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Clean Up on Camera 3 - Tempers and Passions Flare in the HoH Suite #BB17

This post will cover some of the action from last night.  BUT FIRST!

I have no idea why I took the first two pictures, or what the significance may be....basically Jason is smoking and running his mouth, and Johnny Mac is not smoking and not running his mouth.  So really it could have been any time of day.

But I suspect it was from the morning, since both guys are wearing long sleeves.  Note that Jason "got up" at least three times yesterday before going back to bed.  He makes a practice of doing that every day to see who's outside and what they're up to, and actually gets some good talking done with house guests like Johnny Mac who kind of do their own thing around there.

Jason is one of my favorite house guests, but I think his game is on the brink of getting a big boost, or getting the boost right out the door.   People know he's smart, and that he will be hard to beat in the endurance competitions.

(If you watch the live feeds, your favorite house guests are usually radically different than someone who just watches the CBS episodes.  Because even the most boring house guests who are not even remotely relevant to this week's action always get their little moment on the CBS show.  Except for Becky on one of last week's CBS shows, but she already got her Train Wreck segment, you know.)

I heard Vanessa discussing Jason's Pros and Cons yesterday and she said Jason is too smart, and needs to go.  But then she said she might try talking to him so she can get a better read and might want to align with him.

So there's that.

OK.  About last night.  I joined a conversation already in progress and there is tension in the air.  Vanessa, Shelli and Clay are discussing the votes to evict on Thursday, and Clay is giving the rundown about what he overheard downstairs about the vote.

(What did I tell you about Clay squealing?  About the information he hears, not actual pig sounds...)

You can just look at Shelli's face and know she's had it.

Shelli:  I've had it!

Clay was apparently being sort of sympathetic about Jeff, saying he was only about 90% sure Jeff needed to leave this week, and Shelli went ham for a moment, which is out-of-character for her.

Shelli:  Oh no...after what I've heard he said, about getting rid of me so he can work with you Clay?  And you wouldn't even have trusted him in the first place if it wasn't for me, Clay!  You were the one who kept saying you didn't know about Jeff, you weren't sure about Jeff...and then today Jeff catches my eye and says, "we need to talk".

Austin, just walking in:  Fuck Jeff!

Vanessa wasn't having it, either, saying she took a bath in blood this week for the team, and she didn't even want to put Jeff up in the first place, but she did and he has to go.

Shelli:  But we didn't ask you to pitch a fit like that, Vanessa. (my words, but Shelli's sentiment)

Vanessa:  I know.  But we needed a good reason to put him up and he gave it to me, in the worst way possible, trying to blame his own actions on me!

(OK hon.  We know...we know...even the CBS casuals know now...relax.)

I don't like the way the HoH wall features make the house guests look like they're wearing bunny ears. I've been thinking these thoughts for some time now, but haven't had the time to express them.

Shelli uses her left hand to twirl and flip her hair as she continues to scold Clay about Jeff.

Shelli:  I'M DONE!  They can lock my vote in now!

Look at Shelli the Conspiratorial Side Eye, the box of Cheez-its patiently waiting on the bedside table.

I just realized that Vanessa is probably repeating herself so much with these people to look at their reactions, to see if she can still trust them with her life in this game.  She's ditched that Green Beanie tonight and is sporting her Lady Maverick look, so you know she means Effing Business tonight.

I know she already knows she can't put all of her trust in Austin, so it's time for her to reassess where she stands with people.

And we all know now (or at least since the BB17 cast announcement) that Lady Maverick keeps her cards hidden.  Anybody have an estimate as to the dollar value of her Chip Stack here?  Is it more than the BB17 grand prize?

OK.  They see Liz coming up the stairs and everyone leaves the room, so we know something is up.  Why, it's Austin hosting a romantic dinner for two with Liz.

Liz:  Oh my god-ah!  We're so cute-ah!  Where did you get the pie-ah?

Austin:  It's a cheesecake that I saved from my HoH room.

Austin did not pull the chair out for her, but did pour her a glass of Sprite as she requested.

Liz:'re using a fucking blanket as our tablecloth-ah?

(ha ha ha)

They toast, and Liz says she wishes they had wine, but they will just have to make due with what they have.

Her steak is perfect, she says.  (She must like it burnt.)

BB tells Austin to move his microphone higher and they laugh about how the cameras are all on them.  Apparently there was an issue with "the alcohol delivery" where the cameras made it "so obvious" to everybody.

Oh it turns out Liz did most or all of the cooking, and this was her first time making mashed potatoes. Her dad always makes them in her house, she says.  It's pretty obvious that this isn't a romantic date, at least for Liz, because she rips right into her plate and their microphones are filled with the unromantic sounds of chewing and clanking silverware.

