Saturday, July 11, 2015

Saturday Morning - Rise and Whine....and Whine....and Whine #BB17

Johnny Mac likes to shut out the world while he tries to sleep.  The entire downstairs area is very everyone tries to sleep off the results of last night.

Later in the morning, the PoV Player Pick ceremony took place, and the following names were chosen to play.

Vanessa - picked Shelli's chip
Johnny Mack - got Houseguest's choice, and chose Austin
James - picked Audrey

Needless to say this is the best possible outcome for the Sixth Sense Alliance.  And also the Freaks and Geeks Alliance.  Vanessa told Austin that they are playing so strong, they should get in the car and head to Vegas.  Vanessa tried hard to control her facial expressions, but she couldn't help laughing when James pulled Audrey's chip and announced her name with a less-than-thrilled voice.

According to Vanessa, today's PoV competition can be summed up as follows:

Best Case Scenario - Audrey wins. She can either use it to save Johnny Mac and Jeff goes up on the block, and no one can blame Vanessa for not backdooring Audrey. 
Worst Case Scenario - James wins and saves himself.  Then Vanessa has to craft a reason and a story to nominate Jeff.
2nd Worse Case Scenario - Johnny Mac wins, and saves himself.  Then Vanessa has to get blood on her hands and justify not nominating Audrey.

They are going to try to throw it to Audrey, but have to be careful not to let Johnny Mac figure that out.  Shelli says it's hard for her to throw competitions, so Vanessa says once James is out of the running, she should do whatever is right for her.  And if there are prizes involved, they should just go for them after James is out of the competition.

But they did not discuss taking important part of many PoV comps. what about this whining that I promised you?  Oh, don't worry, I'm getting to it.  

Vanessa was enjoying the luxury of her HoH bathroom, trying to get ready for the day.  Austin comes upstairs, and is very upset about Liz.  Liz chose to sleep downstairs in the bed with James last night, and Austin can hardly contain himself.

It's like the 6th grade all over again.

Austin:  It's like, I thought she liked me, but like, how can she be down there with him? Does she just not like me, and like, not like me?  I'd like to think she liked me, but it's like, she doesn't seem like it.

And so on.

Vanessa had to snap into damage control mode with Austin, her own alliance member, as she tried to talk him down and calm him down.

Austin:  I like, thought we had a connection. Don't you think we have a spark?  I like, thought Liz and I had an you think she might, like, like me?

Vanessa tried to calmly tell him that Liz was young, and then she brought up that everyone knows Austin has a girl friend, and that is probably part of the reason why the girls are keeping him at arm's length.

Vanessa:  No one here wants to walk out of here and get boo'ed onstage.  No one.  Remember that girl from last year?  No one wants that, and I'm sure that is on her mind.

(i.e. Christine)

Austin:  I'm not, like, looking for a showmance with her.  I just thought we like, had a connection.

Vanessa: Oh, you're not?

But then Austin wants Vanessa to like, ask Liz if she likes him.

Vanessa:  Do you want me to?  Do you really want to know?

(ha ha ha)

Austin said he once spent three years pursing someone without really knowing if she liked him or not.  Vanessa said that he needs to find out why he feels this way, that this is about more than just a relationship with one person.  (No kidding.)  She had to keep reminding him that the game they are playing is a long game, and they have the most alliances of anybody in there, and they need to stay sharp and clear to keep it all straight.

Vanessa:  I feel like I'm spinning plates!  And if I don't pay attention to one plate enough, it will fall! We only have this Twin thing for two more weeks after this...after that it will be easier to handle because they will be out to everybody.

They discussed how they are trying to keep The Twins' conversations with the people downstairs to a minimum to avoid them getting tripped up, and how getting in bed with James doesn't help anything.  Austin is just like, personally offended by it. Like, really he is.

Vanessa is putting together one good hair day after another lately. She's on a roll.

Let's take a refreshing break from Austin's relationship issues. Jason appeared in the kitchen, sporting his undies and putting his breakfast together.  Big Brother reminded everyone to "please clean the bathroom today, including the bathroom mirror".

Jason:  With some sass, too.. we are very sorry Sir! Please stop yelling at us!

Austin walked in and Jason greeting him with a smile in his voice.

Jason:   Good Morning Princess Protein!

Austin droned on about his various protein-filled breakfast options, and then left the room so Jason could assemble his bagel with cream cheese and strawberry jam in peace.

It was crunchy and sounded delicious.  

Meanwhile Liz went up to the HoH and told Vanessa that she would be switching out with Julia within an hour.  They were surprised that it happened so soon---Liz expected to be there for a couple of days.

Vanessa quizzed her about what happened downstairs last night.  Liz says the guys kept talking about her and giving her shit, and obviously tried to get a look at the birthmark on her back (Julia's back) even though she's wearing a shirt that covers it up.

