Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Amazing Pace....of Betrayal. #BB17

Every Saturday I say that this is the biggest PoV competition of the season.  But so far, every week has been like that---big stakes, big rivalries, big excitement.

The PoV players will be:

Becky - HoH
Steve & Shelli - Nominees for eviction
Vanessa - chosen by Shelli for House Guest's Choice
Austin & Meg - randomly chosen

The big news here is that Vanessa is supposed to be the backdoor target this week, and she now has a chance to win the PoV, courtesy of Shelli, who is supposed to be helping Becky accomplish her objective of evicting the Evil Vanessa.

Johnny Mac expected Shelli to pick him for House Guest's Choice, so this was quite a surprise.  Shelli explained it to him by saying that if Vanessa wasn't chosen, she would blow up and Shelli can't take that risk.  I think that Vanessa would have definitely known that she was the backdoor target at that point, and who would want to be on the block with someone like Vanessa working around the clock to save herself?

I wouldn't.

If Austin wins, he will probably leave the nominations alone, but both he and Vanessa think that Johnny Mac would be the backdoor target, so he might use it if he wins and screw his girl Vanessa right out of the house.

But surely Vanessa doesn't think Becky wants Johnny Mac out of the game.....they have been super close this entire summer, and it's not like either of them have ever made any moves in the game to upset the other.

So...the stakes are big, right?  It's the biggest PoV of the season.  I told you.  But I might tell you the same thing next week, too.  If we're's good to be a BB fan when the action is this good.


Austin and Liz lolled around on the little couch in the bathroom last night.  Liz looked really hard to see if she could spy a beefcake through the glass, but she had no luck.

Liz was actually surprised to learn from Austin that this could be a camera shot on the show, but Julia remembers seeing scenes with Nicole looking into the glass in the exact same spot.

Becky came in and gave everyone a lesson about why they can't sing in the BB house.  Because, Becky is an expert now on Big Brother.  But Austin surprised them all by telling them that the live feeds go to the FISH tank upstairs whenever someone sings.

Liz:  Get out-ah!  No way-ah!

Last night the Have Nots sat around and shot the breeze, one of their favorite activities.  Becky says in soccer her position was "outside midfielder or defender", if that makes sense to you.

James talked a little bit about his big beef with Clay, saying that when said good-bye to Clay at the door after his eviction, he told Clay that he left him a good good-bye message.

James:  And Clay said, I know you did.

They all cracked up at that.  James says his actual message was more along the lines of "if you want a relationship, go home and get on Tinder".  Meg laughs as she remembers James asking Clay if he was "packing up all of his shit" and James says Clay told him to "get the fuck out of here".

(Clay did say that.)

Jackie asked for clarification as to where exactly James lives in Texas.  He tells her he lives near Dallas.  Jackie says she went there for the last leg of The Amazing Race, but didn't get to do much but sit in the hotel room and go to the finish line. (Jackie and Jeff had been eliminated before then.)

Jackie says for the final leg of the race, the teams had to go up to the top of the Dallas building with the round part on the top and rappel down, looking for the red and white flags.

Jackie:  That is how Jeff and I got into that big fight in Germany.  We had to go to the top of a building and go down looking for the red and white flags, too.  We saw them, but once we got down there we didn't know where we were.

James:  Did you have a compass?

Jackie:  Yeah, in my backpack, but I left that downstairs the first time.  When we went up to look again the second time I had it.

James:  Is that when you took someone else's car with the stuff in it?

Jackie:  Yeah, but it was a whole big thing.  We had to sit there for hours first and wait, and then finally Production told us to go ahead and take it, but you don't see that on TV.  You should check it out because it was intense.

James thinks that TAR sounds like a blast and Jackie says it is.

Jackie:  They just tell you to go to a particular spot and do something.  They only give you a certain amount of money, and you don't know how much time you have, or where you will be or what you will really be doing.  It's thrilling, really.  And I was doing it with a stranger...usually you pick someone to play with that you trust, but I was with a random stranger.

James:  And that was Jeff.

Jackie:  Yes.  So not just a random stranger...Jeff.

Jackie tried to help Jeff in the house by telling him not to be so intense with people.  He has a way of getting right up in people's faces during even casual conversations and she warned him abut that.