Austin:  We were one bottle away from having a great night.

Everyone was ripping on Date Night downstairs, it seems.

Liz:  Everyone was saying that the steaks smelled so good, but I was like too bad-ah...not for you'ah.

Austin tries to make date talk, asking Liz to tell him about herself, but she brushes that right off, asking him why he didn't "light the damn candle" and them asking him about his goodbye message he recorded for Jeff.

Austin:  I said, I thought we were boys, but nothing comes between me and my twins!

Liz throws back her head, laughing, and then keeps right on shoveling her food into her mouth.  Seriously, it's like she is trying to beat the clock on a Survivor Reward dinner.

Liz tells him that he's a good cook, too, and Austin gives romance another try.

Austin:  I try, but I really need someone to inspire me.

Liz, teeth gnashing:  Huh huh huh-ah!  ***chomp chomp chomp***

She then started talking about her dad and how her mom taught him everything he knows in the kitchen. Liz and Austin both agree they love barbeque, so that's something.  Austin's friend Brian used to live on Howard Street in Tampa and they would cook out every night and then walk to bars.

Austin:  We tried to snort PreWorkout.(?)

Liz:  Oh my god-ah!  Does that work-ah?  I've heard that people snort Adderall, but I've never tried that.

Austin:  Well, we couldn't take that, because they would drug test us (for wrestling).  We were good boys.

Liz:  **chomp chomp chomp**

They're officially out of romantic material now, so Austin starts telling a story about "Darren" and what happened when they were standing in front of Jimmy John's.  Austin had to tell a drunk frat boy "Dude, just relax" and then "Step off bro" before like, knocking Darren down.

 Austin:  I like, knocked Darren down.

In the picture below, Austin is not caressing Liz's face, or even wiping off a chunk of steak fat..he's demonstrating how he like, strongarmed Darren and like, knocked him down.

Liz, overreacting and really selling it:  Oh my god-ah!  That's so good-ah!

Oh snap!  Now he tells what could be a great story. Austin's good friend is John Morrison, who Austin says is a "Big Time Wrestler".

Liz:  Oh really?  Big time-ah?

They give John shout outs without FISH, which is nice.  Austin said previously that he spends every New Year's with John, so I assume this is the guy.

Austin:  So one year, we went to a party at The Miz's house...he's a pretty big wrestler.

(The Fucking Miz, bro! From Real World and a million MTV shows!)

Austin:  So it was a big Hollywood mansion, with an open bar.

Liz:  ***chomp chomp chomp***  I bet it was a fucking shit show-ah!

Austin:  Yeah, it got pretty crazy.

Liz:  Did you take your ex-girlfriend?

Austin:  Yeah, but she didn't like the wasn't really her scene.  You know, in the middle of Hollywood...lots of weird people...industry people...

( what about the damn story Austin?  That's it?  No colorful anecdotes about who got wasted, who got with whom or who broke stuff?  I would have even liked a FISH here, because that would mean Austin actually had something interesting to say.)

Liz's story about last New Years was a lot better than that.  She was in Fort Lauderdale "with a guy" and he got a DUI with a .29 blood alcohol reading.  She says New Years is only fun when you have someone to kiss at midnight---otherwise it's lame.

So Austin has a New Year's story about how he went to Avalon in Hollywood with his friend John (see above) because John had free admission and bottle service.  They had dates but Austin's date (who he worked with in a bar) got black out drunk or roofied or something.

Liz:  Maybe she took a bar...(of Xanax?)

Austin:  I don't know...probably.

The story devolved into the girl going missing the next day and her brother calling Austin with demands to know what he did with her, and where she was.  Austin says they went to her house and she was just sleeping on the couch.

Austin:  I was like, so angry.

Austin says they worked at a bar together---is this the same girl he poured his heart out over with Vanessa, saying she broke his heart with unrequited love?  And ruined his outlook on romance for years?  If so, he sure made it sound like a different situation to Liz....just sayin'.

Liz has never been thrown out of a bar, but she got cut off at the House of Blues in New Orleans.

Liz:  I think I had a fake ID then, and we got wasted-ah.

She and her Sig Ep date both fell down at the bar before getting cut off by the bartender. She whispers she was "smoking cigarettes too" because she was so drunk and it made everything worse.

Austin launches into another Drunk Story but Liz quickly interrupts him to point out that Steve is playing chess with Johnny Mac right outside the HoH room door.

Austin: Steve...back off bro.

Liz thinks that is hilarious.  Because Steve is crushing on Liz, you know.

So Austin took some underage girl out to a bar (20 year old) and got really drunk after drinking a "Sweet Tea" and ended up throwing up on the side of the road on the way home.  Then he had to teach a class the next morning for 100 students.

