Wednesday, August 5, 2015

James Tweets: Let's Get Down to Brass Tacks #BB17

"Brass tacks" is James' new favorite phrase, after learning it from Austin this week. He keeps throwing it out there in funny ways, so I'm surprised he didn't find a way to work it in to his HoH Tweets.

Speaking of HoH Tweets, I heard Shelli and Vanessa discussing them, and Shelli told Vanessa that they were allowed to write five tweets. Vanessa says she was never told that, and had trouble coming up with material for just one tweet.

But clearly they let James to crazy here. I wish he would have revealed some info to us, but the process seems so highly chaperoned this year that I'm not even sure they would let him unleash some game truths.  Or even spoilers, for that matter, since CBS is clearly trying to get the casuals to add Twitter to their viewing routine by scrolling fan tweets across both the CBS and POP BBAD episodes.

They didn't even let James tag Taylor Swift in his tweet to her.

But I shouldn't complain because at least we're getting some HoH Tweets from someone other than Vanessa and Shelli.


  1. It is surprising to me that James had never heard the saying "getting down to brass tacks". I thought every Southerner has heard and used that term.

  2. lol I've never heard of it before. Then again, I'm Canadian :p

  3. i think of the expression " down to brass tacks" as something that is old fashioned but needs to be resurrected, so good job, James.


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