Friday, July 24, 2015

Vegas is In The Household This Week. The Head of Household, That Is. #BB17

The first set of pictures shows the house guests getting ready for the live show on Thursday afternoon.  Clay set up his little barber area and did a great job cutting and styling Steve's hair.  I think Steve also groomed his beard a little bit, or maybe Clay even did that for him.

It's all a big improvement.

So far, we can't find anything Clay Honeycutt can't do well.  He also cut and styled Johnny Mac's hair, too.  I noticed that neither Johnny nor Julia had to wear their Whackstreet Boy hats on the live show.

Maybe they wanted the fans to see Johnny Mac's stylish new hair cut.  Who knows.

I want to point out that Audrey has been wearing this "outfit" since at least Sunday afternoon.  When I took this picture, I wasn't sure that she would rally and try to pull it together or not.  I heard Vanessa in there at one point giving her a pep talk and a gentle shove in the right direction.

Audrey had been "joking" about making a bitter speech, and also singing the "Is This Real?" number with new lyrics about Shelli backstabbing her, and also James and Vanessa lying.

Vanessa:  Look, your family will be watching!  America will be watching!  Make them proud! You're not crazy know you can do this.  Now where are your eyelashes?  Go get them!

Also, Audrey had been informed that she would be getting a Penalty Vote for breaking the Have Not rules this week.  She violated many of the rules from what I saw....eating real food, taking ONE hot shower, turning off the lights in the bedroom, sleeping on the floor, etc.

Audrey was not happy about this, and tried to blame Becky, saying Becky was the one who brought her pizza.  (James made the omelet after she ate the pizza.)

I heard Becky tell everyone last night after the live show that every time she went in the Have Not room to get clothes or something, she would switch on the light and Audrey would reach up and turn the lights back off.  They would go back and forth like that until Becky would give up and try to grab things in the dark room.

The house guests couldn't believe how ridiculous that was, and went back to that story a few times, laughing about it.  But they all said Audrey went out with class, and they liked what she had to say.

And here's a little treat for some of you.  Right after the live show, Clay took off his jeans and carefully folded them before putting them away. He didn't seem to be in any big hurry to put his tired gray sweatpants back on, so I didn't feel guilty about capturing the moment.

Jason was upset about coming so close to winning HoH, but ultimately losing to Vanessa.  He really teetered on being a crybaby about it, to be honest, and immediately started dissecting Vanessa's choices from a Knock Out perspective.

Jason:  Why did she pick me and make sure I wouldn't be HoH?  (i.e. Vanessa got to select who her opponent would be, as well as the other group of two who would battle for the other HoH position)

Jason also says he discussed this very competition with Vanessa earlier today, and studied with both her and Meg.

Jason:  That's it.  Jason's not helping anybody anymore.  And not telling anybody anything.

But it wasn't even 10 minutes later before Jason was describing in detail competitions from the past.

Jackie is super-excited about being HoH, of course.  You might have noticed she was wearing Meg's pants on the live show tonight--those faded tie-dye type of pants with the elastic waist.  Jackie told another interesting story about her work that I haven't discussed yet this week.  I think she told the story on Wednesday night.

She and another one of her girlfriends were hired to work for a magician.  I heard her say the name but couldn't really confirm that I heard it correctly through Google, so I won't name him.  There was a part in the show where Jackie and the other girl would suddenly appear at the back of the audience, waving and smiling.  I think it was the end of one of the illusions or something.

To get back there, they had to stand on some sort of little platform that would be lifted hydraulically up to the back of the audience.  She says they had to run and hurry to get on the platform, and they had done this little trick dozens, or hundreds of times.

So this one time, the last time she was in the show, they ran and got on the platform, and the hydraulic lift started moving up.  Then they saw that no one had opened up the doors in the floor, so they were slowly being lifted to their death, getting crushed between the platform and the floor.

Jackie:  We were screaming so loud and so scared!  The only thing that saved me is that the doors in the floor hadn't been latched.  I was able to bang on it and get my side open.  My friend was just crouched down, screaming, so I beat on her side until I pulled it up, too.  We were just screaming and crying and it was horrible.

Wow.  That was Jackie's last night on that show....

Meg had to laugh at her horrible performance in the HoH competition. She said her legs were shaking, she was so scared.

Meg: I sucked!  My brothers are going to be relentless about this, calling me a loser!


After the live show, Vanessa immediately started trying to bond with Jackie.  She knows Jackie is harboring a grudge against her for backdooring Jeff, and not having the stones to get rid of Audrey that week.

(Steve told her this a few days ago.)

Vanessa and Jackie had a good talk in the Hammock Room, giggling and celebrating, and even gave a little shout out to Vegas Magazine, saying they should be a cover story this week.

Vanessa:  They couldn't pick two chicks that are more different from each other!

They agreed not to backdoor each other this week, and high-fived on both making the Jury and how great the women in this game are doing.  Jackie pointed out that they live five minutes from each other in Vegas, and will be friends long after Big Brother is over.

Vanessa, really laying it on:  And good for you.  You came in here with a huge target on your back from TAR and you killed it!  You killed it!

I think the girls are going to try and let Jackie be the final HoH this week, and her goal will be to either evict Steve or Austin one way or another.

(Austin is on everybody's shit list now.  Revenge will be such sweet justice.)

But Vanessa is pretending to Jackie that she's not sure about Liz being a Twin, though, saying she might try and ask her about it.  That is a dangerous game, because Jackie is a lot smarter then everyone originally thought.  Even though she's still not sure that Liz is really two separate people.

It's so obvious, really.


  1. Jason needs to keep quiet. He has an advantage by knowing what will be asked etc from previous seasons. Please be quiet Jason, u could win these comps!!!

  2. I hope this backdoor plan works! Austin/Judas has got to go! For everything he has accused Audrey and Jeff of doing, he does twofold ! All he has on his mind is making it to Jury and wanting to get lucky with Liz. He knows very well once both the twins are in the game together, they'll stick together over siding with him! Hopefully he gets sent packing out the door this next eviction, and once he gets home, his girlfriend tells him tells him to take a hike too!


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