Saturday, July 11, 2015

PoV Aftermath - Vanessa Can't Rely on The Big Dummy #BB17

The PoV is over, and Vanessa is mad at Austin.  She's so mad that at times she sounds ready to burst into tears. Johnny Mac won, and it sounds like Austin had some clear opportunities to change the outcome along the way.  I think they had to face off against each other one-by-one.

(I'm guessing it was like that "human dice cage" competition that Devin won by facing down one person after another.  The BB16 house guests were mad after that happened, too.)

Now let's join the drama, already in progress....

Vanessa:  That's why I tried to make it real crystal clear this morning, when I said if it gets down to us and Johnny Mac, it's better for us to have the choice...and I asked you if it was down to you and Johnny Mac, would you be able to hold on to the PoV and you said yes.

Austin:  I'm sorry....I did throw it against James.. 

Vanessa:  EXCUSE ME?

Austin:  I mean, I didn't throw it against James.

Now Vanessa tells him that he could have solved the puzzle easily about two minutes before he actually did.

Austin:  You mean, against James?  It wasn't that fucking easy, until I went against Shelli, then I was like, okay...and I went too slow against Johnny Mac're right.  I was gonna finish it though wasn't like that though.....oh my god...

Austin:  Like, it wasn't like that.

(i.e. I think it looks like Austin threw it to Johnny Mac)

Vanessa, voice trembling:  It's just pisses me off because I just need one person I can fucking count on in this game....but whatever.


Vanessa:  OK dude. I don't want to fight right now, because if people hear us we're both fucked.

Austin:  I know.

(Austin doesn't know shit. He didn't even know there were twins in the house, and that Jeff hates him until  Vanessa told him Thursday morning. And he spent the entire morning today having an episode because Liz slept with James instead of him, when he could have been trying to understand this week's strategy.  Austin is , like a moron.)

Vanessa, trying to put her game face back on:  We have to go out there and be happy for Johnny Mac. It's fine.

They both breathe heavily.

Austin:  I'm telling you..that was not my intention.  I was trying to slow down so I wouldn't look like a beast. I was getting afraid that I was doing too well, 'cause everybody was saying "oh, he's killing it".

Vanessa, wheels turning:  It's fine...

Austin:  FUCK.

Vanessa:  Just, please don't act mad. You need to act right now.  If it comes out that I was rooting for you over Johnny Mac, that is extremely bad.  You know that, don't you?

Austin:  I know....oh Jesus....this fucking .....

It sounds like Austin did really poorly against James, and Vanessa can't believe that he didn't see the problem.  Sounds like it was luck for him to win against Shelli....I

Austin:  Look, I had a really hard time in there...I couldn't figure it out...I was trying to figure out the numbers in my head, but I'm not good with numbers at all..but when I got in there with Shelli, it was easy.

Vanessa:  This wasn't about wasn't adding and subtracting...this was logic, this was spatial reasoning, this was IQ shit.

Austin: No, I'm not good at that kind of shit...AT ALL.

Vanessa: What do you mean? How can you get the second highest score on the iQ test and not be good at that shit?  You can fool some of the people some of the time...



Sounds like Austin overestimated his IQ scores when chatting with Vanessa.  Duh.  You think?

And unfortunately she is finding out the hard way.  He didn't throw it, he has no reason to and no one else in the house to rely on other than Vanessa.  He's just a dumbass.  And it won't be two hours before he starts whining about why Liz doesn't like him, and wondering what the WWE will think when they watch him on TV.  And she'll just have to swallow her real reaction and babysit him the way she's having to do with The Twins.


Vanessa knew this was a possible result today, and it wasn't the worst thing.  But now that John will be taking himself off the block, Vanessa will be expected by the house to nominate Audrey in his place.  And when she doesn't do that, she will be under a lot of suspicion that didn't need to be there if Austin had taken advantage of the opportunities she saw him throw away in the PoV comp.

