Friday, July 3, 2015

Jace Survived His Eviction, Smile Intact #BB17

I don't know why Jace has such a complicated Instagram name, but this is it, if you want to follow him.  

I was going to be mean and mention how Frankie kind of jumped when he saw himself on camera during the live show last night, and quickly tried to pose his legs in those shorty shorts the way he likes to do.  And how ridiculous he looked sitting there with normal, decent people, trying to grab the spotlight and squeeze a few more drops of buzz out of CBS.

But that would be mean, so I won't say that.  But I'm sure Frankie is thrilled that Jace called him out by name after his eviction after spotting him in the front row. Jace did a great job in his interview with Julie Chen and came off as very sincere, in my opinion.  Maybe Frankie can introduce Jace to some people with juice in LA.  

And this is Robyn Kass, of course.  She must be very proud with the way the season has started and the potential for drama. She found some real characters this year for the show.  That's her job and she's pretty good at it.

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