Meg: He could have gone very far in this game....

They all think Meg is right about that.

I noticed that Production isn't pestering Jackie to put on her armor, but I guess it's okay if she is stretching like this.  They will let it slide.

Steve and John sat and played chess, and it was just as exciting as it looks.  Johnny Mac finally decided to start playing the game this summer, but he chose kind of a messy starting place, and now has created enemies and made himself a target even though he hasn't ever nominated anyone, or gotten his hands dirty at all.

He is pulling at Steve, though, telling Steve that he needs to choose either him or Vanessa in this game.  Steve is angry at Vanessa for unintentionally mentioning the name of the Freaks and Geeks alliance to Shelli, so he is struggling with the decision and said last night that he wished he could talk to his Mommy about it.

I have no idea what Steve's Mommy would say, but the last I heard, I think Steve plans to throw the PoV so he won't be faced with the choice to use it.

This morning Meg woke up on the wrong side of the dentist's chair and said her whole body hurts from laying on that thing.

Vanessa:  Nothing like a nice cold shower after a night like that, huh?

I was so struck by Meg's sudden resemblance to Molly Ringwald that I tweeted about it.  It's uncanny, really.

Vanessa knows she needs to play hard for the PoV today.  Supposedly she thinks that Johnny Mac is going to be the backdoor target, but I can't believe she would be stupid enough to think she's safe.  Because of course she is not.

Even if she wins the PoV this week and is safe, I think she has damaged herself in the house to the extent that she will need to keep winning every week to stay there. Unless someone else screws up so badly that they become the next Big Target.

A little later, I look up and see the cameras focused on this.....even while there is a large group of people sitting right there talking.

So....are we supposed to be thinking about the legendary White Whale?

Is it Vanessa who is obsessing over the White Whale?  Or are other people making her the White Whale and obsessing over her?

Or maybe we will see a whale in the competition today...there are whales decorating the upstairs area of the loft, leading to the door of the HoH Suite.   I thought the OTEV competition might be the PoV competition today, after I saw a tweet from Heath Luman, the guy who is charge of the BB competitions.  He's super cool because he really engages with the fans, even though he probably should be focusing on his work today.

But on the other hand, HeathCake has things under control.  So there's that.  (I just made up that nick name for Heath.)

Some people tweeted at me and said it was too early in the season for OTEV to appear in the backyard, but I checked my records and last year, on August 10th Zach won the OTEV PoV.  So the timing might be right.  Just sayin'...

But today they seem to think they won't wear costumes, and need to look cute.  Vanessa put a lot of time into her little outfit, which looks like one of her little DJ outfits.

(Supposedly most of the house guests think today will be the "counting PoV", where they have to guess the number of things included inside some other thing. But who knows...)

Vanessa approached Shelli as Shelli tried to nap, and told her that she plans to save Shelli if she wins, and she "swears on her mother's life" that this is the case.

(I believe Vanessa, but I never have understood this "swearing on someone's life".  Does that mean that if you lie you are allowing the other person to kill the person you swore on?  That would seem somewhat fair, but unfortunately our laws do not allow that sort of behavior.  And if you "swear on the Bible", what does that do if you lie?  As Amanda Zuckerman would say, "That just doesn't make sense.")

So Vanessa wants Shelli to throw the competition to her if it looks like just the two of them at the end----just pick the wrong number or something, because Vanessa will win and use the PoV to save Shelli.  She swears on her life.

I think that Shelli would go that route, if it comes down to that.  She is riding right down the middle right now, and continuing to do that would help her out for another few weeks.  Besides, they are all expecting a double eviction soon, and it wouldn't hurt to have Vanessa on her side during that event.

If Vanessa wins the PoV and wants to save Shelli, she's going to let her do that, right?  Anyone in the house would understand that.  Except maybe Johnny Mac, who might go on the block.

Johnny Mac:  NO!

 Shelli didn't commit to anything with Vanessa, by the way.

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  1. I watched a mobster movie once where a guy said he,"swore on his mother's eyes." I figured it meant that if he was lying, his dear momma would go blind. But....I don't think that's how life works. Who are these naive people that would believe such a swear?
    A better deal would be like Dan giving Ian his necklace as a promise. That's the only kind of deal I would take.


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