He was looking out for himself, trying not to "look like a beast", rather than trying to carry out Vanessa's plan this week.  So now she's the one who will be damaged by this.  She can nominate Jeff, but then will have made an enemy out of the one who stays. And she doesn't want to nominate Audrey, since she's an ally.

Vanessa will play out the cards dealt to her and move on.  But it could have been better...the odds were better and she had to watch someone screw it up and pretend not to care.


  1. Two questions:
    a. Do you think that Austin saw an opportunity to undermine V's flawless gameplay? In essence if either audrey goes or jeff he doesn't give a crap...and V's got blood for not putting her up; or putting her up?

    The reason I think this is a possibility, is that some have felt at times that Austin was using "second tier" players to do his bidding to spread misinformation and falsehoods to undermine other people.

    b. If not, why? What other reasons outside of Liz's rebuff would there be? I mean people can play dumb and get ahead in this game - so why not 'act' like it to advance your play.

    1. I don't think Austin needs to act dumb. He's just not very sharp, and is so neurotic and self-absorbed that he's unable to really read what is going on around him.

      I don't think Vanessa's game is flawless....but she's trying to work with what she's got. If she can get out of this jam and keep The Twins in the game than she'll be one of the best.

  2. Why should Austin ruin his game for her. If he didn't use the Veto, the decision would injure his game. She agreed before he passed the HOH on to her that Jeff was the target. Shelli and Clay, Liz and Austin all want Jeff gone. She changed the plan up after she got sole HOH. If she didn't want anyone else to win it she should have done it herself instead of throwing her chance to Audrey.....not too smart in my opinion. Don't blame him for you chickening out on what you agreed to in the beginning.

  3. Didn't Donny win the dice cage comp?

    1. Craig once again you are correct, sir.

      I think Donny beating the Big Giant in that PoV was when he became America's Sweetheart, which is probably why I blocked that part out.

      1. But Devin did win some PoV and piss everybody off at some point.
      2, And he did go on a tear in that Human Dice competition, nearly busting through the side of it and terrifying everyone.

      Do two-half truths make a whole truth?

  4. V has really been invested logically in getting this alliance together, babysitting the twins, and reading the entire house, and making sure her own alliance is keeping their game up.

    Honestly, she's the sharpest player I've seen in awhile and no one outside her alliance knows how good she is. I think Meg mentioned she thinks V is really smart, and just doing a good job downplaying it, but everyone else outside her alliance have no idea and are buying the "emotional" act V puts on.

    The only time I've seen her become a little unhinged was Austin losing POV, and I think she's just extremely aware of how she's built a (rather genius) house of cards and is really invested in her plan. She's so close to pulling off a huge backdoor, and she's also been really diligent in making sure her hands are as clean as possible.

    The only crack in her armor is that she sometimes let's it show by micromanaging occasionally and being HYPERprotective of keeping her plan airtight. I mean, she's CONSTANTLY trying to fine-tune her alliance, their stories, keeping the twin twist under control, aligning with Audrey, brainstorming with everyone she can to spin everything to look like she's an overly sentimental, emotional player who's being manipulated.

    She's been really good at pretending to be overwhelmed. But I don't really think she's overwhelmed. If the worst you can say is she got snippy with the core member of her alliance, then immediately calms herself down, and even got Austin who was yelling at that point to start acting before they went downstairs.

    I'm gay, and she's gay, but I wanna marry that woman. (Also, she pulled out the "[not verbatim] I'm gay and don't wanna vote the first transgender player out." GENIUS.)

    And then the whole No One Knows She's A Poker Pro thing. Steven even bows to her sometimes. It's a friggin' trip to watch.

    1. Yeah, you may be right about her pretending to be overwhelmed. And I think she's trying to act a little stupid now, but calling out Clay as the twin, etc.

      She's thinking about how to play next week and the weeks afterward. From sunup to sundown yesterday, she was dealing with one trying conversation (and person) after another.

      I like your analysis, but of course I agree completely so it's easy for me to like! I'm not gay, but I would probably marry Vanessa, too. Pulling the gay card is genius for her...a great reason to keep Audrey off the block.

