacking the goodies in the bag.  There are all sorts of goodies like white chocolate chips, nuts, and froot loops, as well as a bag of green apples.

Steve keeps announcing his intentions.  Over and over and over.

And the girls ignore him. Over and over and over.

It turns out they are making caramel apples, which is a totally different thing than candy apples.  Vanessa is tempted to just slice and dunk her apple slices, but she knows that the TV audience wants to see them make the apples.

Apparently you don't have to warm up the caramel...you can just pierce your apple with a stick and then give it a little caramel bath.

Meanwhile Steve is huffing and puffing and running and pounding around the house, periodically telling the girls he is going to work out before he eats his apple.  They continue to ignore him.

After dipping, they roll the apples in the white chocolate, and decorate with various sprinkles and delicious decorations.

Liz makes a lot of "Oooohh" and "Aaaahhh" sounds and holds her work up to the camera, saying how beautiful it is, and how excited she is about it.

(Thank God for Liz, because we really need her enthusiasm to get us all through these last days of live feeds.  She really keeps the conversation going and enjoys herself in there, which is fun to see.)

The camera gives us a view of them in the kitchen through the Sky Bridge.  I know they are trying to show us the Annoying Steve as he breathes and runs as loudly as he can.  Right after I took this picture I finally saw him run through the camera shot below but I didn't care enough to back up my live feeds to try it again.  Just imagine it, please.

It's bad enough that I have to hear him.  Trust me on that.  I wear wireless headphones when I watch the live feeds so I can walk around the house (and so as not to upset my dog) and the sound is intense sometimes.

Liz puts the finishing touches on her apple.  Vanessa already cut off a slice of hers and said it was good, but rather messy.

They decided to put their apples in the freezer so that the toppings would really stick to the apples before eating.

Liz pointed out the huge contingent of dead ants in the freezer, and how gross-ah they are.

Vanessa:  What are they doing in there?

Liz:  I don't know.  But they all marched to their death.

Finally Steve shut up stopped running and announced that he would go take a shower, and then they could all play cards.  (The girls were waiting on him to play with them----I think they've switched to Chinese Poker by now, so all three of them can play together.)

Liz, not in her usual playful tone:  Now?  You're doing that now?  You have the worst timing for everything, Steve.

Steve seemed kind of shocked, and started mumbling about how sweaty he is.  (I was just wondering how those girls were able to keep their cool with Steve, after 90+ days of being confined with him, because he really is enough to make you go postal, at least verbally.)

The girls ended up playing Gin together while Steve showered, and he explained to Liz later that he has to exert himself to burn off energy.  He'd just go crazy being shut up in that small house, he says, so he needs to walk around or move around or something.

I don't know how to play Chinese Poker, but they seemed to enjoy it.  I wouldn't be surprised if Vanessa doesn't have them playing Texas Hold 'Em by this time tomorrow night.  It might be time for her to start coming out a little....just a guess.

For the first time ever (that I know about), Vanessa even decided to present a word from their sponsors.

Vanessa: Brought to you by Mr. Goodbar....where every bar is a good bar.

Liz:  Mr. Goodbar...let the good times roll.

They laugh.

Liz:  We're up all night being nutty...Mr. Goodbar.

Steve:  Brought to you by The Arbiter...whoever that is.

Liz:  Yeah.  What the hell was that?

Hours later Steve paced alone, practicing his speech, and chastizing himself about being too intense.  He doesn't want to be too intense during his speech. Part of what he said out loud was that weeks ago Johnny Mac said something to him that now makes sense, that "Vanessa IS Derrick".

(I don't think Steve should give Johnny Mac credit for his game, should he?  That would be like what  Cody said last year while being questioned by the Jury, that he should win because he evicted "everyone Derrick wanted out". )

Steve stared at the memory wall for the 11,457th time, evaluating his rivals.

Damn.  No wonder Cocoa is so tired.  This is exhausting.


  1. as a native new yorker...LaGuardia Airport is in Queens, NY and Steve's hometown is in Upper NY State close to the Canada border over 6 hrs away...

    he was talking about a airport near his hometown...

    1. Oh, so if he has to fly into Albany or Buffalo (?) he is going to need to take at least one connecting flight from LAX. So with that plus the 2-hour drive I guess he will get home sometime before Halloween.

    2. He most likely flies into Syracuse, NY.

      Source: I'm a lifelong Upstate NY resident.

      BTW, I'm so happy I came across your long-form updates this Summer. I'm a feeder and many times reading these was better than (or at least an excellent complement to) watching them. I'll be back next year for sure. Enjoy *your* off-season! Now we get what is sure to be a scorching season of Survivor.

  2. wow. i would've flipped out on steve by now.

  3. thank you for posing this! I can't watch the last week of live feeds without going nuts, so I really appreciate your time and assessment of the happenings (or lack thereof)! -peace

  4. Thank you so much for this great (and humorous) summary! Glad your dig doesn't have to suffer listening to the feeds all day. :)


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