Thursday, August 6, 2015

Lots of Long, Painful Losses. #BB17

The competition is well underway, with FISH occasionally so the house guests can receive direction and maybe rules clarification.

James is helpless, watching.  He gives out calm encouragement and cracks a few jokes here and there.

He told Vanessa that she, Shelli and Steve were all about even, but it is clear that Becky and Julia are now competing for the lead, about halfway in the competiton.

James just announced that Meg got her third cup and everyone laughed.  Austin remembered Julie announcing that Meg got a cup of oil in and Meg laughs, saying she will not forget Julie mocking her.

There was some issue with this lumpy thing on the ground.  Apparently they were told not to push off against it and Steve just realized that he was guilty of doing it.

There is Vanessa down there at the end.  Her balance is good.  Austin took a big spill and everyone actually stopped to ask if he was okay.  Well, maybe they didn't stop, but they looked over.

Julia is actually faster than Becky on the way back---she runs but has fallen a few times.  But Becky is steadier on her feet and her speed is consistent.

James:  Becky all that soccer came in handy.

A Twin:  And the skiing, too.

And then Julia fell, with a loud whap.  She got up and wobbled a bit, but then went back to her barrel to start the lap again.

James:  I'll have to massage that for you Julia, later tonight.

Vanessa took a hard spill, and Meg encouraged her to "scooch" if she had to.  I heard someone praying, asking for God to make it easier, and I think it was Vanessa.

James announced that it looked like a three-way tie between Johnny Mac, Becky and also Julia.

Austin reports that his toe is bleeding and we get FISH.  I heard him asking a few minutes ago if he could take off his shoes, but the answer was no.  Last year Derrick kept saying the shoes that BB gave him to wear were too short, and his toes were all bunched up.  Maybe Austin has that same issue this year.

 There's Johnny Mac, looking strong on the turns and gliding to a halt.  He's actually running to the barrel and making it look easy.  All of those Tough Mudder runs are coming in handy, it seems.

Julia:  This game should be called the Art of Scampering.

Becky: This game should be called Fuck My Life.

Everyone:  Whoa!

Austin just took another hard spill.

James:  There goes a knee replacement.

Austin:  I already had one!

Meg:  Austin do you want to hold hands?

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