  5. "Vanessa: This wasn't about wasn't adding and subtracting...this was logic, this was spatial reasoning, this was IQ shit."

    I'm assuming she's taken a professionally-administered IQ test because she's using terms on the actual scoresheets for the Weschler IQ tests. I'm also willing to concede that her IQ is higher than mine and I qualify for Mensa.

    She gives my brain a boner, seriously.

    1. She said she played this competition out with dice after seeing it last year, so she knew how to win, but it was harder for her to move the cage physically than anticipated.

      I can't imagine how frustrated Vanessa is on a daily basis dealing with some of the people in there. As you know, many highly-intelligent people don't suffer fools easily. Especially for 97 days, trapped in a confined space...

      What is your opinion of Austin? A commenter above thinks he may be playing dumb...what say you?

    2. He's not dumb. I think he's a bit of a romantic, based on how he completely lost track of his game because of Liz sleeping downstairs. I'd say this, based on my own personality, that his intelligent doesn't show as obviously because he's likely not as rationalist in comparison to Vanessa.
      So people are perceiving one highly intelligent person (Vanessa) kicked into high-gear, working her rational gears in every way she can―clearly her strong suit (she made basically an alignment plot of all the houseguests using gummy bears on her first night HOH)...

      ... seeing her next to Austin: a poetic, irrational person who is also intelligent.

      Rational does not equal intelligent―it simply means his primary psychological preference is his visceral/aesthetic response rather than logical/symbolic. Getting caught up in abstractions, his intelligence is likely to show up in more philosophical conversations, but unfortunately given his way of communicating is that of an entertainer.

      Philosophy, or even abstractions and speculation of what's going on in the house, from the mouth of a showman usually ends up sounding convoluted or pretentious. If viewers check-out from listening to him, and combine that with vivid instances of him being run by his emotions, they'll come to one of two conclusions:

      He's just too romantic and idealistic. Or he's a pretentious annoying tool. Working from the second judgment as their premise, they'll likely become agitated and slant every small game mistake he makes into some huge display of stupidity.

      Dude's not dumb, but I can see why people would see him that way.

  6. Spoopyjungian gave an astute assessment of Vanessa and her game. But I do think she's stressed by all the crap she has to deal can she not be? She is determined to flawlessly protect the twins while at the same time protecting her game, and managing an army of allies who are of questionable intelligence and/or game-savviness is her greatest challenge. Not an easy task. I wouldn't want to be in her shoes. Her mission is as daunting as the POTUS strategizing the Cold War. I hope she succeeds with little to no backlash. BB needs smart people like Vanessa in this game.

    1. YASSS. I do think she's stressed, but I don't think she's reached a state of complete overwhelm. She is highly stressed, but she has an incredibly strong mind. The payload she's taking on would make lesser players (and she is a game-player as her /personality **and** vocation/, so she's had more practice)... as a full-time player, her reaction to the workload she's putting on her mind isn't as taxing for her.

      I honestly don't think many people could do what she's doing as frequently, consistently, articulately, exhaustively, with as much of an ability to take in, synthesize, apply new information, AND still be emotionally attentive to more irrational players, AND appeal to their emotions and ethics....

      She literally blows my mind. This is my first season watching full-time, so I can't say she's the best ever. But, if she plays like this all the way through and wins, I couldn't imagine―simply because I've never known anyone I would consider as classically intelligent (and socially intelligent) as her... ever.

      From my own struggle feeling alienated (and going through a bit of a "lone wolf smart-person phase"), I've come to terms with myself being statistically rare as far as raw intelligence goes, and reconciled that with my feelings of disconnect and being misunderstood; I grew out of the superiority complex part, got my IQ test, read the results, looked at the percentile....

      ... realized since then that it doesn't mean jack sh** unless I exercise my strengths and weaknesses, and apply it socially and learn to filter things through the perspective of Other rather than Self....

      ... And then seeing her, either as intelligent but older and highly practiced and more socialized than me, or just more intelligent across the board.

