Saturday, July 18, 2015

The House Guests Want it That Way. (Tell Me Why?) #BB17

I'll just say it...I love 90's week.

The BoB losers "won" a punishment in the competition last night.  They apparently have to be a boy band and "perform" for 24 hours whenever their beepers go off.

(Beepers used to be a big sign of coolness in the 90's, because cell phones were just becoming a thing but were extremely expensive.  You actually had to sign costly lease contracts for the equipment, as well as pay for each minute used.  The "portable phone" bill could easily top $1,000 per month.)

They knew they were getting a costume today because earlier this morning I heard Jason tell the HoH group that Production gave them 10 minutes to take a shower.  So he knew that they were getting fitted for costumes.  Liz thinks it's funny that they're not allowed to wear white clothes in the BB house, but here they are wearing all white.

Johnny Mac:  I've never worn white pants!

Jason had a pair, but didn't bring them with him to California because he knew Production would take them.

Jason:  Those white pants fit me better, though, because they fit Jason's skinny ass legs.

They got to go in the DR and apparently learn some dance moves or some other practice session consulting.  They aren't allowed to do any patented dance moves, or something like that.

Jason managed to insult several key 90's boybanders by saying that Joey Fatone is "the ugly one" and that Nick Carter is "the one who got hooked on heroin and messed his whole family up".

Jackie knows Joey Fatone from when he performed with Rock of Ages in Las Vegas, and says he's a "cool guy".  Liz (actually Julia) was kind of excited about that and seems to know her boy banders.

They keep getting interrupted by Production beeping their beepers  so Liz begs for them to "please let them eat".

Julia:  We've already done three performances...we're sold out!

Jason:  Let us in the yard and then we'll perform again.  We're on strike right now. Our contract is too loose right now ---you're TLC'ing us.  Our managers are taking all of our money.

Jason:  I'm gonna burn everybody's shoes up in here...that's what Lisa Left Eye did...she tried to burn her boyfriend's shoes and ended up burning the whole place down.

Julia:  She did?

Jason:  Yeah?  You didn't know that? She thought her man was cheatin' so she threw all of his shoes in the bathtub and lit it on fire!

(Another proud moment in ATL history.  TLC member Lisa's boyfriend was Andre Rison from the Atlanta Falcons.  She ended up burning Andre's house down, not just the shoes, but the two of them stayed together anyway. She was killed years later when her jeep turned over on an island---Puerto Rico, maybe?)

Jason explained that TLC's contract was horrible, and they made very little money and the lady who managed them "took off with it".

(former R & B singer Pebbles, I think)

Jason says the band fought about money all the time because they got screwed out of it.

Liz:  That happened to N'Sync, too.  They only got like, 10% of their millions of dollars.

(Told you she knows her boy bands.  This is the happiest I've seen Julia in weeks.)

I can't wait to see these performances.


In Johnny Mac's pre-season interview, he said the following:

Coincidence?  Between 90's week and the Dentist Office, I don't know what to think.


Julia says she knows one of Pitbulls dancers and it turns out Jackie knows her, too.  They actually said her name several times, which is typically not allowed on the live feeds.

Jackie is only 5'3" and that is short for a professional dancer.  She dances in 3" heels most of the time but says she has lost out on some jobs due to her height.


  1. Why can't they wear white?

  2. Camera issues. I don't think white reads well on TV. I don't think they can wear stripes, either. They tell them to wear a lot of bright colored, solid garments with no visible logos or tags.

  3. Lisa's fatal accident was in Honduras.

  4. Thanks. Another place I'll never go...


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