Thursday, August 6, 2015

Whose Tank Will Fill Up First? #BB17

This competition is a classic and there is a reason why BB does it every year.  Sometimes it is clear who the winner will be, but the agony of defeat is a show that never gets old on the faces of the losers.

Plus, slipping and falling is really funny.

In the last year or so, a new wrinkle was added to this comp, allowing people to go for money instead of the HoH power.  Mike Boogie went for the money in BB14, and that was the week he went home.

Vanessa just asked James for an update.

James:  Becky is in the lead...Julia is second.

Austin says Steve is killing it.

Jackie wonders if the gas is really Coke, but Becky thinks it is just colored corn oil.

Some Becky ass-kissing is already taking place.  One of the Twins just told her she's killing it, and James has said "good job Becky" at least twice.

Austin:  I can't believe Becky hasn't fallen.

There is a fair amount of heavy breathing and occasional cursing from Austin.    Johnny Mac is steady on his feet and James just called out Steve for being sneaky.

Meg:  He's being really smart about it...I'm keeping an eye on him.

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