      She's few and far between, and I don't know if casting has a way to know how people are going to perform, so I don't know how often people like her would be casted, let alone be open to being on the show, let /alone/ even existing. I'm saying 98th percentile, then the chances of being open to being casted, then the chances of actually being cast.

      In your perspective, if she kept up her current game (and displayed more variability in physical prowess), and made it to... let's say Top 4... would she be considered the best well-rounded strategist so far in BB U.S.?

      And the best player if she placed Final 2 (bc sometimes second place was a better strategist, but their methods too refined for jury to fully grasp)....? And if she won the whole damn thing?

    2. I hop Vanessa comes here one day and finds this. And I also can't believe that she agreed to be on BB, particuarly when you throw in the fact that she doesn't need the money....she's probably losing more from missing the WSOP then she would earn if she won the game.

      And I love Derrick, but he is throwing shade on Twitter, implying that this will all blow up in Vanessa's face. That "best player of all time" lable might be hard for Derrick to hang on to..just one year later.

    3. Let's just see if her plan works, first.

  7. Spoopyjungian gave an astute assessment of Vanessa and her game. But I do think she's stressed by all the crap she has to deal can she not be? She is determined to flawlessly protect the twins while at the same time protecting her game, and managing an army of allies who are of questionable intelligence and/or game-savviness is her greatest challenge. Not an easy task. I wouldn't want to be in her shoes. Her mission is as daunting as the POTUS strategizing the Cold War. I hope she succeeds with little to no backlash. BB needs smart people like Vanessa in this game.

  8. I think the average IQ of the readers here is at least 2.4 times the average IQ of some of those other websites.

    So I thank you all for that. I will strive to have less misspellings and punctuation errors in the future. As far as grammar goes, you know I like to use a conversational approach, so hopefully that buys me some forgiveness in that area.

    1. Dude. We got you. And if some people don't understand that this is a blog of a feedster of a largely social entertainment outlet... and they come here expecting you to be some op-ed writer with an editor or your own editing skills....

      Then that'd be a case of them being possibly more intelligent than your average bear, but still stupid af.

      Intelligence is hard-wired and potential. Stupidity is a choice and a habit.

    2. You're being a little hard on yourself. But, the atmosphere of the current "Intelligentsia" of the Anglo-Saxon internet is definitely created by a lot of truly intelligent, but also truly stuck-up (grammar nazi), unsophisticated (name-calling), neurotic (nitpicky, insecure, Holier Than Thou) intelligent people.

      I've met very few people in my life that are both intelligent AND smart.

      So f*** that noise is what I'm saying. I write in this current colloquial mode p much all the time, and since switching from my old writing style―studied, diligent, formal, florid―my general intelligence has not dropped, and my social intelligence has actually /*increased*\ bc people don't check out, and they actually talk to me. Hence more socializing, hence more social intelligence, hence a greater ability to do anything useful with my general intelligence.

      I still have the vocabulary and ability to gauge my audience―I've got "colloquial mode" mixed in with "p much" and "stupid af" and tons of dangling participles. Don't buy into their headcase mind traps. Tools can still be intelligent.

    3. I was actually kind of kidding....I'm a CPA andd for a CPA, I think I'm pretty damned entertaining.

      And trust that if Austin starts talking about his income taxes, I will be all over that like white on rice and will gleefully dissect it here.

  9. Vanessa is the Bobby Fisher of BB. She is so interesting to watch because everything she does has a purpose. She has a final 2 with both Steve and Austin. I think the one with Steve seems to be the most legit, because she seems to really care about his opinion; whereas with Austin she seems to be herding him into doing her bidding.
    I also believe that Austin is as dumb as a sack of rocks. I mentioned before how he is the Fezzik to her Vizzini. (Princess Bride ref.) It is still so accurate. Lol.

    1. I didn't get that Princess Bride reference at the time, but I think Austin might be a ROUS. (That part of the movie I remember.)

      I would rather sit in the final two with Austin, not Steve, as he might get the Ian Terry treatment from the Jury. But that is a long, long way down the road...


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