Monday, July 13, 2015

Just a Quiet Sunday Afternoon -- Jeff Scrambles, People Borrow Clothes, and Gronk Issues Party Orders #BB17

Johnny Mac, doing what he does best...nothing.  At some point he'll need to team up with someone, right?

Steve thinks he is in tight with Johnny Mac, but I think that is only because he has conversations with him on the patio sometimes.  Steve is very apprehensive about having conversations and seems to have a lot of anxiety around even making the most basic of pleasantries and small talk.  Those things don't exist for Steve Moses.

Way back on July 4th I listened in on one of their morning conversations.  They don't really talk game, but they talk about talking about game, if that makes sense.  For example, John told Steve that he wouldn't be hanging out with Becky very much in the next few days, because he was aware people were talking or joking about their "showmance".  Steve heard about that, too.

Steve:  I need to ask you...I need to ask you this about that same thing....did you hear anything about me and Liz?

Johnny Mac, trying to keep a straight face:  No...but...

Steve:  Is Liz flirting with Jeff?

John:  Yeah.

Steve:  Is Liz flirting with everybody?

John:  Yeah.

Steve knows that he takes some things too far in conversations, but doesn't realize it at the time.  They discussed John giving him some sort of hand signal when they were in groups to warn him about this, but I'm not sure if they actually put something together.

Steve:  I think quirkiness played a role in both of us getting here.

John:  Yeah.

So conversations like this one make Steve feel like he has trust and an understanding with Johnny Mac.  But none of us have no idea what is going on in Johnny Mac's head. 

OK..moving on to yesterday.

Now that Jeff is in Big Trouble, all of a sudden he's wanting to connect with Jackie. He asked her advice yesterday  before he approached Vanessa to apologize and Jackie told him to just be kind, and "think of Vanessa as a girl".   But then Jackie told him that she has heard some of the bad things he's said about her in this game.

Jackie: I know you want to let everyone know we are two separate people in I understand that, but I feel like we are representing TAR coming in here, and it just looks bad....and none of these people are your friend.  None of them.  Do you understand that?  I'm the only one who is really your friend.

(Jeff has talked all kinds of trash about Jackie, including intimate details of their previous relationship. And as far as friends go, you have to be a friend to have a friend, and Jeff threw all of his friends under the bus this week.)

Clay's profile in the house has dropped like a rock since he and Shelli left the HoH suite last week. That exactly what you want to do after an HoH week...just fade back into the scenery as best you can.  You can see Jeff going out on the patio in this picture....he was preparing to go upstairs to apologize to Vanessa and was walking around nervously.  Jeff went up there initially, but Vanessa was busy with someone else and asked him to come back in a few minutes.

So Jeff went outside and started bogarting more of Jason's cigarettes.  Once Jeff goes up on the block, I think Jason should just allocate a few smokes to Jeff...maybe 2 or 3 a day and then that's it.  Because there is no one for Jason to bum smokes from around there, so he's on his own in that area as well.

(Also, how charitable can Jason feel when he knows Jeff threw both him and Meg under the wheels of his Blame Bus?)

Clay came out there, too.  At this point no one knows or even seems to suspect that Clay and Shelli are working with Vanessa and Austin.  So Clay can just kick back and listen to what everyone says about them, above suspicion.

James has been wearing Liz's Cat Hat nearly nonstop for the last day or so.  So I guess she's going to write off that hat.

(I was surprised that the CBS show let us know that Vanessa "can't stand James....she really can't stand him" without giving the casual viewers some hints as to why this is the case.  Basically James is just as misogynistic as Jeff is, and when the two of them are together, it is exponentially worse.  And he makes the worst comments about women in the house and seems to have zero awareness of it.  For example, during the first week, a bunch of people were congregating in one of the bedrooms.  Audrey got out of bed to leave the room, and James loudly said "Audrey has a fat ass!".)

Jeff sat up in the HoH and tried to defend himself.  Vanessa listened, and let him speak, but she wasn't having it.

I think Jeff made some veiled threats about other people in the game threatening Vanessa, but he is clueless to the fact that these people are aligned with her (i.e. Shelli).  So, Vanessa will win this battle, but we will need to keep watching to see how the war shakes out.

The twins are beautiful.  Obviously.  One of them told Vanessa that they were signed by the Wilhelmina modeling agency right out of high school but haven't modeled much since they went to college.

She and Austin were talking about Jeff...she won't miss Jeff at all  when he's gone.  But will she miss her Cat Hat?

Shelli and Clay talked about Jeff, too.  They are surprised that Jeff was so sloppy about throwing out names to protect himself.

Shelli's wearing Clay's clothes now.

But whose thigh high socks are those?  They don't seem very Shelli-like to me.  In fact, they seem more Las Vegas than Atlanta, so maybe they belong to Jackie.  Or maybe Becky bought them in the teen section of Hollister with her employee discount.

They had to have a Gronk Party in the kitchen, so everyone gathered in an attempt to get turnt up in order to please Gronk.  They started off with music, and ended up with just a metallic-like beat with a few chants of "Gronk!  Gronk!  Gronk!" mixed in.

Is this yet another audio issue?  Or is Production planning on layering in the music if they show this on the CBS show?  I'm certainly no audio engineer, but maybe they wanted to clearly hear the house guest soundbytes instead of covering them up with EDM.

Can you see Liz holding up the lemon with the kitchen tongs?  That must be a Miami know..Fruit in the Air and all that.

At one point Gronk called out "c'mon Liz" (obviously pre-recorded...) and Becky must have been LIVID about that.

Jason has clearly been to a few parties in his day.  He knows how to wave that fork around like a pro.

And can you be a successful music engineer if you have no rhythm?   Not throwing shade...just asking.

FYI---in case you don't know, the HoH bathroom door has been removed this year, so the amount of privacy that you can get in there has been drastically reduced. It certainly isn't as bad as the BB Canada house, where the HoH toilet is partitioned off WITH A FREAKING CURTAIN, but it certainly looks like a step in that direction.


  1. Call me stupid but what and who is a gronk? and whats a gronk party?

    1. Rob Gronkowski (Gronk) is a tight end for the New England Pariots and is know as a party kinda guy.

  2. Did you miss this weeks' CBS episodes? Gronk is this week's BB Takeover personality, short for Rob Gronkowski, who plays NFL football for the Patriots.

    For international readers, the Patriots won the Super Bowl last year (and many other years) but there has been a lot of controversy after it was discovered that Tom Brady (plays QB and is married to Gisele Bundchen) cheated by having a team equipment manager deflate the footballs to his liking, outside of NFL regulations.

    But why is Gronk there? Who knows. He's a big beefy hunk of man with a good publicist. He actually appeared on the last season of Top Chef during one of the QuickFire challenges and Padma Lakshmi was totally hot for it.

    As was was Becky....and probably Clay and Jeff, too!


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