Liz is bad at public speaking but knows she's probably not as bad at it as she thinks she is.

Liz:  I'm smart, but I'm not naturally smart-ah.  I have to study for it, know what I mean'ah?

Jace's name comes up, and Liz can't remember if Jace went to college or not.

Austin:  I don't know.  It's been so long I don't remember.

Liz:  I think he went for awhile, but then dropped out because it wasn't for him.

Austin decides it's Cheesecake Time, and Liz is so excited-ah.

Liz:  Oh my god-ah!  Is it Sara Lee-ah?

It is, and Austin says he's been saving it for a special occasion.  Liz tries to cut it, but she can tell it's going to be a messy operation.

Austin: That's okay. We can just get crazy with it.

So he spoons it out and Liz wants to add the strawberries to the top of her portion.

Liz:  These strawberries are like frozen-ah.

Liz says it was a great Date Night and so nice to get away from all of the crazy people for awhile, without everyone going crazy.

Austin:  Guy's like Steve who like you?

Liz:  Oh my god-ah...I know-ah.  It's kind of an insult, really, to think that he....

Austin takes that opportunity to slam Steve, saying that he's sure all of the cameras are watching Steve play chess right now.

Oh, and Liz whispered that she thinks her boss has a crush on her, but he has a girlfriend so she probably shouldn't say anything about it.  She got cold so Austin brought her a blanket.

Liz made an interesting point about being A Twin that I've never thought about...she and her sister had a really hard time getting into bars when they were underaged, because the bouncers could see they were twins but their fake IDs didn't back that up.

So she told a story about the two of them going out on a boat with some "old men" when they were just high school sophomores.

Liz:  I think I was still a virgin then.

Austin:  Okay.

And the Twins got really drunk and got in the car-ah with those guys, who could have like, "taken them to a halfway house-ah and raped them".

Austin:  Damn girl.

(Thank you camera guys, for giving us important information like this.)

Liz's mom is a caterer, so all of the parties she and her sister had were always the best and they were known for it.  For Senior Skip Day her mom got them a "bouncy house" that they filled with water and soap and made it some sort of foam situation.

Liz:  My mom always hooked it up.  And I have to hand it to her...most of the hispanic families are overly protective of their children, but my mom was cool.


Enjoy this memory from BB14 when Frank Eudy was HoH and had an "ice cream date" in the HoH room with Ashley Iocco.  As discussed yesterday, I used to recap every BBAD show but finally had to stop because it was such a huge time commitment.  And boring with no pictures.

Anyway, this episode includes the ice cream date leading up to them making out, and I did post some pictures that some other live feeder took of the two of them kissing.  Frank reported later that he just asked Ashley if she wanted to "sit on the couch and kiss".  And she did.

I like Frank's direct approach.

The two of them later had a little fling in the Jury House, and then at her apartment in LA before Frank flew back home to Tennessee.  They had some plans for Ashley to visit Frank in Memphis a few weeks later, but I think those plans were mainly on Ashley's part, because Frank had to give Ashley The Bad News before she traveled to see him.

And she was heartbroken.  As any girl would be, I'm sure.

(The BBAD episode linked above also includes drama over "Trey", Danielle Murphree's "boyfriend".  Remember that?  Ha ha the fans went crazy over the Trey Situation.)


  1. im confused... i thought this Date was after the HG's got that Big Shipment of Booze (3 bottles of wine & 12 beers)... i figured they had some of that booze on their date... idk, maybe im wrong, lol ... :-)

  2. Somebody in that house might have been boozing, but they drank Sprite on their date.

    I think some people (Jeff and James maybe?) may have done some drinking before the other house guests knew about the booze delivery,but I'm not sure about that. I think that is what Liz was referring to when she implied all of the cameras pointed elsewhere made it obvious about the stealth drinking.

    Just a guess though.

  3. OMG-ah! I knoooww-ah!
    You had me cracking the eff up, for real. So good!

    I still love her, and Austin needs to like, take a hint.

    Feed Watcher, do you think she voted in Jeff's favor as a sort of "Screw you, Austin, I make my own decisions!"...? bc she did say she felt manipulated by Austin.

  4. Hey Spoopy. Yeah, her vote may have been a "Like, Screw-ah You-ah" to Austin, but I think she also realized that she could use Jeff as a tool (literally) in the game since he had the hots for her, too.

    I think Steve's intentions were much mentioned above he and John were sitting outside the HoH room during the "date", but they were also out there when Vanessa blew up over Clay being wishy-washy. I think he's trying to frame Clay, which is a good idea, because I don't hear anybody bringing up Clay's name around there. And once they have some physical challenges, he could go on a winning streak.


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