Liz is bummed.  She wanted to play in the PoV.

I think they probably call A Twin to the DR at a time when there is not a lot of traffic in the house, and then tell her to come back within an hour.  That gave Liz time to put on some basic makeup to match Julia, and to make a few plans before just showing up voluntarily in the DR to make the switch, avoiding additional suspicion by not being called to the DR over the intercom.

Then Austin came back up and heard the news about the pending Twin switch.

Vanessa:  Be sure to tell your sister this...and that...and the other...

Austin: I'm so upset...I wanted to cry last night.  Why wouldn't you sleep up here with me last night?

He went on, and on, and on.  I think Vanessa could tell that Austin was being too hard on Liz, and she tried to intervene in a calm manner.

(She is aware that The Twins could jump ship and align with the other side of the house, if they want to....)

Liz said goodbye to them but before she left Austin asked her to come over and hug him goodbye.  So she did.

And then just when you think that Vanessa can finish getting ready for the day and enjoy doing it, the doorbell rings and it is Audrey.

Audrey knows that the house thinks Vanessa and Austin hate it when she visits them, so they know that is a good cover story.  They were hoping Audrey would get picked for the PoV, and they discussed how they wanted her to win and think no one in the house knows she is working with them. (i.e. the Sleeper Cell Alliance).

The cameras rotated and whirred to catch all of this morning drama.

Audrey:  I wish I had on my makeup right now.

Meanwhile Johnny Mac sits alone, getting ready mentally for the competition.  I guess.  No one really knows what the hell Johnny Mac is really thinking about.

And we can only guess what is rolling around Austin's brain.  I tell you what, Robyn Kass found some real characters this year.  It's keeping us all busy, all the time.

While Audrey was having the conversation with them, the doorbell rang and A Twin came in, saying hi off camera while the conversation continued.  I wondered, does Liz have something else to say to them?  Does she need Audrey to leave?   The cameras weren't focused on The Twin, but I knew she was in the room.

Then I saw her laying there with her face partially covered, so I knew it was Julia.  That was a fast switch.

After Audrey left Julia stood up and said hello!  It's her first time in the HoH room with her new alliance, and you could tell she was loving it.

Vanessa:  Listen, she slept downstairs with James last night.

Julia:  WHAT? I hate James!  I'm just staying up here all day....

Vanessa: But you need to get over that right like him now.  And you need to put your feelings aside about Jeff and get in the game now.

(Note Vanessa still hasn't had time to finish getting ready, and to get dressed.  It's been one damn thing after another up there.)

Julia:  Oh it's so bad, because I have this big zit on my can I go down there with this on me?  Should I just say I woke up with a planet on my face?

Vanessa:  No, because I kind of noticed it last time, and put a little spot on your sister's lip with makeup.

Julia is delighted.

Vanessa tells her that the guys downstairs have been trying to go through her things, wear her hats, and they talk about wanting to see her birthmark.

Julia is alarmed.  Vanessa tells her, make sure they see it today....because you're the one who has it.  Don't wear the bikini, but make sure people see it.

Julia does a polish change. Austin came in and told her about the nominations, and described the BoB competition.

Austin:  We went out there, and there was a big bottle of champagne for Vanessa and me..

Vanessa: You drank almost the whole bottle, plus 4 beers...

Julia:  Uh!  I'M SO JEALOUS.

Austin says they had to pick fabrics and match them to the bikinis and purses that the 10 people in the backyard were wearing.  James had such a hard time that they wondered if he was throwing the competition because he may feel so comfortable in the game.

Vanessa:  Can you imagine that?  Ha ha ha...the irony of that..

Austin:  It was fashion, though, so maybe that's not James' bag.  But Jason and Meg were great at it.

Julia:  Well yeah! Put the gay guy out there on that!  Jason loves fashion!

Austin's nominations won the BoB, so he got doused with something and kept slipping and sliding.  He claims that he did some wrestling falls and flips to make people laugh.  He said that Jeff  quickly talked with some blonde out there and kept saying she was hitting on him and now it's a big joke.

Vanessa left the room, so Austin started whining AGAIN about Liz sleeping downstairs and, like, upsetting him so much.

Austin:  Why doesn't she like me?  What is going on?

Julia has no idea.  (And if she did, she damn sure didn't tell him.)

Austin:  You look like you've lost weight....are you stressed and not eating?

Julia:  Yeah...

Austin:  And your sister is stressed and, take these and eat them (throws bag of sweet potato chips at her).

Julia:  OK.  But with only two more weeks...I don't want to have to gain 5 pounds!

That's a high quality problem, if you ask me.


Vanessa figured out that James did throw the competition so that Meg would be safe, because he likes her.

Vanessa:  He wants to be like Caleb, saving Amber...a romantic gesture.

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